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OWL ppl

Post by BlackHawk*K » 03 Jun 2006, 22:13

just letting you guys know that i am pulling one of my accounts from the OWL guild for awhile. i intend on leaving my second account attached to OWL for when i get factions for that account ( soon i hope )

just so the record is strait, no one pissed me off, no one did anything wrong or bad. Warcry and Silk has left OWL. im not sure of their reasons. i know silk intended on leaving his second account in OWL but its not in the guild list. im not sure if it was kicked or not. as to their reasons for leaving? not sure... silk said he wanted to try something different. thats all i know, i sugest you pester them till they answer? The reason i left the Few fallen Heros and joined OWL in the first place was basikly becuse of Warcry and Silk, they are the 2 who are on the most when i am. we tended to do alot of things togather in the game. to be honest, that is the only reason why im leaving at all.

i leave with the same offer i left FFH. if you ever need help, call on me. no one has done anything to cause me to be cold towards you guys. so ask if you need help, you dont know how many free drocks runs i gave the FFH guys lol.

Hondo, i know i said i would speak to you first, but you havnt been on for 6 days. so i hope this post will suffice.

Good luck and good hunting all, and remember i will be back on when i get factions for my second account!

Tach Deneva
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Post by Tach Deneva » 04 Jun 2006, 14:33

That's cool. Thanks for the notice, BH!

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