Guild Wars vs WoW

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Guild Wars vs WoW

Post by Drevik » 07 Jun 2007, 05:35

I don't know how many of you have seen this but I really thought that it was well done. ... 9660060924

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Post by BlackHawk*K » 07 Jun 2007, 20:43

:) i remember that one. the kids loved it lol.

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Post by Hudson » 07 Jun 2007, 21:22

WoW is obviously the winner too ;)

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Post by VEGETA » 08 Jun 2007, 08:58

I am sorry but World of War Crack just don't do it for me. when things degrade if you don't play, that to me makes it a job. Atleast with guildwars I can go in now and my toons should still be there and not degraded.

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Post by Hudson » 08 Jun 2007, 09:03

degraded? what hte hell are you talking about? i haven't touched my character in two months, and nothing has degraded. when you die your armor takes damage, but that's it. You don't lose XP, or take damage to your equipment for not playing. To the contrary when you don't play your character rests and then gains double xp relative to the time she rested between sessions. After about two weeks your max out at about 1.5 levels of double XP.

Unless you're talking about PVP rank, but that's just a result of how the rank system works...

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