This looks to be a great Hero Setup

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This looks to be a great Hero Setup

Post by Buffalo Six » 18 Oct 2007, 09:02 GWG


Alright, if your having problems with PVE heres a nice build that pretty much makes everything, including gates of madness, a cakewalk. This build was inspired by the "holdway" FoTM currently ruling the halls. Here we go:

Acolye Jin or Margrid

R/P ~Barrage Commander~

Gear: Longbow, 15^50 with +30 health, 20/20 sundering. (Currently using the Uhiwi's Shortbow to keep her in shout range ~suggested by buzzerman~)

Command: 9
Marks: 15 (sup marks)
Exp: 9 (minor exp)
Wilderness: 9 (minor wild)

Barrage [E]
Distracting Shot
"Go for the Eyes!"
"Stand you Ground!"
Favorable Winds
Whirling Defense
Troll Unguent

Talk about a good ranger build... R/P is insane with the current paragon skills. You have constant DPS with barrage raining down an insane amount of critical hits, constant armor from stand your ground, excellent defense with whirling, a good interrupt, fast arrows, and troll. What else could you ask for? But wait it gets better....


P/W ~Energizer Battery~

Gear: Command Shield (20% -5 dmg, +30), Perf Spear (Currently using the Darksong and Shagu's Anthem)

Tactics: 0!!!
Command: 9 (minor command)
Motivation: 15 (sup motivation)
Spear Mastery: 9 (minor spear)
Leadership: 10 (minor leadership)

Flurry (or any IAS/adrenal gain skill, this can be an optional spear attack like wild throw also)
"Go for the Eyes!"
"Watch yourself!"
Song of Restoration {E}
Energizing Finale
Aria of Zeal
Leader's Comfort
Signet of Return

Ok this build is so broken. With energizing finale on and watch yourself ending every 5 seconds, along with GftE being spammed by Morgahn AND Jin you will be drowning in energy. 3 energy gain on every attack plus all the party attacks have +57% critical (including ALL the barrage arrows). With Zealous Aria and Song of restoration your monks will be swimming in energy. The party will constant have Wy!, Stand your ground, and gfte on.... this makes everyone in the party a 90 armor tank at all times. Best part is all these buffs also dump energy into the party when they end.

Tahlkora or Dunkoro

Mo/Me~RC Prot Monk~

Gear: Kephket's Refuge (Cheap and effective)

Prot: 16 (Sup Prot)
Divine Fav: 10 (Minor)
Inspiration: 9

Reversal of Fortune
Prot Spirit
Restore Conditions {E}
Inspired/Revealed Hex
Channeling (or E mgmt skill of your choice, Drain Ench or whatever)
Rez Chant

Why an RC prot? Because the computer is damn good at playing one. Instant removal of conditions, and prots mesh well with the paragon skills, especially Aegis. With these three heros and another very bored monk, (who will probaby be doing nothing since the party defenses will be sucking damage into a black hole) you can pretty much get through anything. I like using an RC prot for this, but a blighter or Zb monk works fine too. Whatever monk you prefer, even WoH works.


With all three of these heros running, your party becomes a tanking fortress that hits criticals on almost every attack and cant withstand even the harshest aggro. Try it out, its so easy it feels like cheating....

Watch Yourself + Aegis + + Stand Your Ground + Energizing Finale + Aria of Zeal + Song of Restoration + Go For the Eyes x2 = Everyone is a tank that hits criticals, heals with attack, and casts spells for free. You will not die easily with this build.
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Post by Buffalo Six » 18 Oct 2007, 09:13

and another Hero Synergy Build...........

Zinger’s Ultimate Hero Builds: The Effect of Synergy
-by Zinger314 (Syria Blackblood in-game)

It has been said many times that Heroes make Guild Wars, an already easy game, even easier. People you control and manage…how can you go wrong? Apparently, some people still struggle in difficult areas, such as Master quests and the Realm of Torment, even with Heroes.

Therefore, I have decided to release my Hero builds, which have been extensively tested in all areas of play, help me get my 3 Protector titles, have assisted people with mission runnings, and also helped me get ridiculous mission times like these.

And now with the upcoming Hard Mode, and the likely scarcity of people, Heroes will be come more important than ever.

The MMs: Olias’s and Master of Whispers’s skills

One MM is powerful; two are unstoppable. Since Heroes are capable of running 2 MMs, why not use it?


Attributes and Skills

16 Death Magic (12 + 1 + 3)
11 Soul Reaping (10 + 1)
8 Inspiration Magic

Both Olias and Master of Whispers use this build, which will maintain 20 minions without effort and pain.

Animate Bone Horror and Animate Bone Fiend are the best two to pair up if you want to play quickly; their low recharge will allow the MM to create a minion as soon as a corpse is available (unlike the 15s and 25s recharge minions).

Aura of the Lich is necessary for dual MM, or else major consequences will result. With 20 Minions, a normal Blood of the Master sacrifice will cost 45% of Health, which amounts to about 200 Health. Your Monks will become exhausted quite easily. Whereas with Aura of the Lich, each sacrifice will only be 11.25% of the original health sacrifice (i.e. around 50 health). That’s much more manageable. Dead MMs don’t work very well.

Signet of Lost Souls…is simply godly. It’s free Energy and Health (health even moreso important with AotL, it’s super self-surrival.) The Heroes will use SoLS very reliable.

And now…the interrupts, Leech Signet and Power Drain. Heroes have reflexes similar to AI monsters; they can interrupt spells with supreme efficiency (although Heroes will only use Leech Signet to interrupt spells). Plus, it’s Energy Management, which helps after the Soul Reaping nerf.

Mantra of Inscriptions reduces the recharge of Signet of Lost Souls to 5 seconds, and the recharge of Leech Signet to 19 seconds. It helps greatly.

This build is nearly impossible to run as a human, due to the amount of multitasking. Heroes make it possible. Double MM heroes make anything possible.

(Weapons used for the MMs are a 20/20 Death Magic and a 20/20 Death Magic Focus. The faster and quicker minions are made, the happier you’ll be.)


The SFers: Acolyte Sousuke and Zhed Shadowhoof

Nightfall brought us Searing Flames, the Elite which made Elementalists worthwhile in PvE (and PvP, before it was nerfed). SF with only one SFers is rather weak, due to the Burning duration nerf. But with 2 SF…the burning and damage is near constant, and incredibly deadly.

Template: OgVDMoysO0txaPIDQLwFIDBA

Attributes and Skills

16 Fire Magic (12 + 1 + 3)
11 Energy Storage (10 + 1)
8 Inspiration Magic (8)

It’s Searing Flames. Heroes spam it. Duh. With a little Glowing Gaze mixed in. With the improved targeting in the 4/5 update, the Heroes do it well. There’s no need to complicate the Hero AI with skills like Meteor Shower and other 3+ second casts.

Leech Signet and Power Drain serve the same function as on the MMs, but they’ll use it more often, since they are less busy.

Aura of Restoration eases some pain off the Healers. (Heals 50 Health per SF)

Fire Attunement is…Fire Attunement. (After the 4/5 update, Heroes will now cast it out of combat)

Glyph of Lesser Energy leads to 2 free SF. Of course the Heroes will use it.

Simple build, but devastating when used by 2 SF Heroes on a tight pack of enemies.

(Weapons used for the Heroes are a 20/20 Fire Magic Wand and a 20/20 Fire Magic Focus. Duh. Spamming is better…when it’s spammed faster.)


The ToF Tank: General Morgahn

The ToF Tank was designed to be a different kind of Warrior (and to give Paragons a use). However, in conjunction with these builds, the ToF tank is quite a deadly asset.

Template: OQGjIxmIqOKl0dP2dXhPxWYZMA

Attributes and Skills

14 Leadership (10 + 1 + 3)
12 Axe Mastery (12)
9 Command (8 + 1)

This build is more complicated than the others. This build uses the synergy between Blazing Finale, “Go for the Eyes!â€

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Post by Tach Deneva » 19 Oct 2007, 06:56

R/P, eh? Interesting. Very interesting.

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