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Old posted GW Builds

Post by Buffalo Six » 07 Nov 2007, 10:28

from GwG...........

A few of my personal builds that have proven successful in either mode and throughout the elite missions.

Single Paragon, Normal Mode:
Aggressive Refrain
Go For The Eyes!
Defensive Anthem/Expel Hexes/Cruel Spear
There's Nothing To Fear!
Anthem of Flame
Wild Throw
Spear of Lightning
Signet of Return

Spear Mastery: 11 + 1
Leadership: 10 + 1 + 1
Command: 10 + 1

Fairly basic, I'll go over the elite choices and when you would want to use them.

Defensive Anthem
Generally you'll want to use Defensive Anthem in situations where your party is more caster oriented. If your team is more heavy on physicals, a lot of the effectiveness of this skill is lost. If you are newer to the paragon profession or just looking for something that will work in just about any area, the 50% block will be much appreciated from the softer targets.

Expel Hexes
Expel I reserve for the Fissure of Woe, Realm of Torment, and the Desolation mostly. Each area carries a number of troublesome hexes for physicals (Faintheartedness, Spiteful, etc.) that can wreck groups if they sit for their full duration. Vocal Minority especially; I hate losing my Aggressive Refrain.

Cruel Spear
Basically in the opposite group as the Defensive Anthem. In a party more physical heavy it never hurts to have multiple deep wounds.

Defensive Anthem Chain, Normal or Hard Mode:
Paragon Two :
Aggressive Refrain
Merciless Spear
Spear of Lightning
Defensive Anthem
Signet of Return
Go For The Eyes/Never Surrender (Areas where you're expecting longer encounters the extra emangement is helpful)
Anthem of Weariness
Anthem of Envy/They're On Fire! (In the presence of a fire ele + not as many physicals)

Spear Mastery: 10 + 2
Leadership: 12 + 1 + 1
Command: 8 + 1

In areas where I run two paragons it's generally because the added passive defense takes a lot of the workload off the monks. Be aware that paragon heroes are completely oblivious to Defensive Anthem; they'll use it even if they're currently affected by it. As a result you have to wait for your hero to use it before you do. Otherwise they'll overlap and much of the uptime is lost, and if you're loading two DA paragons I'm going to assume it's because you need the passive defense to succeed.

This setup I used personally for most of my Legendary Guardian, and whenever I get to bring my paragon hero with me to Urgoz.

I don't need to try mode, three paragons:
Paragon Three:
Aggressive Refrain
Go For The Eyes!
The Power Is Yours!/Song of Purification
Aria of Zeal
Lyric of Zeal
Wild Throw
Spear of Lightning
Signet of Return

Leadership, Spear Mastery, Motivation: 12
Command: Leftovers

My new setup since I got Hayda when I don't feel like doing any work. Casters never run out of energy, your softer targets are protected with the DA chain, the only way you're going to get beat is through a lot of armor ignoring damage. Generally we'll have the monks use Signet of Rejuvenation or Devotion to benefit from the +7 energy return from Lyric of Zeal. My typical setup is this + an SS hero or an Earth Shaker warrior.

Note this build is also effective if you're the only paragon and you want to play the Motivation role, however be aware that if you decide to carry There's Nothing To Fear! you will need to manage your energy with The Power Is Yours!.

Urgoz, The Deep, and DoA:
Aggressive Refrain
Save Yourselves! (At least 4 seconds)
Focussed Anger
There's Nothing To Fear!
For Great Justice!
Vicious Attack
Spear of Lightning
Signet of Return

Spear Mastery: 10 + 1 + 1
Leadership: 11 + 1
Command: 10 + 1

For Save Yourselves! to truly be effective, it has to be your only adrenaline skill, especially if you don't have a high enough rank in the faction titles. The number one priority of this build is to maintain the +100 AL with as little downtime as possible, which means all of your adrenaline will go towards this skill and you're going to maintain a constant double adrenaline gain rate. Simply put, if you're putting Save Yourselves! on your bar it's because you're expecting to receive a lot of hard hits. But that doesn't mean you can't also support the party with damage of your own, SY! will provide a lot of energy so you might as well put it to use.

If you choose to, you could use Spear of Fury. I personally don't like the aftercast delay and the additional adrenaline gain is not necessary for SY!.

In the times I've done Urgoz with this build, I've only run it when I cannot take my DA partner and we have a human warrior capable of managing Save Yourselves! (read, Dragon Slash warrior).

When it comes to DoA, I will play this paragon regardless. The amount of damage you will prevent allows for much wider margin of error, and in an elite mission that is always a plus. Should I carry a paragon hero, I will bring the motivation setup. Titan encounters and multiple group aggros can be stressful on your casters if you're enraging too many enemies.

Why run two, even three paragons?
Passive defense is a powerful tool, and if you're playing a primary paragon you are probably already aware of the benefits of using it. You can make mistakes, in some instances enough to handle multiple mobs of enemies with little effort. Party wide defenses, energy support, the armor level of a warrior and comparable damage to one too.
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Post by Buffalo Six » 07 Nov 2007, 10:30

Been looking for this all weekend.....the Bonding prot Monk....I wonder if the "Heros" are smart enough to use this?

I did a search and outside of some Sorrow's Furnace talk, I didn't find a good discussion on a protection monk specializing in Life Barrier and Life Bond, so I figured I'd start one.

Protection Prayers: 12+1+3=16
Divine Favor: 12+1=13

Required Skills
1) Life Barrier (elite) - (15,2,5,-1) - While you maintain this enchantment, damage dealt to target other ally is reduced by 20...44%. If your Health is below 50% when that ally takes damage, Life Barrier ends.

At level 16, damage is reduced by 52%. Slap this enchantment on the tanks since they should be taking the most damage.

2) Life Bond - (10,2,0,-1) - While you maintain this Enchantment, whenever target other ally takes damage from an attack, half the damage is redirected to you. The damage you receive this way is reduced by 3...25 points.

At level 16, damage is reduced by 32. You'll be seeing a lot of -0 on top of you. Slap this enchantment on anybody and everybody that will be taking damage. If casting Life Barrier and Life Bond, cast Life Barrier first so you take less damage.

3) Balthazar's Spirit (10,2,0,-1) - While you maintain this enchantment, target ally gains adrenaline and energy after taking damage.

This skill is linked to smiting, but extra points in smiting only give adrenaline, so it's equally useful at smiting 0 for energy. This skill combos with Life Bond in that each damage (even zero) you take turns into one energy. This will ease the pressure off of Blessed Signet when your party is in battle.

4) Blessed Signet (0,2,10) - For each enchantment you are maintaining, you gain 3 energy, maximum 3...20.

Since you will be maintaining a lot of enchantments and have negative energy regeneration, this skill is needed to recharge your energy. Cast it whenever possible.

5) Rebirth (10,6,0) - Resurrect target party member. Target party member is returned to life with 25% Health and zero Energy, and is teleported to your current location. All of target's skills are disabled for 10...4 seconds. This Spell consumes all of your remaining Energy.

Since you will be spending most of your time as far as possible from the front line, you can serve as the emergency button in case the party gets wiped out. Be warned if you try to cast this ever because most of your enchantments will fall off when your energy hits zero. If there is any one else with a resurrect spell, let them cast instead while you juggle your energy.

Optional Skills

6) Protective Spirit (10,1/4,2) - For 5...19 seconds, target ally cannot lose more than 10% max Health due to damage from a single attack or Spell.

Use this spell pretty much only on yourself if you are taking damage and need to run away.

7) Signet of Devotion (0,2,5) - Heal target ally for 14...83 points.

A way to do something useful that doesn't cost you energy. It can be used to try to keep your life above 50% to maintain Life Barrier.

8) Vital Blessing (10,3/4,2,-1) - While you maintain this Enchantment, target ally has +40...168 maximum Health.

You can use this enchantment as an extra buffer when someone is about to die to give the healing monk more time to react.

9) Reversal of Fortune (5,1/4,2) - The next time target ally would take damage, that ally gains that amount of Health instead, maximum 15...67.

Another useful way to prevent someone from dying.

10) Mend Condition (5,3/4,2) - Remove one condition from target other ally. That ally is healed for 5...57 health.

Another active spell to do if you get bored casting Blessed Signet.

11) Mantra of Inscriptions (0,10,20) (Mesmer) - For 30...78 seconds, your Signet rings recharge 25...45% faster.

Pretty much used just to get Blessed Signet to recharge faster so you can get energy quicker.

12) Symbiosis (5,5,60) (Rnager) - Create a level 1...8 Spirit. For creatures within its range, for each enchantment on a creature, that creature's maximum health is increased by 27...125. This Spirit dies after 30...126 seconds.

Well, maybe you can cast this if you take some attribute points away. However, it doesn't matter if another ranger even casts this. I've heard this useful in Sorrow's Furnace where you load up the tank with enchantments and pump up his health quite high.

Your main job is to stay in the back and maintain your enchantments so the party can negate a lot (over 50%) of damage. Cast Balthazar's Spirit on yourself to set up your energy harvesting. I prefer to cast this first because it's the last thing that I want to drop if I fail to maintain my energy. Cast Life Barrier on the tanks who will be taking the most damage. This ensures they take less damage. Cast Life Bond on everyone, if possible, or else the ones most likely to take damage. You want that damage redirected to you in order to charge Balthazar's Spirit. Be sure to spam Blessed Spirit whenever possible because once you get to negative energy regeneration, you need to keep that energy as high as possible. If you are close to running out of energy, don't cast anything new. Use a weapon switch to a 15/-1 wand and focus for an extra energy buffer if needed. Drop some enchantments if needed (usually Life Bond on casters). Stay well behind the caster because you don't want to take any damage (or else Life Barrier will fall off). You'll pretty much be staring at your energy bar the whole time (as opposed to staring at the red bars in the party window). If you let your energy fall to zero, you'll take a lot of time putting the enchantment back up, so don't let it happen in the middle of a battle. Use one of your heal/escape spells when you get into trouble. If you are worried about enchantment stripping, lay some cover enchantments or have your healer cast healing breeze on top of your enchantments. If in the middle of battle, your energy is very high, and the team is in trouble, then consider helping the healer out with Reversal of Fortune/Vital Blessing/Signet of Devotion/Mend Condition, but don't get yourself in trouble and start taking damage or else you'll either lose Life Barrier or lose all your enchantments because you died.

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Post by Buffalo Six » 07 Nov 2007, 10:30

Another Monk........

Profession: Mo/Me
Name: None ~
Type: PvE-
Category: Healer

Attributes :
10 +1 Divine Favor
10 Inspiration Magic
11 +1 +3 Healing Prayers

Skill Set :

Orison of Healing ~
Dwayna's Kiss ~
Ethereal Light ~
Heal Other ~
Heal Party ~
Healer's Boon [e] ~
Power Drain ~
Revealed Hex ~

Recommended Items :

Ascentics Armor
20% Faster Recharge (Healing Prayers) Wand
20% Faster Recharge (Healing Prayers) Offhand
( +Energy or +Health is always welcome aswell )

Summary: I always enjoyed being a healing MOnk over being a Prot Monk, or Prot/Boon even, though it was usually the best choice to go, cause of the speed you can cast heals, and the amount.. Now, with Healers boon, you halve the casting time of all your healing prayers, making them alltogether a 1/2 sec cast time. But not only that, ontop of that it'll add 50% to the amount healed. Saving you alot of time and energy in the long run..

With Heal Other you can heal for 305 Health, with a 0,5 Second Cast time, for 10 energy.. Sounds for me reasonate enough..

Basically with that build you'll be able to heal for rather large amount, for low energy cost (185 with Ethereal Light, for 5en). It's a good build all around, allows you to react quick, and in needed situations almost at infuse cast speed heal an ally..

Notes & Concerns: Using Power Drain as an energy management can for not as experienced players be a burden, since you have to not only look out for the health bars and similar, but also tab through the mobs to find one you can Power Drain, also timing the drain can be rather difficult..
Also, given at the speed you cast your spells, it's rather easy to overheal and run out of energy, so you should really think twice before casting on an ally.. heal other is just more of an emergency spell, the powered up version of Kiss/Orison/Ethereal Light are enough in most cases.
Also, you have no Condition Removal, and only a self hex removal (Use it to pull critical hexes off you, not randomly remove any hex you see). Against alot of degen you'd have problems managing your energy in the long run..

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Post by Buffalo Six » 07 Nov 2007, 10:31

Hex Breaker Monk...........

Divine Favor - 12+3+1 (Superior Rune + Hat)
Healing Prayers - 12+1 (Minor Rune
The spare points don't matter, put them into whatever you want.


Just for reference in case you don't know the skill by its icon:
1. Spell Breaker{E}
2. Dwayna's Kiss
3. Orison of Healing
4. Healing Seed
5. Holy Veil
6. Signet of Devotion
7. Blessed Aura
8. Rebirth

The purpose of this healer is to keep Spell Breaker on the tank for as long as possible. By keeping Spell Breaker on the tank as much as possible you cut out the degeneration from Conjure Phantasm and Crippling Anguish along with making your tank immune to enchant removals. With this attribute and skill setup it is possible to achieve a 28 second long Spell Breaker while using a 20% enchanting weapon. Personally I use The Yakslapper because it's what I already had but any weapon with a 20% enchanting upgrade will work.

In Grenth's Footprint have your tank run ahead of the group and tell them to wait for a few seconds to make sure he gets and holds all aggro. Cast Spell Breaker on him before he starts to run ahead. Healing Seed should be cast whenever recharged on anyone that is taking hits. With liberal use of Signet of Devotion your energy should be fine but don't be afraid to call for a Blood Ritual if nessecary. Make sure you call for it with enough energy to spare, 20 works fine in my experience. This way the SS necro has plenty of time to run over to you and cast it while you still have energy to use.

In Sorrow's Furnace keep Blessed Aura up at all times. Make sure you Spell Breaker the tank as he runs in to aggro a group of enemies. Tell him to grab the whole room at a time if possible; if not you can grab the others and lead them to the tank. Healing Seed should be just about all the healing you need however when Spell Breaker is down you tend to have to throw out an Signet of Devotion or two. Holy Veil is there to make sure everyone stays clean both inside and outside.

Rebirth shouldn't be needed but it's there in case.

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Post by Buffalo Six » 07 Nov 2007, 10:31

yet another Monk...............

Profession: Monk/Necromancer

Name: Divine Healing Spammer (DHS)

Type: [PvE/IG]

Category: Healer

Attributes: Base: Healing (12) & Divine (12)
Runes: Rune of Sup. Healing Prayer & Sup. Divine Favor
Hat (Scalp): Healing Prayers +1 (Stackable) & Rune of Sup. Vigor (Btw: I DO NOT recommend having Sup.Vigor in scalp, don't do the mistake I did. Put it somewhere else, like in the legs. Will correct Attribute section fully later.)

Total: Healing Prayers (16), Divine Favor (15)

Alternative build total: Healing Prayers (14), Divine Favor (15), Blood Magic(Cool
Other alt. build total: Healing Prayers (15), Divine Favor (16)
Will also try out other secondary skills for alt. builds. Updates will come.

Weapon: Insightful Healing Staff of Enchanting
+10 Energy
Damage 11-22 Req.9
Halves casting time of Healing Prayer Spells (Chance 20%)
Halves skill recharge of Healing Prayer Spells (Chance 20%)
Energy +5
Enchantments last 20% longer

Skills Set:

1st. Divine Spirit (Divine Favor)
2nd. Healing Breeze (Healing Prayers)
3rd. Orison of Healing (Healing Prayers)
4th. {Elite} Word of Healing (Healing Prayers) (Alt. build: Jameis Gaze (Healing Prayers)
5th. Blessed Signet (Divine Favor) (Alt. build: {Elite} Offering of Blood (Blood Magic)
6th. Divine Boon (Divine Favor)
7th. Blessed Aura (Divine Favor)
8th. Ressurection Chant (Healing Prayers)

This build has several purposes and goals. But I'll come back to that later out in the summary.

First of all:

Be sure to have an perfect Insightful Healing Staff of Enchanting!
If you do not have that, this build will not work optimal!
Also be sure to run the Blessed Aura and Divine Boon at once you have spawned, and
be sure to maintain them! Watch out for getting stripped for enchantments!

This build will allow you, together with the Blessed Aura (assuming your attributepoints are spent correctly),
to cast enchantments which last 55% longer!
Also, the halve cast/recharge-bonus in the staff, will make the job go a little bit easier.
From my own personal experience it is of overwhelming support being able to cast/skill recharge twice as fast,
when someone has 10% of max. health and degen hexes, thus the chance for this is -READ- 20%.
Still it has made me save many people and henchmen, who *really* needs it - from death.
It might seems that the bonus kick in when you need it the most. But this is only an assumption.

So lets get onto describing how the skills will work in this build

Maintaining the Blessed Aura combined with the staff, will make Divine Spirit (*1st skill) last for 21.7 seconds,
allowing you to cast cheap monk spells even longer. And this is only the start of it!

The Healing Breeze (*2nd skill), giving +9 healthregen., will cost 7 energy to cast,
last for 15.5 seconds and with the help from Divine Boon, heal target ally immediatly for 70 health.

Orison of Healing (*3rd skill) (with the help from Divine Boon) will cost 2 energy to cast,
and heal target ally for 191 healthpoints!

Word of Healing {Elite} (*4th skill) (with the help from Divine Boon) will also cost 2 energy to cast,
heal for 202 healthpoints, or INSANELY 308 healthpoints if target other ally has below 50% of maximum health!!

Now THIS I can't state enough: Be sure to maintain the enchantments at all times,
and use the Blessed Signet (*5th skill) as often as you can.
This is because the Blessed Signet takes 2 seconds to cast,
and when things are hot and heavy, ALOT can happen in 2 seconds!
OoB in alt. Mo/N will make your energysupply hard to interrupt. The same goes for this as Blessed Signet; Use as often as you can!

Maintaining Divine Boon (*6th skill), will whenever you use an skill that targets an ally,
heal for additional 70 healthpoints and you loose 2 energy. But with Divine Spirit in background,
will help you keeping the energycost down.

Maintaining Blessed Aura (*7th skill), combined with the staff as described in the beginning,
(assuming your attributepoints are spent correctly), will make enchantments last 55% longer!

And ofcourse we have the Ressurection Chant (*8th skill).
When healing cast bonus kicks in, it only takes 4 seconds to cast.

Purposes & Goals:

1. Being able to cast cheaper longer lasting monk-enchantments.
2. Giving superior healing support.
3. Energy advantage
(I've tried replacing Blessed Sig. with OoB (necro elite-skill), at the cost of dropping monk-elite), and the advantages are (with 8 points in Blood) an hard-to-interrupt energysupply and it gives a bit more energysupply), but disadvantage is as said, dropping monk-elite.)

I recommend having an Protection Monk, using Aegis, Protection Spirit, Mend Ailment, Hex Remover, etc. to complement this build.

However, I did wanted to test just how much shit I could send a team full of hencies into.
Where me as only monk.
So I went outside Bai Paasu Reach and went straight to the Seacrash, Elder Guardian (Ele. boss with red colour),
sending all the hencies into an groupmix of 8-10 Rot Wallows, 1 Guardian and Seacrash, the ele. boss.
We went straight for ganking (rush and attacking only specified target until target destroyed) Seacrash,
having the rest of the enemy foes around us. An inferno of bloodspiking and nuking.
Still, I healed everyone smoothly and without any deaths

Notes & Concerns:
I have MANY concerns! Therefore I strongly advice you to carefully read all parts of the Summary!
Concerns Summary:
-Be sure to have the attributepoints spent correctly!
-Use the weapon as described under "Weapon"-part in the beginning!
-Don't exaggerate the spamming. Know your limits!
-Do not use Divine Spirit right away! Wait about 10 seconds or so, after engaging into a battle.
Do not use Divine Spirit to late. It cost 10 enery to cast!
-Protect yourself with -Healing Breeze- first! A dead monk is no good
-Be sure to maintain Blessed Aura and Divine Boon from the moment you spawn, at all times.
Blessed Signet gives 3 energy for each maintaining enchantment you have (6 energy total for this build).
-Be sure to use use the Blessed Signet (alt. OoB) as often as you can.
HOWEVER DO NOT USE BLESSED SIGNET IF someone is NEAR DEATH! This is because the Blessed Signet
takes 2 seconds to cast, and when things are hot and heavy, ALOT can happen in 2 seconds! OoB in alt. Mo/N-build will make your energysupply hard to interrupt, and only takes 1/4 sec. which is excellent, getting faster back to the healing-job.

I've also tried swapping elite with Heal Party with good success.
Very helpful for Faction-missions; Unwaking Waters & Imperial Sanctum,
which I got Master Reward on both - smoothly & in no-time

I will try out alternative energy-supply management and tips from reader-replies, it just takes some time. Please be patient =)
This build will be updated until I feel satisfied with the end-result.

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Post by Buffalo Six » 07 Nov 2007, 10:32

And some Necro stuff..........

Profession N/
Name No Name
Type PvE, PvP, GvG
Category Solo-Farming, Henchmen missioning, PvP/GvG
Blood- 12+1+3 (base+hat+superior rune)
Soul Reaping- 12+1 (base+minor rune)

Skill Set
1.Life Transfer {Elite, Blood}
2.Life Siphon
3.Vampiric Gaze
4.Shadow Strike
5.Vampiric Touch
6.Demonic Flesh
7.Well of Blood
8.Blood Renewal/Ressurection Signet (soloing/henching,PvP,GvG)

The purpose of this build is to quest/mission with henchmen or farm by yourself--anywhere, since there are only 2 hexes which are not the main source of dmg. I personaly liked using this build in the desert versus Scarabs and Hydras in the desert, minotaurs were too easy with this build they dropped in about 15 seconds (due to casting time). I will explain how to use this build against almost anything.
First, pick out a target and cast Life Transfer {Elite} followed by Life Siphon and Shadow Strike (if there is more than one enemy in the area cast Life Siphon for extra health regeneration). If your target doesnt die from the first 3 attacks (some enemies drop dead), cast Vampiric Gaze. If your target is attacking you (melee) then cast Demonic Flesh followed by Vampiric Touch.
Whenever someone dies cast Well of Blood, since you get 13 energy from Sould Reaping you almost never run out of energy, step in Well of Blood for some extra regeneration. Repeat the process by cycling through targets, when low on health use Blood Renewal (when equipped), if team mate dies, you should first make a Well of Blood and then ressurect the person/henchman with your signet.

This build works the best in the desert and against the Grawl just outside of Port Sledge, this worked very well against the Titans in Defend Droknars Forge quest. I personaly had no issues with this build yet.

Profession N/
Name-No Name
Type PvE, PvP, GvG
Category Group Farming, Henchmen missioning, PvP/GvG
Blood- 12+1+3 (base+hat+superior rune)
Curses- 12+1 (base+minor rune)
Soul Reaping- Any points left over
Skill Set
1.Life Transfer {Elite}
2.Life Siphon
3.Vampiric Gaze
5.Enfeebling blood
8.weaken armor/ Resurection signet ( PvE, GvG, PvP )

The purpose of this build is to make there health drop like a rock and/or to decrease there effectancy in melee.
First, You cast enfeebling blood and suffering on a group of creatures, followed by life transfer. Let the henchmen tank for you and start casting hexes and Dot's on the bosses ( If there are any ) and the most thretining opponent. Make sure if you cast barbs on a monster, that you target that monster untill it's dead. If you don't it's a waste of energy. Use Vampiric gaze as offen as it's possible, not only can it do lots of damage it gives you health.

profession: N/Me
name: warrior ass-puncher
type: mainly competitive 4v4
category: anti-warrior or ranger, passive damage dealing.
attributes: 12+1+3 curses
12 domination
3+1 soul reaping
skill set:
1. empathy
2. spiteful spirit
3. parasitic bond/plague touch
4. enfeeble
5. faitheartedblahblahkuchkiboochki
6. desecrate enchantements
7. shatter enchantement
8. res sig

you are here to take out the warriors and rangers, and there are lots of those in CA/TA...
you pick a first warrior, and cast empathy, spiteful spirit and parasitic (if u took it) on the warrior. for several seconds, forget about that warrior, since he is hurting himself/not doing anything. on the second warrior, use parasitic (if u took it), enfeeble and faith (that warrior isnt hurting himself, but he is barely hurting others).
when you get the chance, find yourself a W/Mo paladin and smile while using desecrate, followed by shatter. if he isn't dead, he will soon be...
some warriors choose to fight through spiteful, killing their mates too.
parasitic bond is both a cover hex and a self heal mechanism.

energy management...
soul reaping isnt enough, so you should take time between casts, and make sure you have that 15 energy when spiteful gets ready...
CA battles are fast anyways, and you will be making a big impact at the beggining of the match.

Profession: N/E
Name: Cold Fusion Battery
Type: PvE
Category: Support Necro
blood - 12 + 1 + 1
soul reaping - 8 + 1
water - 10

Skills Set:
blood renewal
well of blood
vampiric gaze
blood is power {elite}
blurred vision
ice spikes
res signet

since a lot of casters don't bring their own energy management, "battery" necros are usually high in demand for high level areas like the fissure of woe. this build, a pure party support build, is designed to be that battery and more. it provides enemy disruption, and it helps restore hp and energy for allies.

battles should start off with the water magic spells, since your teammates will still have their full energy pool and aren't in need of juice yet. cast maelstrom on any caster groups and immediately follow up with ice spikes to snare them for a bit. blurred vision should be cast on any melee/ranger enemies, with the priority being the ones who have slipped past the tanks and are attacking the softer targets.

after a while, you need to start using bip on the casters. it's good to do this before they even start calling for it, so that it ensures they will always have a healthy amount of energy. cast blood renewal first, then start giving juice to the casters. monks usually have priority, then any other caster. use vampiric gaze to help replenish your health and as a mini nuke. with blood renewal and vamp gaze, you should be self sufficient in maintaining your own health. it is important to let the monks know not to heal you unless you are under fire since the drop in hp is self-inflicted and you can heal yourself. cast well of blood if there is a body to help with party healing.

Notes & Concerns:
keep in mind that this is a pure support build. it is important to keep yourself away from any threat, and simply play a secondary role. if you are with a good group, they will appreciate the disruption provided by maelstrom, evasion provided by blurred vision, the hp regen from wells of blood, and the constant energy regen.

Profession: necro/mesmer
Name: Thorns
Type: PvE/GeneralPvP
Category: Support
Inspiration - 11
Curses - 12 + 1 + 3
Soul Reaping - 6 + 1

Skills Set Mantra of Resolve (Inspiration)
Enfeeble (Curses)
Spirit of Failure (Inspiration)
Price of Failure (Curses)
Energy Tap (Inspiration)
Spiteful Spirit {Elite} (Curses)
Parastic Bond (Curses)
Res Signet (No Attribute)

I am writing this summary as though playing PvP arenas, although what has been said can easily be apllied to PvE and on some level larger PvP games. The skills are ideally used in the order shown and against melee characters.

Mantra of Resolve (Inspiration) This skill is essential for any necro in my opinion due to the long cast times of most necro spells. 11 points in Inspiration takes this skill down to 3 energy lost when an interuption is blocked.

Enfeeble (Curses) This skill should be used to keep foes weakened, warriors primarily and rangers secondly. When coming up against warriors and rangers, the closest should be enfeebled first, then the next, until you have a chain of enfeebled melee foes, as mentioned warriors are your main target. This should always be kept in mind. It should be refreshed as often as is needed.

Spirit of Failure (Inspiration) This skill is two fold. It acts to helps regenerate energy and also increases the chance of an enemy foe missing. It should be used in conjunction with price of failure, to increase the chance that a foe will miss, thus increasing the chance of gaining energy.

Price of Failure (Curses) As above this skill is used to increase a foes chance of missing, thus helping to increase energy levels whist doing damage.

Energy Tap (Inspiration) This spell is sell explanatory. When low on energy this is very useful. It can also be used to harass monks and it upsets warriors since they have very small energy pools.

Spiteful Spirit {Elite} (Curses) This is the real damage dealer. When fighting warriors or rangers, this should be used after piling on the aforementioned hexes. It works especially well when placed on multiple warriors chasing a monk. They tend to kill each other or at least disengage. If fighting non melee characters this spell still has its uses, since it activates when skills are used also.

Parastic Bond (Curses) This is used a cover hex for SS, which also acts to increase health occasionally. In any case this should be used on as many player as possible, maximising health boosts.

Notes & Concerns:

My main concern with this build is that there is very little self heal bar parasitic bond. However I am a firm believer that no one build should be able to do everything and that teamwork is necessary in order for it to be effective. For this reason a monk is always useful to team with. Also ele knockdowns in the form of gale etc are problematic, as well as hammer blows. Mesmers can also be annoying with backfire etc. Another annoyance is W/N with plague touch who can remove the effects of enfeeble. These players need constant attention and thus reduce your number of targets. I also tend to use Vilnars Staff with this build.

Profession: N/Mo
Name:AotL Dark Bomber
Type: PvE
Category: InvisiNecro/Farmer

Attributes Set #1

Skills Set #1
Aura of the Lich{Elite} 10/2/20 (death)
Dark Aura (10/1/10)(death)
Blood Renewal (10/1/10)(Blood)
Dark Pact (5/1/2)(Blood)
Touch of Agony (5/ 3/4 /3)(Blood)
Protective Spirit (10/ 1/4 /5)(Protection)
Balthazar's aura (-1/10/2)(Smiting)
Essence Bond (-1/10/2)(none)

Attributes Set #2

Skills Set #2
Aura of the Lich{Elite} 10/2/20 (death)
Dark Aura (10/1/10)(death)
Blood Renewal (10/1/10)(Blood)
Touch of Agony (5/ 3/4 /3)(Blood)
Mending (-1/10/2) (Healing)
Protective Spirit (10/ 1/4 /5)(Protection)
Balthazar's aura (-1/10/2)(Smiting)
Essence Bond (-1/10/2)(none)

Droks or better armor fitted with 5 sup runes, and the -50 hp focus item. Do not get scammed you can still get this item from the Cities of ascalon quest.

Also if u can manage to get a +5 Denravi sword with a +enchantment pommel it will greatly increase your odds of surviving because you will be able to keep BR up at all times. If you cant get a +5 sword just grab some sword/axe/1 handed with +enchaments.

Basically you are running the same type of setup as an invisimonk except with different skills for your damage and for your healing. The main difference in the two is:set#1 is a higher dmg dealer, while set #2 is more resiliant at staying healed.

Skill Set #1:
Start of by casting BA ans Essence Bond. Now before aggroing cast AotL DA and PS. As soon as you have aggroed the group cast your BR then spam ToA/DP while being sure to keep up BR and PS. Also make sure and refresh AotL and DA before they run out.

Skill Set #2:
Start of by casting BA ans Essence Bond and Mending. Now before aggroing cast AotL DA and PS. As soon as you have aggroed the group cast your BR then spam ToA while being sure to keep up BR and PS. Also make sure and refresh AotL and DA before they run out.

Profession: [Necromancer/Monk]

Name: [Soul Eater]

Type: [General PvP and PvE (Developed in the Competition Arenas)]

Category: [self-sufficient hunter-killer (counter magic + spike)]


Blood Magic 12+3+1
Death Magic 9+1
Soul Reaping 9+1

Skills Set

Soul Leech {elite}
Vampiric Gaze
Life Siphon
Shadow Strike
Strip Enchantment
Mark of Subversion
Consume Corpse
Resurrection signet (PvP) or monk rez of your choice (PvE)


This is a self-sufficient spiker with anti-enchantment and anti-spell abilities that kills through a combination of direct damage and counter hexes, refuelling life and energy through life steals, soul reaping and Consume Corpse (which is also a teleport).

Principal targets are spellcasters that are vulnerable to the counter hexes Soul Leech and Mark of Subversion. Either of these hexes can be protected with Life Siphon to prevent stripping. Spike damage is dealt with Shadow Strike followed by Vampiric Gaze.

A typical opening against a caster will be Soul Leech, Life Siphon, Shadow Strike, Vampiric Gaze. Against a tank, you might do something like Strip Enchantment, Life Siphon, Shadow Strike, Vampiric Gaze. It varies somewhat with the situation.

Spell-spammers can fall quickly to the Soul Leech + Blood spike combination, and Strip Enchantment can be used to strip away a key enchantment such as Mark of Protection or Divine Intervention. Mark of Subversion is a key anti-monk hex that will supress many spells, including rezzes part way through casting.

Although it is nice to be able to focus on a single target, some hexes can be dropped on secondary targets to feed you life (Soul Leech a spell spammer, Life Siphon a tank) or silence their support (Mark of Subversion a monk).

Note that lifestealing damage will bypass most forms of protection magic (Protective Spirit / Shielding Hands etc) as well as heal you, the necromancer.

Warriors and rangers can be dropped through degen and blood spike, but only if they have little or no interrupts. The necromancer's magic will totally bypass their armour however, so several bloodspikers (3-4) would have little trouble enchant stripping and spiking most targets.

Degens from enemy poison or bleeds are best counters by setting up Life Siphons spread over any available targets. If you're worried about these being stripped, siphon from enemy pets and minions. 2 siphons is enough to deal with poison or bleeding, but you can keep going to counter very heavy degens.

Consume Corpse at level 10 heals 75 life and +5 net energy, and teleports you to the corpse. Teleportation is a mixed blessing. You can just as easily teleport out of a dangerous situation as into one, but it's a very cool ability to have! The spell takes only 1 second to cast, so it's quite hard to stop when used to escape or to deny enemy necromancers corpses. Sometimes you can teleport into very advantageous positions, so always keep an eye out for your next meal!

Notes & Concerns: The biggest concern by far is interrupts, especially ranger spike. Time to go for a jog or sneaky teleport when that happens. Energy denial will also shut you down, but Backfire can be somewhat countered with Soul Leech on the offending mesmer - his spells will heal you (Soul Leech), and your drain spells can offset the damage somewhat (Shadow Strike + Vampiric Gaze) to keep them worth casting. Don't forget that Strip Enchantment is also a 126 point heal if you can find something - anything - to strip in a pinch!

The build was developed in the competition arenas to test it in as many random scenarios as possible, and to be as adaptable as possible. I hope you enjoy finding all the different ways you can take someone apart with these skills

Profession: N/Me
Name: Tough Echo Spiter
Type: PvE
Category: Damage/Nuking

Blood Magic: 11 (10+1, Minor Rune)
Soul Reaping: 9 (8+1, Minor Rune)
Curses: 16 (12+3+1, Superior Rune and Headgear)

Skills Set
1. Demonic Flesh (Blood)
2. Awaken The Blood (Blood)
3. Blood Renewal (Blood)
4. Vampiric Gaze (Blood)
5. Barbs (Curses)
6. Well Of Blood (Blood)
7. Spiteful Spirit (Curses) {Elite}
8. Archane Echo (unlinked)

The idea here was to take Nater's Echo SS and toughen it up by crossing it with UrikoBB3's Toughen Up Necro. I found that when trying Nater's SS I wasn't using the extra boss skills much, so I stuck in the toughening elements from Uriko's build.

Here's your sequence: get close to aggro group (I use this in Grenth's Footprint mainly) then hit Demonic Flesh to boost health, Awaken The Blood to boost Blood and Curses, Blood Renewal to start regen, Echo to get that ready, then target first enemy, hit Space and then hit Spiteful Spirit. As soon as that one's launched, switch to the echo'd version and put that on the next enemy. Now just fire for a second or two until either something dies or your energy gets back to 15, then hit something else with SS and then hopefully do it again with the recharged Echo version. By this time you should have 4 (at least 3) SS's going, and things will start to die off, giving you that energy back. For healing hit Well Of Blood (should help your Warriors too) and to give them some extra punch at the front use Barbs on any bosses.

For equipment, I use Kole's Torment (it's cheap, and the 15 energy and 10/10 recharge bonuses are very handy) and standard Droknar's armour.

Notes & Concerns: Energy management, as always. Soul Reaping does give some back, but if things aren't dying off quickly enough you can end up in trouble.

Credit: Nater, UrikoBB3, the originator of Echo SS, and myself for plugging it all together.

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and Some Rit stuff..............

This is a Offensive Spirit Spamming build that is meant to disable and annoy opposing players.

Profession: Ritualist/Mesmer
Name: Offensive Spirit Spammer
Type: PvP
Category: Disabling and Annoyance

Communing (12+3+1)
Spawning Power (12)
Inspiration Magic (3)

Skills Set:

1. Soothing (Communing)
2. Pain (Communing)
3. Dissonance (Communing)
4. Shadowsong (Communing)
5. Mantra of Concentration (Inspiration)
6. Boon of Creation (Spawning Power)
7. Ritual Lord {Elite} (Spawning Power)
8. Resurrection Signet (No Attribute)

The purpose of this build is to disable the opposing team as only a Ritualist can. Start the battle by casting Boon of Creation, Ritual Lord, and Mantra of Concentration. Then before the opposing warriors get to your team, cast Soothing. Then as the teams meet, cast Dissonance, then Shadowsong, and then Pain. Spread out your spirits to keep them alive in case of AoE skills or spells. Cast Boon of Creation, Ritual Lord, and Mantra of Concentration as you need them. Ritual Lord is nice because you can cast it even in the middle of casting anything else, just like Mantra of Concentration. Continue creating all four spirits as both teams continue to shift their positions.

Notes & Concerns:
A great aspect of this build that I did not expect is that creating the spirits does not trigger Backfire. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, but after playing mainly casters during my time playing Guild Wars, I’ve learned to quickly move my hands away from my number keys as soon as I see that hex pop-up on my screen. In fact the only thing that will trigger it is Boon of Creation.

Pain was chosen because it adds extra damage and it is nice to your energy, you actually gain two extra energy from Boon of Creation. Also, as far as the sprits go, it casts fast and recharges quickly.

With Ritual Lord allowing your spirits to be recharged 63% faster, you should be able to recast your spirits before they die (granted that they haven’t been killed by an enemy player). Even Dissonance, with a life span of 26 seconds, is recharged before it dies.

Energy is not as big a problem as I had expected given the high cost of Dissonance (25 energy). Between Boon of Creation and the recharge you get from waiting for your spirits to cast, you will only have to wait a short while before you have enough energy to cast another spirit. With the exception of Dissonance, you do not necessarily have to create a spirit as soon as it is recharged. As long as you stay mindful of your energy, you shouldn’t have too many problems. The biggest energy concern comes from Mesmers and Necromancers, as they are with most casters, if they’re sucking you dry of your energy, you’re just going to have to wait it out.

There is a weakness in terms of healing. You can’t cast spirits fast enough for Boon of Creation to be an effective healing spell, but it’s better than nothing. On the other hand, as long as you stay around your spirits, they should hopefully provide enough protection for you to finish creating your spirit and get away. The targets the spirits attack are somewhat random, so unless the warrior or assassin beating on you is the only one in range of the spirits, you might want to worry sooner than later.

The last concern is interruption. Mantra of Concentration is helpful; I didn’t want to take Mantra of Resolve because I didn’t want to take away any attribute points from Communing or Spawning Power for Inspiration Magic to make it useful. Also, knockdowns and Blackout are always going to be a problem. Those you’ll just have to work around as best as you can.

This was created as a PvP build, but with a few changes, I suppose it would be very capable in PvE. The biggest changes would be that Soothing is replaced by a different Communing spirit and the Resurretion Signet is replaced by Flesh of my Flesh.

build uses Attuned Was Songkai to create a whirlwind of healing and support, and is very effective at energy management. It is usually coupled with at least one Monk and aims to help save fading life and to ease their job.
[edit] Attributes and Skills

Ritualist / No profession
12 + 1 + 3
Spawning Power
12 + 1
Restoration Magic
Vengeful Weapon
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Vengeful Weapon
Weapon Spell
For 8(+2.6) seconds, the next time target ally takes damage from a foe, that ally steals up to 54 Health from that foe.
Mend Body and Soul
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Mend Body and Soul
Target ally is healed for 102 Health. That ally loses one Condition for all Spirits within earshot.
Soothing Memories
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Soothing Memories
Target ally is healed for 88 Health. If you are holding an item, you gain 3 Energy.
Spirit Light
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Spirit Light
Sacrifice 17% Health. Target ally is healed for 164. If any Spirits are within earshot, you don't sacrifice Health.
Resilient Weapon
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Resilient Weapon
Weapon Spell
For 18(+5.Cool seconds, target ally has a Resilient Weapon. While suffering from a Hex or Condition, that ally gains +5 Health regeneration and +24 armor.
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Binding Ritual
Create a level 9 Spirit with 230 (+147) Health and 56 armor. Non-Spirit allies within its range gain +3 Health regeneration. This Spirit dies after 41 seconds.
Attuned Was Songkai
Ritualist. Spawning Power 16
Attuned Was Songkai
Elite Item Spell
Hold Songkai's ashes for up to 45 seconds. While you hold her ashes, your spells and Binding Rituals cost -53% of the base Energy to cast.
Flesh of My Flesh
Ritualist. Restoration Magic 13
Flesh of My Flesh
Lose half your Health. Resurrect target ally with your current Health and 18% Energy.
Template code
[edit] Equipment

* Radiant armor for maximum energy (you will be spamming skills constantly). You will usually not gain the effects of any equipped weapons.
* No weapons or focus (see usage).
* +15 energy -1 regen Restoration Focus and 20% recharge wand (see usage).

[edit] Usage

* At 16 Spawning Power, Attuned Was Songkai provides 53% reduction in spell/ritual costs. For 5 energy spells, the game rounds down to 2; for 10, to 5; and for 15 it rounds to 7. Note because it reduces cost you can begin casting the spell/ritual as soon as you have the reduced cost, not the regular cost.
* Your weapon and/or focus item are not used when Attuned Was Songkai is active. When a battle begins, you start with Attuned Was Songkai, which fills your hands. It is recommended to switch to an empty weapon slot for this build most of the time. Attuned Was Songkai causes you to stop holding your weapons, which can have the same negative energy effect as switching to weapons with no energy bonus.
* Although you begin holding weapons again as soon as Attuned Was Songkai ends, if you cast it at only 10 energy with your weapons equipped you will receive a lot of negative energy, making you wait a dangerous amount of time with 0 energy. You only have no items in your hand for 15 seconds (Attuned Was Songkai lasts 45 seconds, recharges in 60), after which you re-cast it. One trick to get by this is to swap for a +15 energy -1 regen focus for that time, to cast one or two spells, then swapping back to the empty slot before re-casting Attuned Was Songkai.
* Soothing Memories also helps with energy management. The spell costs 2 energy while holding Songkai's Ashes and returns 3 energy because you are holding an item, resulting in a free heal.
* Use Recuperation immediately after Attuned Was Songkai when a battle begins. Recuperation, if placed in a safe location, will usually last the whole battle. Recuperation also greatly takes pressure off monks, because it fixes small healing tasks and counters weak degen, such as that from Bleeding.
* If Attuned Was Songkai ever fast recharges, either from weapons or a Morale Boost, do not re-cast it until it's effects are about to fade. Heal someone instead, or save if for the next battle. It is sometimes smarter to not re-cast it if the battle is only going to last another 10-15 seconds or so, because you need it recharged for the next battle.

[edit] Counters

* Interrupt Attuned Was Songkai, an Elite Item Spell.
* Kill the Recuperation spirit.
* Diversion, Power Block, or Backfire the healer. Any anti-spamming tactic works.

[edit] Variants

* Resilient Weapon can be replaced with Signet of Capture, a Celestial Skill, or something else your party needs.
* A Rt/Me variant of this build uses Arcane Echo to copy Soothing Memories for a spin of free heals. Arcane Echo, however, still costs 8 energy to cast. This build can be less effective if you don't compensate for Arcane Echo's downtime.
* Weapon of Warding.
* Flesh of My Flesh can be swapped for a better Resurrection skill, such as Rebirth if you're a monk secondary. Resurrection Signet is usually a better choice in areas where there are many bosses that can recharge it, or at times when fast, in-battle resurrection is crucial.
* Replace Resilient Weapon with Ghostly Haste to keep Attuned Was Songkai up indefinitely.
* Switch to Ranger secondary to use Serpent's Quickness immediately before (or during) the casting of Attuned Was. That will make Attuned match Serpent's 45 second recharge, allowing you to keep Attuned up indefinitely.
* Replace Weapon of Warding with Wielder's Boon. Use boon on any targets under resilient weapon. Do not use with Vengeful Weapon since it will be likely removed very quickly.
* This build is incredibly resilient as it is, so two superiors are easy to use. In that case, use a headgear for restoration instead of spawning. The difference between 15 and 16 on Spawning Power will not affect the cost reduction on 5 or 10 energy spells, and the 16 Restoration will make your spells much more effective.

[edit] Notes

* You must be standing near your spirit (or any allied spirit) for Mend Body and Soul to purge a condition. Note this is you, and not your target that needs to be near one.
* Note that picking a new weapon set from your hotkeys, or equiping any weapon or off-hand will cause you to drop Songkai's Ashes. Teleporting, Shadow Stepping, and dying also cause you to drop the Ashes. You do not, however, drop her Ashes from being interrupted or knocked down. Dropping her Ashes has no effect other than to make you less effective.

this is a long one.............

Profession: Rt/N
Name: The New Minion Bomber
Type: PvE
Category: Nuker
12+3+1 Spawning Power (Base, Hat, and Superior Rune)
12 Death
3 Restoration (More if you’re feeling generous)

Skill Bar:
(Spawning Power)Boon of Creation: Gain Energy and Health whenever you create a minion.
(Spawning Power)Explosive Growth: Zap 5 enemies around a corpse whenever you create a creature, whether by Animate or Enchantment.
(Death Magic)Animate Bone Minions: Two minions, one spell.
(Death Magic)Death Nova: For 30 seconds, if target ally dies, all adjacent foes are poisoned for 15 seconds and take massive damage.

Last four skills if playing Factions:
(Death Magic)Taste of Death: Also known as the Big Red Button. Steals massive health from a minion, giving it to you.
(Death Magic)Rotting Flesh: Give your enemies a disease. From far away. You naughty boy!
(Restoration)Flesh of my Flesh: Your hard Rez.
(Death Magic)Animate Flesh Golem: Your heavy-fisted, ever-present, body-guard. Leaves a corpse when he dies. {Elite skill}

Last four skills if playing Nightfall:
(Death Magic) Jagged Bones: For 30 seconds, if target minion dies, get a lvl 12 Jagged Horror that causes Bleeding with it's attacks. {Elite skill}
(Death Magic) Putrid Flesh: Blow up your minion to disease foes around it for 13 seconds.
(Spawning Power) Spirit's Gift: For 60 seconds, whenever you create a creature, all allies near it gain 53 health and lose a condition. Like Disease.
Optional slot:
(Spawning Power)Signet of Creation: All Spirits and minions in area get +7 regen for 30 seconds, then blow up. Yes, the opponent's too.
or Flesh of my Flesh: Rez.
or Taste of Death: Minion go boom, you gain health.

These skills are not set in stone. Mix and match as you like, according to what area you're in, monster condition-resistance, what the party calls for, Capping an Elite skill, personal playing style, or expansion. Taste of Death, Rotting Flesh, Flesh/Flesh, EG, and Golem can all be swapped out for Signet of Creation, Attuned Was Songkai, Cap Sig, Animate of your choice, Tainted Flesh, Deathly Swarm, Well of Suffering, etc. Look in the Rit:Explosive Creation of GuildWiki for other variations and skill sets.

Suggested Equipment:
The Weapons NPCs and Collecters can give you the Death equipment you need, until you get a suitable Rare or Green. Starting out as a level 1, find a Rod that gives you an Energy bonus when you’re Enchanted. If you can swing it, also get equipment that lowers Casting time. At least until you get the gold/materials/time to get something better, according to the handy-dandy guide down there. Right now, I have a Poisonous(33%) Katana(+5 Energy) of Enchanting(20%). Got it from Shichiroji in Divine Path, the last mission in Factions. In my offhand, I got Armind's Focus: +12 Energy(Death), +1 Death Magic (20%), Halves Casting Time (Death 20%). For Armor, I’ve experimented with both the Energy and the Health-boosting sets. Personally, I settled onto the Energy set.

Low level: Staff, Half Casting/Recharge(10%) when using Death Magic, Energy +5 (Weapons NPC at Shing Jea Monastary)
Middling: Staff, Half Casting/Recharge(20%) when using Death Magic, Energy +10 (Weapons NPC at Kaineng Center)

High: Rod with Half Casting(20%), Energy+5(Health>50%) when using Death Magic, Focus of Death Magic +1(20%), Energy +12, Health +30 (Sheco in Bukdek Byway)
Optional: Rod of Half Casting/Recharge(20%) when using Death Magic (Kurzick: Vasburg Armory/ Luxon: Leviathan Pits)

Elite: Poisonous(33%) Sword/Axe of Enchanting(20%), +15% damage^50% Health, Energy +5, with Bortak's Bone Claw and Bortak's Cesta in a second weapon slot (Tyria Greens). (Rare Drops. Shichiroji in Divine Path has +5 Energy Weapons, but no 15^50.)
Optional: Ghial's Staff Or the equivalent Middling Staff with Enchanting +20% instead
In Nightfall, you can also pick up Armind's Focus, which is pretty much the Bortak offhand.

If you don't have the greens or all the parts of the Elite weapon sets, switch between your Rod/Focus and your Sword/Focus, depending on what spells you're casting, or whether you're starting the battle out. Takes practice, it does. And just because everyone keeps asking, Sheco needs a total of 190 Bone, 30 Scale, 6 Plant Fiber, and 10K for the Rod/Focus set. Shichiroji needs 40 Iron, 6 Steel, and 10K. You have to Salvage/Buy/Trade the mods yourself. You only get to Divine Path when you beat Shiro. Once you leave that area, you gotta beat Shiro AGAIN to go to the area again. If you didn't pick up a +5 Energy Weapon before you get to Shiro, then now's your chance to get one. FYI, I didn't, so I had to buy it. In general, Nightfall focuses on Half Skill Recharge equipment, which is useless to the minion bomber.

Originally Posted by BarGamer, from the Guildwiki:
1 being very important, and 5 being not so much:

(1)Lengthens poison duration on foes by 33%
(1)+1 to Death Magic (20% chance)
(2)Halves casting time of Death Magic spells
(2)Enchantments last 20% longer
(2)Additional Energy
(5)Additional armor or health
(5)Halves skill recharge time of death magic spells

Playing a Minion Bomber:
This is for all those people who say that Ritualists stink, that Minion Mastering got nerfed, or on the flip side, just plain love to mini-manage and have the lightning-fast fingers to prove it. This build is an insane combination of condition-spreading, minion mastering, and non-aggro-breaking (minion-centered) Point-Blank AoE.

The Skill Bar explained:
The joy with this build is that when you get two minions for the price of one spell, you also reap double the benefits from Boon, Growth, and Spirit's Gift. Boon of Creation is the First-place winner, easily. At 12 Spawning, you're only eating 5 Energy loss per Animate Minions. At 16, you're only losing 3 Energy. Explosive Growth is the Second-Place winner, here. When you deal 136 Lighting damage to 5 foes, usually in the middle of those angry mobs, it's usually enough to kill off enemies that were softened up by the Death Nova.

Flesh Golem is not only another tank, but when he dies, he leaves behind an exploitable corpse. If you don't have a Flesh Golem around with you at all times in Factions, you are not fully exploiting this skill. Same thing with having 8 Jagged Horrors.

As can be assumed, use Taste of Death to blow them up, or when you're low on health. If you're feeling lazy or just need a slot for Capture Signet, drop Taste of Death and just let the enemy kill the minions for you. As you're not a Necro main, you don't have a Superior Death rune, so your minions are lower level. And therefore, easier to kill. I’ve also met with success in dropping Deathly Swarm/Rotting Flesh for the Cap Sig.

In Factions, Flesh of My Flesh is the hard Rez that every Minion Master needs. You should be THE last person to die, even after the Monks. When you have to run away, fire off a few Death Novas on your doomed party members, then make tracks. When you return, Animate their corpse, THEN Rez. The half-life the spell puts you at is irrelevant, when you've got Taste of Death a single tap away. If you do fall in battle, ask politely that you be Rezzed first, for the simple reason that you can Animate your fallen party members and that you have a hard Rez.

Nightfall Alternate Jagged Bones instead of Flesh Golem. This means that when a minion goes boom, it triggers Explosive Growth/Boon of Creation again and the resultant Jagged Horror is itself a target for Jagged Bones (and Death Nova). Furthermore, Jagged Bones doesn't need to be targetted, instead, it's auto-casted on the nearest minion without JB. This is doable even in levels that have few exploitable corpses. We have just achieved infinite combo status.

To start out in Factions, you will be some wierd combination caster of sorts until you get your first Animate. Until then, suck it up to experience and go play with your Union/Shelter Spirit-summoning, Lightning-zapping, Item-holding, Swarm-slinging self. Do every quest that you can in the Monastery, especially the training ones, because they give you free skills AND experience. Save up on Bolts of Cloth, you need them for the Armor traders.

Know where your next Bone Minions are coming from. This allows you to target one of the minions, fire off Death Nova while they're doing the Animate animation, then select the second minion, by which time he's already wandering off. If you haven't enchanted your second minion by the time they reach the enemy/are already getting attacked, you need to practice a little. In the case which you CAN’T know where your next minion is coming from, the previous GW patches let you know which minions are already primed, via that handy Enchanted arrow, so that you don't waste a Death Nova. When you miss targeting a minion and start walking towards battle, hit Esc or a directional arrow to stop yourself. If you have Nightfall, spam Jagged Bones.

Starting out as Rit/N in Nightfall:You can't. Port your Factions one over. For more details, see Page 3.

Starting a battle in Factions:
First things first. If you don't have your max of 8 minions, or the ones you do have are on their last legs, Taste of Death your Flesh Golem. Now make Minions. Death Nova them while they politely stand in a circle around you. Do it fast, you only have ~30 seconds before the first one wears off. When handling henchmen, Flags lets you stay put while targeting/calling so that they go in first. After the Warrior henchies take the aggro, send in your first wand attack so that your minions can go in. Only then do you cast Boon and Growth, so that you get the maximum time out of your Enchantments. You don’t need them until the first enemy falls, right? Speed the process along with Rotting Flesh. When the first enemy falls, your first AND last Animate should be Flesh Golem, unless he's already up. First, so he can kill more things, and last, so you can start things off at the next group of enemies. Keep up your Boon and Growth enchantments throughout the battle.

Ending a battle in Factions:
When they're all dead, go ahead and Animate a few more times, replacing your low-health minions with fresh ones. Don't worry if you accidentally Animate from one of your party members, they can still be Rezzed, and hey, it's their fault for dying. If EG has worn off, don't bother re-casting it, you only need Boon for this. While your Animate is recharging, pick up loot, check your map/guide for directions, massage your poor fingers, etc.

Starting a battle in Nightfall:
If you have no minions, Flag your NPCs into battle, cast Boon, EG, and SG, put Nova on Gehraz and any other melee fighters, and wait for the first mob to fall. Animate, Jagged, Nova-Nova. Repeat as necessary. When your Bone Minions get into range of a nice group of enemies, Taste of Death or Putrid Flesh it. Jagged. Every Animate or minion-kill-spell should be followed by a Jagged Bones, then anything else. Your Jagged Horrors are higher level than your Bone Minions, which means that they can do more melee damage and Bleeding degen. Needless to say, keep up your enchants.

Ending a battle in Nightfall:
Animate up to 8, then start casting (with your Necro Hero) Jagged Bones on all your Bone Minions and low-health Jagged Horrors, and kill them with either Putrid Flesh or Taste of Death. Putrid is preferred, as it's a guaranteed kill, and therefore less casting time than two Tastes of Death. As before, no need for Explosive Growth, just Boon and SG.

Suggested Henchies for Factions:
Healers, Fighters, Nukers, and the Earth henchy. If you have any of the Animates besides Bone Minions or Flesh Golem, take Eve, she has Blood Ritual. Last-picks are Rits, Archers, and Brutus the Blood Necro, in that order. You don't need Interrupters, Illusion, or any of the others.

Suggested Henchies/Heroes for Nightfall:
Both Monk Heroes, Tah and Dunkoro, Eve for Blood Rit, Cynn, Devona, Gehraz, and the last Hero slot open for "Required Hero:" or whatever. Adjust this last slot according to the area, personal preference, or however much you stripped your other characters for their equipment and gave it to your heroes. (My Prophesies MM and Nuker are pretty much naked now.) Once you cap Jagged Bones, that last slot will be Olias or Master of Whispers (MOW), whichever you like better, as a rather odd MM. As a Healing Monk, I also gave Dunkoro "Dwayna's Sorrow," for party heals whenever a minion dies. How to use: I put Dunkoro's Hero Skill Panel right where I can see it, and select myself, then click the skill. I, and most importantly my minions, all get a 30-second buff. It's acceptable for Nova to run out, between MOW and I, I can just recast it.

The Necro Hero:
Remember when we said that the damage becomes disgusting with another MM in the party? I wasn't lying. When you first get Olias or MOW, drag them over to Vizunah Square and level them up to 20. Stick them with the Traditional Prophesies MM build but with a twist. From 1 through 8, his skills should be: Death Nova in his first slot, Dark Bond, Heal Area, Karei's Healing Circle, Golem, Vamp, Fiend, and Rez Sig. Feel free to change those skills around as well, it doesn't matter that much. In places where you need a little more firepower and the corpses are plentiful, go nuts having two MMs. Choose wisely what areas you take him through. Otherwise, he will be a constant source of aggravation as his (still) primitive AI steals corpses from you.

Once you cap Jagged Bones, Olias or MOW's roles change. Ideally, he'll never cast an Animate. Instead, he essentially becomes your Enchant Slave. Other people have other words for it. From 1 through 8: Nova, Jagged, Heal Area, KHC, Bitter Chill, Deathly Swarm, Optional, and Rez Sig. Because MOW's primary profession is Necro, you can safely give him a Sup Death Rune/Soul Reaping, and let him go to town. Because of the way Enchantment-stacking works with Jagged Bones, you'll never waste a casting of Jagged Bones, and sometimes Nova. The optional slot is if you feel sorry for him, and want to give him Fiends for more damage, Vamps for more melee damage and survivability, Shambling Horrors for damage and two Jagged Horrors for one spell (Jagged Bones), Dwayna's Sorrow for party heals, Verata's Aura if you find yourself dying a lot but don't want your minions getting totally away from you, Deathly Chill, or any other spell you feel like sticking in there. Re-arrange the skills as you see fit.

As mentioned earlier in "Ending a battle in Nightfall," make sure to open MOW's Hero Panel and after disabling his first 4 skills so he doesn't waste any, one at a time, start converting your lvl 10 Bone Minions/12 Horrors to lvl 16 Horrors. The benefits of this should be immediately apparent. If you decided to give MOW Animate Shambling Horrors, and all 10 are still pretty healthy, let him keep them for now. Otherwise, give him fresh ones.

Tip: If you can't keep track of your minions when they're right in front of you, and you can't predict their movements when a minion temporarily dies before getting back into the circle, it's a sign that you're not likely to do either of these critically important skills when in battle. Clean your mouse, replace the batteries, do ANYTHING to improve your hand-eye coordination. Spend some time practicing targeting your minions, ways to get them to light up, stopping on a misclick, and such. Customize your interface, your skill bar, your hot keys. This is my personal setup, it might work well for you: QWER//ASDF = Putrid, SG, Boon, EG//Taste, Jagged, Animate, Nova. This puts C and Tab right there for enemy targeting and wanding, or moving with the Space Bar. Personally, I use the mouse to move around, not that the minion bomber needs to do much moving around if the battle is going well. If the battle is going badly, hit X to 180 and I still use the mouse to run away. Other people have success remapping other keys or using the keypad to move, that's just my method.

Notes: You need to have fast fingers, and lots of corpses. The areas where this build fails include: Tahnnakai Temple Mission, where those Temple Guardians don't make exploitable corpses; Arborstone Mission, where you get interrupted to heck by falling rubble; any area with heavy Stonescale Kirin, because they make minions too; and the Kessex Peak area in Tyria, because they have Shepard of Verata, who use Aura of Verata on your minions. Most problems with this build fall under those categories.

Places where this build rocks the house include the narrow alleyways and sewers of Kaineng City, Vizunah Square, Echovald Forest, Raisu Palace, and especially against the Am Fah. Those guys are WEAK. Not like the Jade Brotherhood and their Knights. If you have a Necro-main MM with you in these areas, the damage just becomes disgusting, especially if you coordinate your Animates. In Napui Quarter, one of our fans recommends Well of Suffering instead of Rotting Flesh, because of the mixed fleshy/non-fleshy monster types.

The Necro-main MM will be the happiest about this, since all the Bombing you're doing is feeding him Energy. You see, he's forced to keep killing his minions, just to keep his Energy up, of which he needs a lot. The Ritualist doesn't, on both counts. The Ritualist gets Energy when he creates, and is just as happy letting his minions do melee damage until they die, whereupon they go boom. It's a critical difference in tempo.

Another strategy is to aggressively use the Minion Cap to your advantage. Once you have 8 minions (or however many your Death Magic has your Cap), all with Nova up, Animate another pair of minions. Two of your lowest-health minions are force-killed, double-Novas. You also gain two full-health minions, Boon Energy, and EG goes off. You just gained 8 separate benefits from one spell. You see, with high Spawning, Taste of Death is no guarantee that your minion will fall. The Minion Cap enforcement however, is hard-coded in. A necro-nerf is a Ritualist exploit, just waiting to be discovered.

In Nightfall, that same nerf/exploit becomes even more disgusting. Assuming an ideal situation where all 8 of your minions have Nova and Jagged Bones on them, a single Animate Bone Minions creates a cascade effect of activating Novas, EGs, SGs, Boons, and Jagged Horror spawns, leaving you with nothing at the end but 8 Jagged Horrors, a field of dead corpses, and a screen full of numbers, and a full health and Energy bar. You might want some help with the enchants casting, therefore, due to nobody answering the previous update's rhetorical question, you guys get a new section!

Evolution of the Rit/N
Spirit's Gift, Reclaim Essence, and Putrid Flesh are awesome together. Healing your own minions is beneficial when you've got a no-fail Big Red Button in Reclaim Essence, and with the new henchmen, making sure they stay un-diseased with Spirit's Gift is even better. I like the Reclaim Essence build better than the Jagged Horrors/SOC variant mostly because me and Signet of Creation never got along.

So here's what's gonna happen. For all you Factions Minion Bombers who are porting over to Nightfall, here's how it's gonna break down. Once you cap Reclaim Essence, use that build until you cap Jagged Bones. Unless you REALLY like Flesh Golem, and expect not to see any Enchantment-strippers or other Mesmers. For PVE, use my skill template with the single-swap of Golem for Jagged Bones. If you're in PVP, use Signet of Creation AND Jagged Bones. Everyone is happy.

But just to be fair, let's compare and contrast all of them. The real difference between them all is: What is the kill condition, when does the degen start, and where is your energy?

Original Build: See above.
You've got good AOE damage upon minion creation and destruction, disease-degen at the beginning and throughout the fight and poison-degen upon minion death, and steady melee damage with Bone Minions and Golem. At the next fight, you will have a minimum of two Bone minions, and a max of 7 plus Golem, or 8 Bone minions. With Taste of Death, you will never, EVER, die. Health gain from Boon is largely ignored in PVE, might save your life in PVP. Rare energy management issues. Minions die either through battle or TOD.

Signet of Creation Variant: http://gw.gamewikis.org/wiki/Build:R...osive_Creation
MASSIVE Nova AOE/Spike Damage, possibility of death because of no Taste of Death, and no Animates while Signet is active. Assuming you killed them all, Poison and Disease degen completely ignored, little steady melee damage. At the end of the fight, you have however many minions you Animated, and no Henchies. If you didn't kill them all, degen SHOULD kill them all while you frantically Animate. At end of fight, use Blood of the Master to keep your minions alive while you rez your Henchies and between battles. At next fight, you have all minions, all Hencies, and no-so-great health. Frequent energy management and dying issues. Minions die through SOC.


This is what you have when you just ported over. Firstly, go to the skill trainers and get Spirit's Gift and Putrid Flesh. Your Elite is Flesh Golem.

Flesh Golem/Reclaim Essence
You'll have this build if you did Factions and capped Reclaim Essence. Swap out Taste of Death or Rotting Flesh for the Capture Signet. Enjoy it while you can.

Reclaim Essence Build: http://gw.gamewikis.org/wiki/Build:Rt/N_Reclaim_Essence
You've got good AOE damage upon minion creation and destruction, combined poison/disease degen on minion death via Reclaim and only Poison-degen if no Reclaim, and spotty melee damage with Bone Minions. At the next fight, you will have >2 minions AND all your henchmen. With Boon of Creation and Spirit's Gift, you have to be in the thick of combat to stay alive. Makes me nervous, it does. No Energy management issues, even with Enchantment-stripping or other Mesmer tricks. Minions MUST die through Reclaim or Putrid Flesh, and shouldn't at any other time. Lots of targeting skill needed. Optional slot should reflect the enviroment: Damage skill for easy areas, Taste of Death for difficult areas, Flesh of My Flesh for impossible areas. Unknown death/PVE/PVP stats.

Reclaim Essence/Jagged Bones
You'll have this build when you've successfully capped Jagged Bones. Swap out your rez for the Capture Signet. Enjoy it while you can.

Jagged Bones Build Reclaim build, swap out Reclaim for Jagged Bones.
You've got good AOE damage upon Bone Minion creation and GREAT on destruction(which is actually creation again), disease and poison degen upon minion death, and steady melee damage with Bone Minions at the beginning of the first fight, and steady melee damage/Bleeding degen with Jagged Horrors at the end. At the next fight, you will have your max of 8 Horrors AND Henchies. Boon and Spirit's Gift keeps you and them alive, especially with Jagged Bones spawning healing you. If any Henchies die, let your two monks take care of it. Bone Minions WITH JAGGED BONES die through Putrid Flesh, Jagged Horrors never actually die.

Jagged Bones/SOC Variant(PVP) Jagged Bones Build, swap Flesh of my Flesh for SOC.
MASSIVE Nova AOE/Spike Damage, possibility of dying because of no Taste of Death and no Animates while Signet is active. Assuming you killed them all, Poison degen completely ignored, little steady melee damage. At the end of the Signet, you have a possible 7 Jagged Horrors, and no Henchies. If you didn't kill them all, immediate Explosive Growth AOE and Poison degen SHOULD kill them all. If they're STILL not down, follow the usual Jagged Bones strategy of Jagged Bones-Nova-Putrid. If even THEN... You're probably facing a boss. At next fight, you have all minions. Frequent energy management issues. Bone Minions/Jagged Horrors die through SOC/Putrid Flesh.

And because everyone is asking, trade in 1, 3, or 5 Monastary Credits to the Quartermasters. Same thing with the Imperial Commendations, the Kurzick Equipment Requisitions, and the Luxon Totems. Mostly, I spend it on ID and Salvaging kits.

Profession: Ritualist/Any

Name: Spirit Battery Spiker

Type: made for PvE, with some tweaking may be applicable to GvG/PvP

Category: Spike Damage

16 Channeling (+1 helm, +3 rune)
7 Restoration (+1 rune)
12 Spawning (+1 rune)

Skills Set:
Destruction- create lvl 11 spirit that dies after 30 sec. 5 damage to all foes in area for every second alive (channeling)
Gaze from Beyond- nearest spirit loses 42 health, 3 damage to target foe per health point lost (channeling)
Essence Strike- 53 damage to target foe, +8 energy if near spirit (channeling)
Spirit Burn- 53 damage to target foe +31 if you are near spirit (channeling)
Lamentation- 106 damage to target foe near spirit/corpse (channeling)
Rupture Soul- destroy target spirit, deal 122 damage and blind for 10 seconds all foes in area (spawning)
Generous was Tsungrai- +184 self heal (restoration)
Flesh of my Flesh- rez (restoration)

Summary: Basic spike build with the exception that you're somewhat tethered to the spirit. First cast destruction and then find a foe to start spamming gaze/essence strike/spirit burn on. Spells were chosen for recharge time and mana cost and the damage to destruction spirit caused by casting gaze is minimal since it has 320 health and enemies tend not to target it. If you get rushed while spamming cast lamentation and rupture soul if you need to for a quick 228 + (5*however long destruction survived, 150 max), should help you clear the immediate area quickly. Quick and powerful self-heal is available if needed. Spirit placement/timing is critical to maximize rupture soul + destruction. I recommend mystic armor for +15 armor while activating a skill. Weapon is whatever you like, I was using NPC channeling staff.

Notes/Concerns: Clearly there's no elite. I welcome suggestions for one but at the time I had just arrived at Kaineng so there wasn't much available. Also lamentation has been difficult to use so I was thinking of trading it for spirit rift for the 122 damage after 3 seconds to target foe and surrounding enemies. Minor drawback to using destruction is that it isn't doing anything during those 30 seconds, no attacking at all. Not too big a worry because you're using it to fuel the other skills, and anyway it's probably not worth it to allot points to communing for an alternate spirit. I created this post so I could get criticism and fine-tune it so suggestions are, again, welcome.

Profession: Rit/Mo

Name: Spike Spam

Type: PvE

Category: Spiker

Channeling 12 + 1 + 3
Spawning 11 + 1
Healing Prayers 8

Skills Set:
Spirit Rift
Ancestors Rage
Channeled Strike/Splinter Weapon
Essence Strike
Attuned Was Songkai
Healing Breeze
Flesh of my Flesh

Summary: Start with Attuned Was Songkai for the reduced energy cost for the rest of your skills. Place Destruction down and then go to work on a mob with Spirit Rift and Ancestor's rage for some nice AoE damage. Follow with Essence Strike and Channeled Strike. Then use Spirit Rift again. Spirit Rift and Essence Strike are you 2 main spam spells with a recharge time of 5 seconds and 8 seconds respectively. Use Channeled Strike and Ancestor's Rage as they become available. The energy gain from Essence Strike is especially nice while holding Attuned Was Songkai. Combined with the downtime of your spells, you should have few energy problems during most battles.

Notes & Concerns: If you want to do more AoE damage, you can swap out Channeled Strike for Splinter Weapon. Cast Splinter Weapon on as many of your teamates as you can before a battle (you should be able to get it on at least 4 teamates before it runs out on the first one you cast it on, and still have time to put up Destruction) for some pretty big armor ignoring AoE damage.

As most mobs will come to you, you should be able to stay within range of Destruction for the energy gain from Essence Strike.

You can go with any secondary and the self- heal from that class if you like or go with Restoration instead of Healing Prayers.

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More Rit..........

Now that us rits have the 4th spirit we always dreamed about my new high damage build looks like this....

Signet of spirits ...15 energy every 20 secs!
Pain... 32 damage
bloodsong... steals 26 health
shadowsong ..blinds and 21 damage(altho not stated does do damage)

Anguish... 21 damage and 42 damage when foe is hexed(see painful bond)

Painful bond.. add damage to all spirits attacks +16

Thats a total of 185 damage...

anguish last 47 secs and recharges in 45 so can always be up.

Have communing at 16 and channeling as high as possible spawning is not as critical....Use the signet to maintain you energy. The signet makes boon of creation look sick.... easy to keep high energy and 3 to 4 spirits up at all times.

Somebody ingame told me to go another class if i wanted to play a damage dealer, haha ,obviously he had'nt seen the power of this build in action.
More Rit.......... Now that us rits have the 4th spirit we always dreamed about my new high damage build looks like this.... Signet of spirits ...15 energy every 20 secs! Pain... 32 damage bloodsong... steals 26 health shadowsong ..blinds and 21 damage(altho not stated does do damage) Anguish... 21 damage and 42 damage when foe is hexed(see painful bond) Painful bond.. add damage to all spirits attacks +16 Thats a total of 185 damage... anguish last 47 secs and recharges in 45 so can always be up. Have communing at 16 and channeling as high as possible spawning is not as critical....Use the signet to maintain you energy. The signet makes boon of creation look sick.... easy to keep high energy and 3 to 4 spirits up at all times. Somebody ingame told me to go another class if i wanted to play a damage dealer, haha ,obviously he had'nt seen the power of this build in action.More Rit.......... Now that us rits have the 4th spirit we always dreamed about my new high damage build looks like this.... Signet of spirits ...15 energy every 20 secs! Pain... 32 damage bloodsong... steals 26 health shadowsong ..blinds and 21 damage(altho not stated does do damage) Anguish... 21 damage and 42 damage when foe is hexed(see painful bond) Painful bond.. add damage to all spirits attacks +16 Thats a total of 185 damage... anguish last 47 secs and recharges in 45 so can always be up. Have communing at 16 and channeling as high as possible spawning is not as critical....Use the signet to maintain you energy. The signet makes boon of creation look sick.... easy to keep high energy and 3 to 4 spirits up at all times. Somebody ingame told me to go another class if i wanted to play a damage dealer, haha ,obviously he had'nt seen the power of this build in action.
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1. Zealot's Benediction
2. Gift of Health
3. Protective Spirit
4. Shield of Absorbtion
5. Glyph of Lesser Energy
6. Dismiss Condition
7. Deny Hexes
8. Divine Spirit


1. Light of Deliverance
2. Signet of Rejuvination
3. Prot Spirit
4. Shield of Absorbtion
5. Words of Comfort / Dismiss Condition
6. Cure Hex
7. Reversal of Fortune / Divine Spirit / Dwaynas Kiss
8. Glyph of Lesser Energy

And finally,

1. Blessed Light
2. Reversal of Fortune
3. Gift of Health
4. Prot Spirit
5. Shield of Absorbtion (Notice the trend yet?)
6. Mend Condition / Dismiss Condition
7. Deny Hexes
8. Glyph of Lesser Energy

There's three from the top of my head. I tried to fit them somewhere inbetween PvE and PvP for ya. SoR builds are generally entirely prot:

1. Shield of Regeneration
2. Shield of Absorbtion
3. Shielding Hands
4. Dismiss Condition
5. Glyph of Lesser Energy
6. Deny Hexes
7. (Optional) Divine Spirit (My Hero uses this)
8. (Optional) Divine Intervention (My Hero uses this)

Granted, you could spec into heal somewhere in there, but it's kinda useless. Just rely on the other monk for that.

As far as attributes go, I almost always run a 11/10/10 setup, where 11 is your primary "heal", and 10 is your secondary and Divine. the eleven also gets the +1 head piece with a major rune.
mORE pROT MONKING 1. Zealot's Benediction 2. Gift of Health 3. Protective Spirit 4. Shield of Absorbtion 5. Glyph of Lesser Energy 6. Dismiss Condition 7. Deny Hexes 8. Divine Spirit Also, 1. Light of Deliverance 2. Signet of Rejuvination 3. Prot Spirit 4. Shield of Absorbtion 5. Words of Comfort / Dismiss Condition 6. Cure Hex 7. Reversal of Fortune / Divine Spirit / Dwaynas Kiss 8. Glyph of Lesser Energy And finally, 1. Blessed Light 2. Reversal of Fortune 3. Gift of Health 4. Prot Spirit 5. Shield of Absorbtion (Notice the trend yet?) 6. Mend Condition / Dismiss Condition 7. Deny Hexes 8. Glyph of Lesser Energy There's three from the top of my head. I tried to fit them somewhere inbetween PvE and PvP for ya. SoR builds are generally entirely prot: 1. Shield of Regeneration 2. Shield of Absorbtion 3. Shielding Hands 4. Dismiss Condition 5. Glyph of Lesser Energy 6. Deny Hexes 7. (Optional) Divine Spirit (My Hero uses this) 8. (Optional) Divine Intervention (My Hero uses this) Granted, you could spec into heal somewhere in there, but it's kinda useless. Just rely on the other monk for that. As far as attributes go, I almost always run a 11/10/10 setup, where 11 is your primary "heal", and 10 is your secondary and Divine. the eleven also gets the +1 head piece with a major rune.mORE pROT MONKING 1. Zealot's Benediction 2. Gift of Health 3. Protective Spirit 4. Shield of Absorbtion 5. Glyph of Lesser Energy 6. Dismiss Condition 7. Deny Hexes 8. Divine Spirit Also, 1. Light of Deliverance 2. Signet of Rejuvination 3. Prot Spirit 4. Shield of Absorbtion 5. Words of Comfort / Dismiss Condition 6. Cure Hex 7. Reversal of Fortune / Divine Spirit / Dwaynas Kiss 8. Glyph of Lesser Energy And finally, 1. Blessed Light 2. Reversal of Fortune 3. Gift of Health 4. Prot Spirit 5. Shield of Absorbtion (Notice the trend yet?) 6. Mend Condition / Dismiss Condition 7. Deny Hexes 8. Glyph of Lesser Energy There's three from the top of my head. I tried to fit them somewhere inbetween PvE and PvP for ya. SoR builds are generally entirely prot: 1. Shield of Regeneration 2. Shield of Absorbtion 3. Shielding Hands 4. Dismiss Condition 5. Glyph of Lesser Energy 6. Deny Hexes 7. (Optional) Divine Spirit (My Hero uses this) 8. (Optional) Divine Intervention (My Hero uses this) Granted, you could spec into heal somewhere in there, but it's kinda useless. Just rely on the other monk for that. As far as attributes go, I almost always run a 11/10/10 setup, where 11 is your primary "heal", and 10 is your secondary and Divine. the eleven also gets the +1 head piece with a major rune.

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Old builds.......

DoT = Damage over time....i.e. health dgen

Ok, DoT may suck if it's just on one foe, sure, however, if you can plaster several foes with it, THEN we're talking a LOT of hexes and healing needs to be done because the entire enemy team is 'suffering'...

This build is quite brutal in that it uses a combination of both hexes and conditions to 'nuke dot' a wide number of enemies. The DoT for each foe should be at about 7-10 and will be tricky to counter if you can spam hard enough.

12+1+3 Illusion
8+1 Fast Casting
7+1 Inspiration
8 Curses

Conjure Phantasm
Phantom Pain
Migrane {E}
Energy Tap
Mantra of Persistance
Plague Sending
Signet of Agony

The system relies on spreading over multiple foes DoT. With such a high Illusion Magic rating combined with the Mantra of Persistance, your DoT will last a very long time when you use Phantom Pain, Conjure, or Migrane. [Migrane will obiviously be devastating to monks and eles should it be buried under the rest of your hexes]

The Signet of Agony bleeding effect lasts a whopping 25s. and can be spread to 2+ enemies as well. This combined with suffering is 5 hp degen on 2 foes, which can be punched to 10 using Conjure. Their AoE is the same so 14+ total degen for 25e. is hot. Or better yet, if it's the Dias, holy shnikes will the degen be nutty. If this works out properly, the AoE degen it produces can go as high as 10pips of degen times 16 = 160 pips total team degen?!

Plague Sending also helps due to those nasty Poison Arrow users as well. Just nail groups of the enemy team with your DoT and cripple conditions and you're good to go.

Without healing at all, this build will only fare well should a quick monk be at the ready. Energy shouldn't be too much of an issue due to 3 factors.

1. illusion hexes will last a long while, meaning less spamming is needed
2. energy tap, though slow, is helped with fast casting
3. suffering also has a decent duration for its energy cost and since there is no AoE hex removal, this is an awesome skill to dump 16 pips of degen on the entire enemy team.

Any thoughts?

I don't think going N/E for the 16 curses will work due to energy issues and going with another stat might not be helpful either. The idea is to target many different foes and nail them with a different hex each time.

Should the hexing persist, which shouldn't be hard since they last so long, the whole enemy team should look purple and dark on their party menu.


I was thinking of maybe using Faintheartedness, but my gripe with that is that to stop 2 warriors or rangers with it is more expensive than nailing 2-3 random foes with suffering...

this one still is nice to shut down bosses.......

Fast Casting 10
Domination 16
Illusion 4
Inspiration 10

1. Empathy - 31 damage per swing
2. Spirit of Failure - 25% chance to miss, 4 energy gain per miss
3. Wastrel's Worry - 68 damage after 3 secs if no skill is used
4. Signet of Midnight - touched foe and I are both blind for 15 secs
5. Plague Touch - transfer a condition from me to touched foe
6. Blackout - touched foe and I cannot use skills for a time (7 secs for him, 5 secs for me)
7. Distortion - 75% chance to evade, -2 energy per evaded attack
8. Res Sig - self explanatory

I used this build a bunch of times in the Competition Arenas and it seemed to do what I wanted it to do for the most part: take 2-3 foes out of the battle for a while. The one drawback I have found is that most of my skills are touch range, so I have a little trouble against a ranger who focuses on me.

As the warriors charge at my group and me, I cast Empathy and Spirit of Failure on one of them, usually the one charging at me. When he gets to me, I use Sig of Midnight to blind him. If he ignores the blind and keeps swinging, I get 4 energy every time he swings because of SoF. If he or someone else cures the blind, I start Distortion and get a net gain of 2 energy per swing. All the while he's taking 31 damage per swing since he has Empathy on him. If there is another melee attacker somewhat near me, I Plague Touch him to get rid of the blind on me. If there is no other melee'er, I Plague Touch the original target of Sig of Midnight. Then I seek out a caster, usually a monk or monk secondary. I get into touch range, cast Wastrel's and then quickly Blackout and wand/evade the enemy until I get my skills back. From there on out, its a sort of ad hoc strategy. I blind who needs blinding, recast SoF and Empathy as necessary, and try to keep Blackout on one enemy when I can.

As I said, my one peeve with this build is rangers. I have a hard time getting close enough to them for Sig of Midnight or Plague Touch without taking massive damage or losing lots of energy (from Distortion). I would also like to find a way to weasel Diversion into this skill set so I can divert the inevitable Mend Ailments that will get rid of blind.

Dont see too many water builds...but this one looks solid
from GwG......................

Well, at first I did not want to share my build, because I particularly enjoy the surprise it gives many people. But with the reaction some guild group had in the tombs, yesterday, when I offered my help as a water ele ("Who uses water ele?!?"; they took me in anyways, and we lost, but I can assure that I more than did my job).

What is particularly great with this build is that it's both versatile and focused, as the skills usually have 2 effects.

Without further ado, here is the build:

Me/E with 11 fast casting, 12 water, 8 inspiration (you could remove the inspiration, it's skill in the toolbar and add it back to fast casting if you don't believe you'll need some anti-ranger help)


Ice Prison
Water Trident (Elite)
Spirit Shackles
Ice Spikes
Deep Freeze
Mist Armor
Ressurection Signet

The general concept of the build is quite simple; you are able to hold your own against most every kind of character, but you are still skilled enough at snaring that you can give some very specific help.

Ice Prison is a very useful skill against warriors. A warrior slowed with this is a screwed warrior. Being a mesmer, I get a lot hate from warriors. When they realise what I'm doing to them, they hate me even more. If you can snare a warrior with Ice Prison, all you have to do is to run until he's at the limit of your range, then throw a Water Trident at him. It takes a few shots of this to discourage the more intelligent warriors. The beauty of this is that when he gives up his chase and turn around to get back to his group, you still have a few easy Water Trident shots at him. This is not a very damaging way to play this build, but it's an easy way to be worth the slot you're taking. When you find out that most of your enemies are not vulnerable the water ele, you can always lure a warrior away like that.

Water Trident by itself is a great skill, and is simply amazing when coupled with snares. It is also one of the most powerful single target spammables, so you can kill a weak armored elementalist, necro or mesmer with it if they're busy hitting someone else. Certainly beats wanding (unless you take conjure frost, which is not all that bad to kill mesmers that expect you to be useless while backfired). The 1 second recast timer might limit you at first, but is not that much of an obstacle as it prevents you to waste all your mana spamming it. You might also want to be careful as Water Trident often miss if the target is far away, un-snared and walking either in zig-zags or in a line perpendicular to you.

Spirit Shackles, now that one is not all that necessary. I took it because I found out that my char was very, very, very vulnerable to bow rangers. Spirit Shackles will not kill the ranger, or even keep you alive longer against it. But it ensures that your life will have at least drained his mana. A good spell to repace this if you don't want it is Blurred Vision.

Ice Spikes is not that great of a spell by itself; the snare is of a shorter duration than Deep Freeze and Ice Prison. This, however, is worth pure gold when you need to save your monk's butt. Imagine your monk (or elementalist or mesmer or whatever soft target) is being pounded on by 3 angry warriors. He need a quick escape. Simply running away is not a good solution for the monk if any of them has sprint (and you should always assume he has), and even if they don't, it just postpones the inevitable. Just call Ice Spikes (Ctrl before the cast) on one of the warrior and your monk will have a smooth getway. Make sure he knows that you calling this is his cue to start running. With Fast Casting, it's almost an instant cast. The damage is quite good, and it doesn't have to be in sight to be cast, so it's also a good way finisher to kill a runner.

Deep Freeze's advantages are not too obvious on first sight. It's very expensive, it has a quite long casting time and recast timer and its effect don't seem all that better than Ice Shards. Sure, the snare acts longer, the damage is slightly higher, but, hey, does that justify 10 more mana to cast? Absolutely! The real use of Deep Freeze is in the start of the game. Many groups stop to consider their enemy before jumping in the fight. That's the time you should cast Deep Freeze on them. The area of Deep Freeze is quite large, so there are good chances you will manage to slow over 3-4 person for 10 seconds. Usually these will be the characters that were designed to be in front of the melee; warriors. If you slow these warriors down to a crawl, it means easy access for the rest of your group to the juicy targets behind.

Maelstr�m is simply the god of all skills. It could have the double casting cost and still be worth every energy point. It's much, much more low key than other DoT AoEs (only a small and subtle blue circle on the ground announces it). The damage is not quite as good as some other AoEs, but the effect, OH, the effect! It can take some time for a caster to realise he's not getting anything through, and even more time to realise he must move. There are two ways for you to manage your Maelstr�m. Fire-and-forget, and pin-down. Fire-and-forget is quite obvious, and even more efficient when someone on your team is already hitting the target. Pinning down with Maelstr�m is my favorite way of dropping a monk. You start with a Ice Prison which the monk will probably not bother to remove. If the monk is moving drop him with a Water Trident. Either way, throw a Maelstr�m as fast as possible. From here, you simply have to pummel the target with Water Trident as soon as it's recastable so the target cannot move away from the AoE. Voil�; Monk-sicle. The damage from Maelstr�m and Water Tridents combined should be enough to drop a monk, but just to be sure, I always call it when I cast Maelstr�m, so my team knows that monk is defenseless.

Mist Armor is a strange skill. Quite to the opposite of what the name says, it's not that good for armor. It's, however, killer for a quick getaway. Some warriors will try to offset the snares with running skills. If they start that kind of things, just pop in a Mist Armor and outrun them (then turn around and Water Trident them; they'll love you). It's also the best way to catch a runner (cast Mist Armor, run in cast range, throw a Ice Prison and watch as your angry team beats down on the poor sod).

And Ressurection Signet, which is quite obvious. The reason you really need it with this build is that many teams will no longer see you as a priority when they see you casting water spells, with the fact that you could be far from the rest of the fight when you drag a warrior along, and with the great ability to run away Mist Armor can bestow you. It's quite frequent to be the last (or second to last) player alive on your team, so Ressurection Signet can simply save your group.

All in all, this build has proven to be very efficient in both PvP and PvE. It is counterable and shutdownable, but a little less than many other casters. After the initial contact, you often have to use your mana as soon as you get it, meaning that energy drains are less of a drama (you just stole 3 energy, omg!). The spammable Water Trident gives quite a bit of damage, and enables the water elementalist to drop a target by himself. The AoEs are situational boons that are not wasted either when used on one target.

So if you have any comments or ideas for my build, just tell me. I do hope I will see more Water Elementalists in game, as we are much, much more useful than we get credit for. Just don't steal my build ;D

For energy management, I really don't need it all that much. It's not like I run around casting maelstr�ms at everything in sight. If I need some more mana, I simply wand for a while (and it can be useful, if you choose your target right. Hit a soft target that no one else is attacking. This will force their monks to heal that one too. A little wanding will not do the difference on a target everyone hits because the healing will simply over-heal what you just did. If you force them to split their healing, they will waste ressources). Also, Water Trident does not drain my mana thanks to the recast timer.

I haven't put much thought into energy management because I don't need to. It's never been a problem before. When there is a situation that would require a snare; Water Trident can usually also do the job (just tell your monk to start running and not to stop and trip the warrior over with a WT). When a situation requires a Maelstr�m, well, it's usually because the target is a monk. You do not cast a Maelstr�m to interrupt a specific spell, it's more of a shutdown than an interrupt. Shutdowns are much less time-critical, so it can usually wait. If the situation makes it so that you can't be as useful trying to shutdown, you can always take a warrior out of the melee.

Fast cast helps a lot when you need to have warrior follow you; if you have to wait the full casting time each time you use Water Trident, the warrior would have a free shot a you each time (and a free shot from an angry warrior is much more damaging than a single Water Trident; without counting that they could knockdown / cripple / bleed you). When you need to resnare them, you don't want to have to wait for the spell to come up. Already with my char they DO have a free shot at me each time I need to re-snare; I wouldn't be able to carry them out of the fight if they could land more shots than that. Also, you need to time Water Trident right if you want it to have its full effect, and Fast Cast helps with that. As I said; energy management have never been much of a problem, so I'd take these advantages over E. Management any day.

That said; I'm certain there's also a kickass build to be made with Energy Management!

And I've tried Energy Tap, and no, it's not as useful as it sound unless I respecced more Fast Casting into Inspiration, which would in counterpart be less efficient than simply being a E/Me with Energy Management. I prefer Spirit Shackles because even if I still get killed by a ranger, it'll have cost him much more energy doing so. There very well might be better skills to put there, but I've yet to find 'em, so any other suggestion would be appreciated.

Also; I'll try Ice Storm as a replacement of Deep Freeze (never was in love with it). But what I fear is that many teams will fail to notice the difference I make unless I slow their whole group with Deep Freeze. Also, the area of Ice Spikes is much smaller (about 3 characters wide) than Deep Freeze.

It's frustrating; many teams fail to see the difference a Water Ele makes because it's more subtle. They get the feeling that because they were hitting a Maelstr�med monk, it's "their" kill. I had the same problem when I was playing my primary (mesmer). Oh well, that usually weeds out the bad groups. Problem is that as soon as something goes wrong, in a group (even the good ones), every starts to blame it on the Water Elementalist; just because they have no idea what he has been doing during the fight. I mean; enemy life goes down, warriors have trouble getting to their targets, monks are brutally killed while helpless, but nooooo, that cannot be the Water Ele! Must be the tooth fairy! I mean; I've honestly tried most every class, and I know what they do. Most people haven't tried a water ele seriously, so it's natural they don't know how it works.

Ward against Harm has never been very useful to me, but your mileage may vary. For Inspiration, I've put these points back into Fast Cast and switched S-S for Blurred Vision. Also, switching Deep Freeze for Ice Storm made a huge difference energy-wise. The reason I pack Water Trident, Ice Armor and Mist Armor is that they own a warrior. Snare then Water Trident is the best way to keep them down. They are also used to keep enemy players inside the Mael. Keep in mind my build is hybrid PvE / PvP.

Might have to try this with Mull Foon, as he's already a Mes/Water Ele.


Tried this yesterday with Mull in PVE and PVP (LA comp arena). Seems to work ok.

Fast Casting - 7
Illusion - 9
Domination - 12
Inspiration - 3
Water - 12

Deep Freeze
Ice Prison
Water Trident (Elite)
Shatter Hex
Res Signet
Ice Spikes

Notes: Illusion is at 9 because I want Mull to keep using Gorrel's Staff. Domination at 12 because I don't want to give up the 102 damage of Shatter Hex (cast it on a hexed toon surrounded by enemies). Inspiration is at 3 because I had leftover points.

Might try Soothing Images in place of Diversion.

Dark Aura spamming. The purpose of this build is to spam Dark Aura to just murder the enemys .

11+3=14 Death
10+1+1=12 Blood
10=Soul Reaping
Dark Aura
Dark Pact
Taste of Death
Animate Bone Horror
Veratas Sacrifice
Touch of Agony
Offering of Blood {E}
Soul Feast

My first Dark Aura gunner build, but I can spam Touch Of Agony with Dark Aura to mass damage. A few horrors for self healing and Offering of Blood for some energy. As well as life siphon for degen/healing. Veratas is to heal my horrors whilst sacrificng health and dark pact... Same as Touch of Agony.

Check this out, i'm very proud of it

Blood Magic=16
Death Magic=13
Soul Reaping=4/whatever ya have left

Aura of the Lich(E)
Dark Aura
Blood Renewal
Rez Sig
Touch of Agony
Dark Pact
Life Siphon/Well of Blood
Plague Touch

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT AURA OF THE LICH DOES! But if you read between the lines, you'll find out that it effectively halves all sacrificing dmg too. Thus, blood renewal is actually good/keeps you healed the whole time. Use life siphon if you need a lil extra health. But the best part about this build is that you can put on dark aura, and keep spamming and spamming touch of agony/dark pact. That is a 200 dmg combo with the attributes i have above. So in conclusion, aura of the lich pwns, unless you get degened. Health degeneration is aura of the lich's bane, but it works really well against straight dmg. And you can use plague touch to get conditions off you before they do much harm, unless of course your facing a degen spiker. In which case you are SCREWED. But yeah, this build can take out any kinda ele(emo? arguable), warrior, and any but the best interrupt rangers.

I'd recommend having a 20% enchant(or any other number) mod because having to recast dark aura and aura of the lich really cuts into your spamming energy.

Found on GwG....again!

The Diversionator (tm)

Diversion, Diversion... how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Here's a build I've been refining for awhile that focuses on one of the top, top, top non-elites in the game - Diversion. What other severely ownz spells, skills, signets, spirits, glyphs, bow attacks, traps, pet attacks, melee attacks, stances and shouts? Only adrenal skills escape unharmed. I am in awe of how good this thing is when it is working its magic.

I have several versions, but I think this one that works particularly well for me. It is one of the best builds I've made I must say. Use this and your utility Mesmer game will go to another level. You can play it in almost any format (with minor tweaks), against any class and still be very effective. I really think it's that good:

Me/?? (only Mesmer skills are used, but I pick Ranger to be more unassuming Razz)

Domination: 16
Fast Cast: 10
Inspiration: 10
Illusion: 4
(1 point left)

Diversion: 59 seconds of added recharge, 1.36s cast
Energy Drain: 16E stolen, .68s cast
Energy Tap: 12E stolen, 2s cast
Wastrel's Worry: 68 damage when triggered, .17s cast
Power Spike: 107 interrupt damage vs. a spell, .17s cast
Distortion: -2E a whiff
Hex Breaker: 95 seconds of protection, 48 damage when triggered
Rez: ...but of course! Switch in Drain Enchant or Ether Feast if rez is covered by team

This is the key idea I had in mind when making this build was to spam Diversion as often as I wanted without constantly being at 0E. Back Fire costs 15E to cast, but it is used twice max in 30 seconds. In 30 seconds, you can chain Diversion's 10E cast five times! That's 50E and a little too much for most builds to handle.

So this little number solves that by constantly stealing 28E energy every twenty seconds and not using any other mana-taxing skill. With natural regen as you are waiting six secs for Diversion to work or wear off, you gain almost 8E. Not that you are simply sitting there waiting though. I love the combo of Wastrel's Worry+Diversion+ (slight pause) Wastrel's Worry. You are either getting 166 damage or a 59s recharge of a Diverted skill. Constant WW's peppered with Diversion casts (mix up the timing) is total frustration for the opponent.

And when that opponent gets drained from my constant energy stealing (mixed with their own use), Wastrel's Worry is just free damage. They ALWAYS run in this situation, and I follow with WW+Diversion to make sure that even when they do get mana, I will strip them of their healing skill. This makes it so easy for your team to punish and kill anyone who's this helpless, especially Monks. Hex Breaker? Lol, whenever I see that, I spam WW twice and usually can Divert the stance the next time they try it.

I also brought along Power Spike. This is what controls casters in this build. Throw a WW solo without Diversion and you get a free Power Spike AND the WW trigger for 175 total damage (35%) if they try to use a spell. If they are using stances or Sigs (the Hex mark goes away), then back to Diversion. For Monks who need those quick heals when near death, PS just shuts it down by taking 20% damage from their bar (35% with WW). Die Monk die. Why not use Power Drain/Leak? Because PS recharges in a super-quick 15 seconds, which gives me a lot more opportunities to interrupt spells and causes quicker deaths to my main targets the Monks.

For defense I use Hex Breaker to charge at Necros/Mesmers unafraid, and I use Distortion as my Panic Button when Rangers and Warriors start hating me. The chase when they come for you is in your favor since you can drain energy and Divert skills as you Distort. The Rez is there because you ALWAYS bring a Rez to Arenas. Switch to other skills like Ether Feast or Drain Enchant if no rez is needed in larger battles.

The results are incredible. I was able to single handedly control three enemies of any[/ class simultaneously. I have a fast interrupt doing pressure damage, skill denial for a whole minute with Diversion spam, great energy draining with E.Tap/Drain, and I'm protected well against most Rangers/Warriors/Necros/Mesmers with my stances. And because of the awesome cast times, I am very flexible in who I send a spell at when on the run as I am constantly switching targets with ease. 1.36s for Diversion is really a big part of my ability to catch skills, even against a Diversion-wary target.

Having a Warrior on my back swinging through Distortion as I kite around the Monk I am WW+Diverting is just too cool. When he grows tired of missing me, he goes back to save his Monk from my teammates and I start Diverting his mega combos/Healing Sig too. in arenas all you need is dedicated damage from two teammates and a decent Monk to be in total control. Here are some of the things I keep in mind as I cast before switching targets:

- I'm on an Elmo... did my Diversion catch Draw Conditions? Does he still have RoF or Mend Ailment?

- I'm on a dying Ranger... did I snare Troll Unguent?

- I'm on a Frag+Virul Mesmer... did I Divert a key Hex? Which one?

- On a Monk... did I take away his main self heals (usually Orison and Healing Touch, etc)? Is Healing Seed gone for a long, long, long time (1.24 minutes)?

- On a AotL Necro... did i get Blood Renewal? Is Dark Pact out of the picture for a full minute?

This isn't a build made for primary damage obviously, but it does JUST enough to put the pressure on. Smite ElMos, Kindle prep Rangers, Hammer bash Warriors, healing/protect Monks, etc. were dropping like flies one day due to my tactics that set them up as easy kills for the TA PuG team I joined. The four of us matched up skills pre-fight at Droknar's and then went on to dominate 95% of our opponents with Flawless victories. We had an Eviscerate Warrior, a good Protect Monk with decent healing spells, and an ElMo smiter. I would debuff as many opponents possible so that they never had to worry about too much spike damage while being able to kill a gimped foe easier than if they had all their mana and skills. Too bad we had to quit because our streak was an easy 23 wins. Starting from TA instead of CA, that's definitely solid.

Negatives? The biggest negative is when the whole team on the other side gets upset and rushes you when they see what's going on. Interrupts are hardly an issue except during mana steals since I have a lot of quick casts/recharges. I also use terrain and Distort vs. the new Power Rangers. Hex removal/stoppers of any kind are a non-issue as described above. Damage output isn't great, but this is supposed to be a utility build and I'm happy that it does add some punch to the matches as needed. Energy drain on me is the main thing that I worry about. Good thing not many people do it, but in the matches where I saw it, I interrupt, energy steal it back, and Divert them too just to impose my build over theirs. Besides a massive rush on me, that's about all the complaints from me. Not having good team mates hurts since you can only do so much alone, but that's true for any build.

Multiple Diversionators can really screw up enemy teams in the larger game format if around three of them are let loose on the battlefield. There's only a few ways to remove the effect of a minute recharge once it is on you (Oath Shot, being Black Out'ed). Also, focused energy stealing is difficult for most classes to overcome. Pressure damage from WW and PS keeps the enemy on his toes - especially when the heals are being diverted. Three Diversionators can easily spam these tactics (or variations) on two enemies each while the rest of the team pounds them into the ground. Spamming Diversion is very effective, and its the ability to keep it going that makes this build a ton of fun to play.

From GwG......

Ah, a variant on an old build of mine [this time in Fear Me! flavor]

12+1+3 Axe Mastery
7+1 Tactics
8+1 Strength
8 Death Magic

Penetrating Blow
Swift Chop/Exe. Strike
Fear Me!
Plague Touch
Virulence {E}

A tiny twist on an old idea thanks to Eonwe... You know you're doing it right when the enemies scatter trying to stay the hell away from a Fear Me!shouter... Alongside a Fragility user, this build will bring the beef. The super spike that was Eviscerate + Exe. Strike has been downgraded to the Swift Chop, Pen. Blow, Exe. Strike. However, though less of a spike, Virulence buries the deepwound very effectively forcing monks to HAVE to bring Draw Conditions, Martyr, or Restore Conditions. If you don't bring swift chop, you really up your mana efficiency but you lose out on an instant Virulence. [you get blocked, use swift chop, easy 4 conditions for 10 energy]

I think I'll come up with a Skullcracker next, but need to figure out how to set it up properly...

Weaknesses involve removing the opening deep wound [which you should always be careful with] and anti-warrior hexes. If your teammates cause bleeding and other conditions, go ahead and Virulence their targets too!

As a warrior, I get some formof this dumped on me 90% of the time....and it is very evil and will kill a tank very fast.

Found on GwG:

I've been running a Fragility+Virulence build for some time now. It is indeed a VERY efficient Rambo killer setup that destroys any character not properly defending it (hex breaker, spirits, etc.). However, it is kind of weird in the way some of the numbers come up. Some fellow Mesmers and I investigated the strangeness of Virulence and Fragility and came to the following conclusions:

1. Virulence releases three conditions, not just two. Besides Weakness and Disease, it also layers on Poison when applied to a previous condition (like Deep Wound). This is currently undocumented on every list I've seen.

2. Fragility does get triggered for incoming/outcoming damage when DeepWound is inflicted/removed, but you will never see the numbers on the caster's side (we verified it on the receiver's side with pics).

So, as it stands it is a really nice spike build that can be stopped, but is DEVASTATING when it isn't. Here's the build I use in the arenas as an example for those who are not sure what I'm describing:

Fast Cast - 7 (6+1)
Illusion -15 (11+3+1)
Domination - 13 (12+1)
Death - 0

Alternatively, you can max out Illusion at 16 with a 4 (3+1) Fast Cast for -12 extra damage each Virulence cast.

Distortion - for 5E, dodge 75% attacks at a -1E cost each time it works
Backfire - causes 126 damage when a spell is cast (and it doesn't end)
Fragility - causes 34 damage everytime a condition begins or ends
Illusion of Weakness - saves 240 bonus health in reserve
Phantom Pain - causes -3 degen and a 100 point Deep Wound spike when shattered
Virulence {E} - Disease, Poison and Weakness for 3 seconds
Shatter Delusions - causes 67 damage when used on PP (AWESOME combo)
Rez Signet

Basicallly you choose a dangerous target that the rest of the team isn't pounding on. You deliver 100% death far more often than not, but if they live they are gasping for healing help. A full sequence can be done in under 10 seconds.

Application in arenas:

First cast backfire on the caster. Look for hex removal (note it for next time). If it's removed (usually a Monk or Mesmer) you can go to plan B (see below). Otherwise, you can oftentimes just cast little fear of removal or interruption.

With Backfire on them (if they are a caster), I cast Fragility next, then Phantom Pain. If the PP hex wasn't removed (see plan B below), you can use your wand for two or three hits if you wish for some bonus damage while PP degens at -3. In any case, hit Shatter Delusions whenever you want and you'll get 63 for the spell and 100 damage for the Deep Wound (lasts 20 seconds). The subtotal here is 163 damage PLUS you get another unseen 34 hit from Fragility for a 197 total spike (!). This does not even count your wand casts or PP degen.

Deep Wound is on them so hit Virulence, this is spike #2. You immediately see -34 three times, one for each condition (102 damage). Hit them with your wand, and three seconds later you get another 102 damage as they recover from the three conditions. That's about 400 in raw damage inflicted. If they tried to cast even once through the Back Fire, they are dead 9/10 times. When you add in, say, 7 seconds of degen before the shatter with two wand hits, that's about 70 more damage that can hurt the non-casters who aren't affected by BF. Either way, you'll see lots of dead people than not.

Plan B is that you may want to wait until they begin a cast, then apply Backfire-->Phantom Pain. this way you have a better chance of them removing the PP if they have that type of anti-hex skill. Removing PP in this sequence is deadly to them - they get zapped by Backfire for 126 damage AND they take a 100 point Deep Wound hit from the hex removed. Simply do the rest of your sequence and you are still in control of their fate. PP is an awesome BF removal protector (as is Diversion) if you can get it in.

Now of course this isn't some "perfect" build with no way to stop it, but with Distortion to kite melee attacks while I have 240 health in reserve (essentially 725 health if not dying of degen), I've been far more effective in battle with this setup than I haven't been. If they are healing, you can get another Virulence in as well as another PP before Fragility ends. I've stalked and killed virtually entire teams of four once or twice, as getting at least two deaths registered by the end of the round is not uncommon. For the record, my health is 485 and my energy is 55E or 69E with focus switiching.

saw this on GwG and I know I have run into this one in the comp. arenas.


crippling anguish
conjure phantasm
phantom pain
spirit of failure
arcane conundrum
mantra of persistance


fast cast 8+1....9
illusion 12+1+1...14
inspiration 10+1..11

get your mantra up right about 10-15 sec before battle.

when you get in battle find the first war or ranger you can find and cast spirit of failure. if he comes after you he will never hit you with distortion and will be giving you energy. if he doesn't come for you then 25% chance that he misses and gives you energy.....win win.

if 2 war cast the crippling on the other and find the monk or caster do conundrum.

then find your target to start hp degening with phantasm and pp. my mantra of persistance is making the illusion hexs last 79% longer!!

with fast cast and the wars or rangers giving you lots of energy you can just tab pp, tab cp, tab cripple.

if you focus is on a lone warrior he will die before any of it ends. most monks can't deal with this much degen and you parties attacks. thought about adding soul barbs but spirit really fuels the mana while giving a warrior a hard time.

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UV trapper Setup....not sure it still works

From GWguru:

After the recent Skill upgrade/buff/nerf (depending on how you view it), as well as a few little trick and tips I've discovered along the way, I'm giving this guide a total re-write. I still hope it's useful to new potential trappers, and that for anyone who read my original guide, it provides a lot more useful info:

Why Trap the UW? - The UW offers some of the most challenging monsters, and most valuable material drops in the form of Ectoplasm. A single Ecto can net you between 7-10k for your character, and if you're after the FoW armour, you're going to need LOTS!! The UW also offers good EXP if you want to get more skill points or reclaim refund points, as well as Eternal & Storm bows, Eternal Shields, and other weapon drops not available on any other map area. Plus, NOTHING beats the satisfaction of seeing an Ataxe go "Whoosh" in a blaze of crippling, burning, dusting agony.

Kitting up your Ranger Obviously, if you're going to be a trapper, you need traps. There are 4 damage-dealing traps in the game, and a good trapper should be equipped with all 4 (Spike, Dust, Flame and Barbed) - If you didn't unlock the traps through quests, then they should be easily obtainable through Skill Traders at various outposts, with the exception of Spike, which is an Elite. This trap can be captured from a boss Ettin fairly early on in the Ring of Fire. There are enough guides both on GW Guru, and at other websites to help you locate these traps.

Now, another crucial aspect of a trapper's arsenal are spirits. The two most important ones are Quickening Zephyr (QZ) and Energising Wind (EW), a team without these two spirits will struggle. Also useful but not necessary, are Winnowing, Edge of Extinction, Favourable Winds & Predatory Season. If your ranger has a free slot, then stick one of those in.

Also, your armour and weapon. Although Rangers have been associated with bows, a good trapper will use a staff, or some sort of weapon to boost energy levels (More Energy=more traps). Also, a set of Droknar's Druids Armour is a VERY useful thing to have.

Finally, your attributes must make your traps as powerful as possible. A maximum Wilderness Survival (WS) is imperative, and coupled with a traveler's Mask and a Superior Wilderness Survival rune, you'll hit a maximum of 16. Three trappers with a 16 in WS will easily be able to fry an ataxe. 5 trappers with WS of 13 or less will struggle.

My personal build is as follows:


BM - 6 (5+Minor BM)
Ex - 10 (9+Minor Ex)
WS- 16 (12+Traveler's Mask+Sup WS)
Marks. - 9 (8+Minor Marks.)

Insightful Shadow Staff of Warding (+12 en)

Armor: Druid Armor

Spike, Barbed, Flame, Dust, Serpen't Quickness, Troll Unguent, {spirit*}, Rebirth

(*Spirit is organised before entry)

Alternate Builds The above build is just my own personal trap build, and it serves me well. Serpent's quickness reduces expense, troll unguent is a good healing skill, and having rebirth is always a boon to a party. However, it can be built on depending on your role in the party. If you do not have Spike trap, take Poison Arrow Elite - It's easier to capture than Spike trap, and as there is no "Poison Trap", it will help despatch Ataxes and Smites. The additional spirits are also good if you find you have a surplus of skill slots to fill. The puller should also think about taking a defensive skill such as Whirling Defense, and, of course, everyone who Isn't a R/Mo should have a res signet handy. All R/Mo's should have repeat res, preferably Rebirth, as it will have ressed members transported to your location, and out of harms way.

Your Party OK - so, you've gathered a team of trappers, and you're ready to go into the UW. You're still far from ready!

Ideally, you should be aiming for 4 trappers, but I've been on 3-man and even 2-man smite runs, and as long as the other team members work together, UW with less than 4 members is very possible.

Make sure you know what spirits everyone is taking, and what level those spirits are. Ideally, 2 people should carry QZ, as it will die after about 45 seconds. Whoever has EW should aim for having the spirit last for approx. 70-78 seconds. EW then acts as a "Timer" to enable the puller to time the pulls.

Finally, the puller should be equipped with defence skills, such as Whirling Defense. Ataxes and Grasps are easy to pull, but smites need to be herded together before they are lured, and that may involve the puller placing himself at risk.

Trapping Now, we come to the actual "How to trap" bit. Trapping is not a case of sticking a trap wherever. There is a method to getting the most out of your energy, and your traps.

First, let the leader select a suitable spot, and have the party members who have QZ and EW drop their spirits right next to eachother (Stack them), then start laying your traps immediately in front of these spirits. All party members should trap together, and all in one focused spot (In other words, stack your spirits AND your traps!)

Pace yourself when laying traps, especially at the beginning. If a puller is late, or is struggling, fewer traps will die. I generally time each trap so that I lay a trap each time my En hits a multiple of 5. If EW and QZ is kept up, then a trapper should be able to plant 10 traps with ease before needing to wait for En to top up.

If EW has been set properly to 70-78 seconds, then the puller should act as soon as it dies. In the beginning chambers, it should be easy to pull creatures within 12 seconds, but as you progress, 12 seconds will not be enough time.

If all has been done properly, the aggroed monster will be lured, and their first target will be the spirit(s)...right where you should have been dropping your traps. If all the team have done their job, the creature(s) will trigger all the traps, (In a well organised 4 man team, that could be approx. 50 maximum strength traps). The sight of traps going off and reducing a menacing Ataxe into a smoking pile in a split second is one that fills anyone who sees it for the first time in awe and amazement. Best of all, if it's done properly, the team remain safe.

While the above tactic works well for Ataxes and Smites, there are also dryders and Coldfires who are ranged monsters. What about them? Similar tactics really, but spirits need to be set further back. If the traps are set too close to spirits, the Colds will destroy the spirits from a range before coming closer, and by then, your traps may have died. Same goes for Dryders.

When things go wrong Sometimes, it happens that a creature does not bear the full brunt of the traps and survives them, or a single smite wanders over and sets off the traps just as your puller is busy rounding up the rest of the herd. What do you do?

Different creatures call for different actions.

Ataxes: A rampaging Ataxe is one of the most dangerous creatures in the UW, but also pretty stupid. If it is limping, blinded and bleeding, a few shots with a bow and a poison arrow should be enough. Just in case, though, it's well worth to drop a dust or a spike trap (Or both) at your feet, just in case he comes within striking range.

Your team may also choose to "Bullfight", by dropping traps, with one luring the Ataxe to where he is, and running to another team member when the traps are set off. The other team member also draws away to the 3rd etc, while the first is busy laying more traps at a safer distance. With a good chain, even an Ataxe at 1/2 health can be controlled and killed

If an Ataxe is near full health though, and you are in dire straits, RUN! Always aim for heading to your starting chamber, as running to an unexplored area may get you and your team into more trouble. If you are in your starting chamber, run between the wall and the two ghosts to the left of the chamber. If you're lucky, the Ataxe will get stuck there, and you can finish him off at your leisure.

Grasps: These creatures are FAST, and 99 times out of 100, will almost always die in the traps as a group. If one or two are left over, they are easy to kill, even in low man groups. If you can, set a flame trap, and plug away. The problem with grasps is that they can sap energy. This is where switching weapons can be handy. If you're low on Energy, switch to your staff, and you'll have an instant 10 en at hand, just enough for a trap or 2.

Smites: Don't underestimate them. They heal quickly, and have good defensive attributes. If you have a straggling smite, ONLY SHOOT TO POISON! Otherwise, DO NOT SHOOT AT ALL!! This is very important, and I've seen several teams get wiped by a single smite because they do not realise this! A smite will cast reversal of Fortune, and Judgement on itself, so hitting it with a bow not only heals it, but does damage to you, and knocks you down. Again, the "Bullfight" scenario is useful here. If you have 2 or more smites on the loose, just run. They are easy to outrun, and your party can regroup and start over.

Coldfires: Coldfires are again easily underestimated, but it's also easy to protect yourself and to kill a straggler. One member should fire arrows at it, while the rest of the group traps at its feet. (Cast troll unguent first). A coldfire may slow you down, but the majority of its damage can be minimalised with troll unguent. With 3 people trapping at its feet, the cold will go down fairly quickly, even if one trapper is constantly disrupted or knocked down.

Dryders: Same as the Colds. Alsthough their damage is harder (Immolate, Meteor etc), they focus more on ranged damage, and will seldom attack a trapper at their feet. Try to keep the R/Mo at a distance. Also, if you are dealing with Dryders, try to keep alive, but don't worry if you die. Chances are you're near to completing the "Clear Chamber" quest, and your DP will magically disappear.

Coldfire Stalkers: A bit like a minature Coldfire, but more deadly. Their "Aftershock" will harm the whole party. Try to keep a safe distance.

General Hints, Tips and Etiquette A trapper party who understand and cooperate will be more successful. New trappers should expect to be instructed for a reason. It's a dangerous map, and anyone goofing about may get the party killed.

So, a few things to do and not do:
1. Do not accept ANY quests until your party agrees, and then, ONLY accept the quests that you are told to take. This includes tha very first ghost at the beginning.
2. Know when to run. A ranger who stubbornly takes on an ataxe single handed is a dead one. A ranger who knows when to retreat could be the saviour of the party.
3. Work as a TEAM! I've been on several UW runs, and have experienced the best and worst in groups. The best have included experienced trappers who have a laugh, but just get on with the job, and new trappers, who are keen to listen and learn. The worst have included the usual "l33t-haxx0rz" who will be ill-prepared, only have a single trap, and a WS of 9, who will be extremely bossy and do very little else, or will just like to stir up trouble by aggroing, or taking on quests at the wrong time. Leaving your party during the game (at any point in the game) without at least having the courtesy of saying goodbye is also very bad form. (This isn't Arena PvP!) A good trap team will yield good results. A bad trap team will yield animosity, and most good trappers will keep a network of friends, and a blacklist of n00bs.
4. Enjoy it! This is a game, after all. Yes, you may be in the UW for several different reasons - you're looking for Ecto, you want to make money, get a storm or elite bow, or just looking for a challenge, but sometimes, it can get a little boring or repetative, or you may be disappointed cos others seem to be getting the good drops. UW can be a grind, but only if you make it to be one. Don't get tired or impatient. Keep at it, and you'll be rolling in Ectos as well as making good friends before you know it!

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