Assassin Builds

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Assassin Builds

Post by Buffalo Six » 08 Nov 2007, 12:18

Add 'Sin builds here

As a bonus.....I like this guy and a lot of what he says makes sense (and he types like I think at times) I'm adding this 'Sin guide here

i've seen too much stupidity in regards to this class. yes, it include the wammo-mentality assassins running around and dying. it also include the idiots on this forum and others running their mouths about how they will not allow any assassins in their groups. some of the smarter idiots will disguise their idiocy by saying things such as: "there are too many bad assassins around, so they're not worth the risk." as much as i want to personally strangle some of them, i've come to the conclusion that the best way to help other assassin players is by educating them. hopefully, this little guide can do that.

1. overview
you are a crappy mesmer, dressed in crappy ranger armour, wielding little butter-knives, and spamming a few cheap circus tricks for damage. if your character fits into that description, it must be an assassin. the only saving grace to this helpless profession is its teleporting ability and huge burst damage output. this guide will focus on these two topics the most.

2. movement and positioning
you're not a warrior. you don't have the armour for it. and such, when in battle, you should not physically run more than the area of your aggro circle. you have your shadowstep ability for a reason: use it. however, you must use it carefully. many times i've seen assassins shadowstep to hit a mob's backline, only to accidentally aggro another mob nearby. the result of that is often not pretty. and such, every assassin should have these two skills down pat: ability to shadowstep effectively, and the ability to pull a mob better than any other profession. that means: bring yourself a flatbow.

in a pug, volunteer to be the puller. ask your pug-mates to stand well back as you pull. when pulling, pull the mob far enough so that when you shadowstep to its backline, you do not aggro any other mobs nearby. your pug-mates and monks will thank you for it.

learning to shadowstep at the right time is also important. while anet has given the ability to spike to the new factions mobs, they did not give them the ability to switch aggro quickly. because of that, after you pull, you must wait for the mob's battlelines to establish itself. that means: warriors first, casters in the back. when that's established and your pug-mates are holding the aggro, quickly shadowstep in and unleash your combo on the backline, and then shadowstep out.

3. attacking
keep your combos short. taking too long with your combo and you'll get interrupted in some way, whether by blinding or aggro shifting to you. to that end, i recommend forgoing the lead attack. you can do this by using two easily obtained skills: golden phoenix strike, and palm strike {e}. golden phoenix only requires you to be enchanted to work, and palm strike simply counts as an unconditional offhand attack. using either of these two skills you can pull off your killer finishing move much quicker than using the traditional attack chain.

4. build making
a) damage
as an assassin, you're main job in pve is to take out the backline. you can accomplish that by a: doing huge raw damage. b: spread some nasty conditions. or c: both. since your first attack is taken by golden phoenix/palm strike, you have to accomplish that with your finishing move. be creative. you can chain off your combo in many different ways.

you generally won't have room for a running buff, so ignore those completely. for shadowstepping, you can use any of the various skills. i personally like Aura of Displacement {e}, since it rolls the shadowstep-in and shadowstep-out in one skill. it also works well with golden phoenix, since it's a maintained enchant.

c)self heal
self heal is a must. don't leave home without one. your monk will thank you.

the rest of the build is up to you. keep in mind that you'll want to do something when not executing your combo, so bring skills according to what you want to do when your combo is recharging.

5. conclusion
and that's it. remember to keep in mind all the things listed here, and you'll do fine as an assassin. if everyone follows these guidelines, the stupid wammo image of the assassin will be dispelled in no time.

the beginner's guide to the pve assassin is brought you by the Moriz clan and the ugly Vigilante.
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Post by Tach Deneva » 08 Nov 2007, 16:35

Critical Barrager (as found on PVXwiki):

Critical Strikes: 10+1+3
Shadow Arts: 8+1
Marksmanship: 12

Barrage (Elite)
Distracting Shot
Savage Shot
Critical Eye
Way of the Master
Shadow Refuge
Favorable Winds
Resurrection Signet

I frequently use Pain Inverter (Asuran title track skill) in place of Favorable Winds, or Broad Head Arrow (Elite) for bosses.

Use Critical Eye and Way of the Master to Barrage the bad guys with Critical Hits. Use Distracting Shot and Savage Shot to interrupt the bad stuff. Shadow Refuge is your heal (for when your Monk can't be bothered to toss a heal your way).

See for full details.
See for skill descriptions/locations.

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Tach Deneva
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Post by Tach Deneva » 08 Nov 2007, 16:38

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