Dervish Builds

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Buffalo Six
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Dervish Builds

Post by Buffalo Six » 08 Nov 2007, 12:21

Add Dervish builds here

Tach Deneva
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Post by Tach Deneva » 09 Nov 2007, 11:31

Here's my Dervish build:


16 Scythe Mastery (+3 Scythe Mastery on Hood)
9 Earth Prayers (+1 Minor Earth Prayers on Skirt)
11 Mysticism (+1 Minor Mysticism on Vambraces)

Reaper's Sweep (Elite)
Vital Boon
Mystic Vigor
Heart of Holy Flame
Zealous Renewal
Eremite's Attack
Chilling Victory
Sunspear Rebirth Signet

I use a max damage Suntouched Scythe of Enchanting: damage +15% when Enchanted, Enchantments last 15% longer.

Cast Vital Boon and Mystic Vigor - these are your self-heals, they heal when they're done recharging - then get into the thickest part of the battle. Once engaged cast Heart of Holy Flame and Zealous Renewal - both do AoE holy damage and give an energy boost at the end of their recharge cycle. Then use Chilling Victory and Eremite's attack, both good AoE scythe attacks. Use Reaper's Sweep on targets with less than 50% health. Remember to recast Vital Boon and Mystic Vigor from time to time because you can't always count on the Monk (hero, hench, or otherwise).

I also have a spare Hood with +3 Mysticism (and matching Vambraces with +1 Scythe Mastery) if I want to change things around a little.

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