Ritualist Builds

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Ritualist Builds

Post by Buffalo Six » 08 Nov 2007, 12:23

Add Rit builds here

Tach Deneva
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Post by Tach Deneva » 26 Jun 2009, 07:08

Hey, Buff -

Rits got a bit of a... buff... with the last update. There's a couple of 1-man team (player + 3 heroes) builds utilizing the Rit and Necro heroes out there now that are pretty good. Of course, you have to finish Nightfall to get Razah, the second Rit hero...

Been running this one this morning, with my Necro set up as N/Rit (Spiteful Spirit, Barbs, Insidious Parasite, Enfeebling Blood, Desecrate Enchantments, Vampirism, Signet of Lost Souls, Rez Sig):

Two Necros, One Rit

Works pretty darn well.

This one is pretty good, too:

Two Rits, One Necro

So if ya get tired of base-building, take one of those builds for a spin.
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