Warrior Builds

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Warrior Builds

Post by Buffalo Six » 08 Nov 2007, 12:28

Add your Warrior builds here

Again a small guide for Wars, it is more for PvP but i find that many PvP builds can carry over to PvE also
after one too many bad team in RA, i've decided to help raise the average IQ of your average GW player by writing a few tips and suggestions. this article will be the first of a few articles i have planned. the articles will be straightforward and will be very blunt. if you are a tard, and your ego cannot take the thorough beating it deserves, then please close your GW client, uninstall it, and /wrist yourself. if you wish to learn, then read on.



melee characters with the highest armor value in the game, all the while packing a scary amount of offensive punch. they are also fairly easy to play, as they can cause a surprising amount of damage by just hitting frenzy and c spacebar. a well-played warrior can eclipse the damage potential of any other profession (yes, even one of you mindless assassins). a poorly-played warrior is worse than useless.

the good builds

these builds have been tested time and time again, and all have been proven to be very potent. use these builds if you wish to get better. NOTE: there are other strong warrior builds, but i'm not going to list them because they do not always perform well in the RA setting. NOTE2: every build will feature two stances: frenzy and a speed buff. use frenzy if you are not under attack, and quickly hit your speed buff if someone decides to hit you.

shock axe
axe = 12+1+1
str = 9+1
tac = 9+1
air = spare points
shock, eviscerate, executioner's strike, bull's strike/critical chop, frenzy, sprint, heal signet, rez sig

well-balanced warrior that can play in a variety of different styles. it is capable of a very strong spike, as well as pressure through the knockdowns.

dragon sword
swo = 12+1+1
str = 9+1
tac = 9+1
sever artery, gash, sun and moon slash, dragon slash, frenzy, rush, healing signet, rez sig

a pure pressure warrior. its spike is not particularly strong, but it is able to keep up an elevated DPS by constantly recharging its adrenaline using dragon slash.

death's hammer
ham = 12+1+1
str = 9+1
tac = 9+1
shadow = spare points
death's charge, frenzy, devastating hammer, crushing blow, fierce blow, rush, healing signet, rez sig

a pure spike warrior. now almost completely surpassed by the eurospike warrior, but this build still have its uses. the instant teleport+KD spike is very powerful, and can potentially solo a 60 AL target with one spike.

eurospike warrior
axe = 12+1+1
str = 9+1
tac = 9+1
deadly = spare points
shadow prison, frenzy, dismember, executioner's strike, critical chop, rush, healing signet, rez signet

a pure spike warrior. it is a pretty mindless build that even a monkey can play well. shadow prison gives it an instant snare, and the spike skills can quickly bring down a target.

the bad builds
anything with healing breeze, mending, orison of healing, healing hands, bonnetti's defense, gladiator's defense, riposte, etc. if you play those builds, please go hit yourself with a hammer. these builds are almost 100% defense and no offense. these builds put forward zero pressure, and zero spike damage.

how to play warrior
the following only apply if you play one of the good builds i listed above.

in a skirmish (ei, RA) environment, you are responsible for two things: identifying the most dangerous target and taking it out, and identifying the support and taking it out. your priority targets are (decending): shutdown mesmers, shutdown necromancers, assassins, protection/healing monks, rangers, and other stuff. notice that i do not list monks on the top of that list. yes, it is often much better if you take out that shutdown mesmer/necromancer that turning your support (ei, your monk) into a useless piece of meat. you don't have to kill that target, but merely hit it/disrupt it enough so that they have to turn to their own protection. remember you are doing quite a bit of damage by just hitting them as well as charging your adrenaline attacks. this tactic also force their support to expend energy.

when using your attacks, remember to charge all of them up before using them. this is known as a spike, and can be very potent in that it can catch someone completely off guard. if you see an opening, unload your attack chain at the same time. this will very likely result in a kill unless a monk catches your spike. remember to switch targets often and never train a target mindlessly forever, unless you know you will kill that target in the next 6 seconds or so. you'll become extremely predictable for their support.

lastly, consider the calls that your teammates make. if your monk calls a target, drop whatever you are doing and go hit it. your monk will feel the blunt of all the damage that your team is taken, and will usually tell you if anything is giving him/her trouble.


this article is a very basic overview of the warrior profession in pvp. hopefully, it will inform some of your r-tards as to how to play a warrior properly in RA and pvp in general.

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