Freespace 2, call to arms!

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Freespace 2, call to arms!

Post by Softball » 17 Mar 2006, 11:05

Ok everyone...

Steel and I played this last night, and man is this FANTASTIC!! It's really damned close to playing Battlestar Galactica (that's coming soon too) on the PC. I would really like to see more of us here start playing this, there's really no excuse not to(It's FREE!), unless you don't like Space combat sims. :shock:

We played through 3 or 4 missions from the campaign (Single missions that were extracted from the campaign), the last one we played was pretty tough. We had to stop (2) cruisers from entering a jump gate and take out their fighter escort. The Shivan (Alien race?) fighters are a pain in the ASS to kill. :x

So come on people, let's give this a try shall we? Get it installed if you haven't already and come join us for some space combat action.


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Post by Grifter » 17 Mar 2006, 13:19

I'm all set to go guys. I'll fly with you anytime, just post and let me know your playing and I'll do my best to be there.
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Post by Gator » 17 Mar 2006, 18:01

I would have gone with you last night if it wasn't so late for me. I'm in.
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