Babylon 5

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Babylon 5

Post by Falker » 09 Jul 2006, 19:40

Babylon 5 --Space Combat Game ( full ) For Free !

How about that. You can view images here at

Full Game Dl.
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Post by Hammer » 09 Jul 2006, 22:24

you REALLY don't get out much... :D


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Post by Grifter » 10 Jul 2006, 08:56

They've updated the game pack at IFH. You guys should check it out.
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Post by VEGETA » 10 Jul 2006, 09:25

ok when I get my laptop in a week of so here, I am SO getting this game just to try it out. Been a long time since I have played a space flight sim and I also love the tv series.

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