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Post by Hammer » 13 Dec 2006, 13:36


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Post by Jedi Master » 13 Dec 2006, 15:43

LOL, I sold my SFC3 to EB for like $5 back in 2003 I think!
Armada was a classic RTS, with the silly "build a starbase or a starship in 1 minute" conventions that they all have.
SFC was a combat RTS, where you don't build ships, you earn them/get reinforced by them, and each one is precious, no sacrificing 3 Constitution vessels just to take out one D-7!
Bridge Cmdr was like Klingon and Starfleet Academies before it, where you play a captain and it's all about the one ship you're on and the big story you're involved in.

Legacy now appears to have suffered from the Xmas Syndrome. Bethesda underfunded the game then pushed it to be released for Xmas sales. While the game apparently is buggy in parts, many posters related that it seems incomplete, and some comments by those who worked on the game indicated that LARGE amounts of the story were cut (not the end like KOTOR2, but throughout the game) to shorten dev time.

This game should've come out completed next spring, but we get this instead. Screw them.
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Post by Hammer » 13 Dec 2006, 21:23

so sfc3 or sfc2 or sfc2:op???

starshatter has a new version released in Oct, but need ai help and no patch yet.

anything else out there for fleet action (small or otherwise) that has real tactics to it (i.e. not homeworld-like)?

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Post by Softball » 14 Dec 2006, 00:09

Oh snap, I forgot about Elite Force and Elite Force II, I have both of those too (Somewhere), so add them to the list. Heh.

Steel, I have SFC III installed and patched to the LATEST Beta2 build patch (42MB, Final patch). The patch notes say NOT to install any other patches before this one, that it should be installed on a vanilla 1.0 SFC III install.

I should be online tomorrow night after 7pm or so if you wanna play something.


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Post by Hammer » 14 Dec 2006, 01:28

i already have that installed.

not sure yet - will have to see.

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Post by Nemisis » 03 Jan 2007, 04:53

Missed out on this topic, but i have had SFC III for a long while and was an avid fan and used to play with a fleet online it was great fun until they started modding it to much and the balance of ships became way off, like the top modded Klingon ship could whip the top modded starfleet ship in under 20 seconds it became totally biased and thats when i ducked out of the fleet.

Certainly did not realise SFC III was worth so much now.

As for what other Startrek games i have well there are loads and loads. A guy gave me a whole box of Startrek games as payment after i fixed his PC for him 2 years ago, most are Dos based i think but there are loads of them and probably worth something.

Will look them out and post a list of them as soon as i can.

By the way Steel or Softball if you are still interested in some online fleet battles then i'll reinstall SFC III.
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Post by VEGETA » 03 Jan 2007, 07:35

When in Canada I managed to find my Armada and Armada 2 games. I may actuality re install them for another time waster as I did enjoy them. People online also hated me, as a massive feat of defiant class vessels in the first armada was a very fast and effectives way to swarm the enemy. PDT_Armataz_01_12

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Post by PanzerMeyer » 03 Jan 2007, 11:06

Damn, now I wish I hadn't sold my copies of the Armada and SFC games. Oh well.

I also had Klingon Academy and I really loved that game as well but unfortunately I also sold it. Grrr...
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