Genesis Rising

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Genesis Rising

Post by Falker » 20 Feb 2007, 10:54

Release Date: March 20th , 2007

Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade is a futuristic 3D game that uses the best elements of role-playing games within the context of a fast moving real-time strategy game, set in a mysterious future universe where organic machines are built using genetic engineering. Through a familiar RTS-like interface, improved to support quite a few original features, you will:

•Command a fleet of fully customizable organic spaceships in order to takeover the last galaxy unconquered by the human race.

•Alter your ships' DNA on the fly, and watch them morph in real-time as they gain new abilities.

•Fight dynamic and evolving space battles from up-close, where you can manage each ship and weapon system.

Screen Shot


I watched a few of the trailers and to me it looks like another HomeWorld playing with Babylon 5 space ships which looks really cool. Then there’s one of the command voices in the game that says “ lets blow it upâ€
We're in the pipe , five by five.

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