Lost Empire: Immortals

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Lost Empire: Immortals

Post by Softball » 27 Feb 2008, 15:38


I swear I saw someone post about this recently. Maybe it was on another site.

Looks like another Sins of a Solar Empire style game, but with a MUCH larger universe. (5000+ planetary systems). I'm going to look into it more, but from the videos I have seen, and the number of races, it looks pretty good. A Sleeper game perhaps? For the $29.99 price, I might have to get it when it's released on 3/18/08. It's about time they started releasing some more outer-space related games.

EDIT: FYI, it's turn based. Although that might not be a bad thing.


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Post by Jedi Master » 27 Feb 2008, 17:17

I'm still waiting for more X-Wing/Wing Cmdr style games. X3 hasn't really done that to the right extent.
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Post by Gator » 27 Feb 2008, 19:53

with a gameworld that size, you might need turn based. Sins is at the perfect point where you can still get away with real-time.
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Post by PanzerMeyer » 28 Feb 2008, 07:12

Jedi Master wrote:I'm still waiting for more X-Wing/Wing Cmdr style games.
Same with me but I ain't holding my breath.
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