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Post by Falker » 29 Mar 2009, 19:12


I am getting back into Nexus. They have lots of mods out for the game. Mostly SG1 Mods and nope , … no BSG yet, only a demo. But there is some Star Trek mods.



This game has a great story line with nice graphics. Better than Sins OASE in my honest opinion. Easy to learn control panel , easy to play. It’s just hard to beat the bad guys in SP.

You can launch several different types of space fighters or bombers from your capital ships to attack the bad guys.

Camera can zoom in on your capital ship with mouse pan around.

Click on your space fighter and see them launching their attack from several parsecs away. The camera pans around once, then focuses on the front view of the space fighter.

There are several missiles and torpedoes to launch from your capital ships that you can pick and choose from. Some give a bigger bang for your buck then others.

You can see a missile launch from your capital ship and fly across space to the target , impacting or destroying enemy ships outright , adding more colorful effects to the game.

You can scan your enemy ship with scanning sensors to detect what their shield strength is or what weapons they use.


You wont be able to map out where you want to take your ships in SP. It’s routine , running from one mission to the next.








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Post by Softball » 29 Mar 2009, 22:57

I still have this game installed, I just never had the time to finish it. It sure is nice looking.


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