Hey Veg - about that Auto Turret!

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Tach Deneva
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Hey Veg - about that Auto Turret!

Post by Tach Deneva » 22 May 2008, 05:42

some player wrote:when it was the auto turret, it fired, alot, but now that its the gun drone, it doesn't seem to fire very often, if at all. am i just not remembering how it worked? or was it nerfed? or what?

Castle wrote:Doing a quick pass on it now to see if I can't improve it. No promises -- I have 30 minutes to work with!

EDIT: Found the problem. Should be better after the next patch. This will further improve Seeker Drones, too, since I made the same mistake with them.
So there ya go!
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Post by VEGETA » 22 May 2008, 06:10

so they screwed it up by mistake, wow so they did not nurf it nice theres a first lol

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