high are caltrops again?

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Buffalo Six
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Location: Wichita KS high are caltrops again?

Post by Buffalo Six » 30 May 2008, 08:04

I missed this in the I12 notes:

From the patch notes for I-12:

# Powers that could only affect players on the ground will now affect all players above them as well as standing on them. [glow=red]This is to fix a PVP exploit making ground based powers ineffective[/glow]. Powers fixed: Tar Patch, Bonfire, Ice Patch, Ice slick, Quicksand, Caltrops, and Volcanic Gasses.

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Post by VEGETA » 30 May 2008, 08:54

well mine are made of magnetic material so all enemys must have some lose change in there pockets atleast

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