current ARMA 3 addons, easy to subscribe

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current ARMA 3 addons, easy to subscribe

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To subscribe to the current list of addons, open ARMA 3 and go to the MODS link in the left menu. The click on Steam Workshop in the menu across the top of the window (just under the MODS tab). Once in Steam Workshop, click the browse pulldown (in the menu at the bottom of the ARMA III graphic) and select collections. Then search for RLG using the search bar to the right. In the results you will see the RLG mod collection, click on it and then subscribe to all at the top of the list.

To set up a preset in ARMA 3 (once the mods are downloaded) ensure you select and load all the mods in the mod list (the missions will not show up there) by selecting the checkbox to the left. There are 11 total you should have loaded. Then select save from the PRESET pulldown at the top right and save it as a name of your choice ('RLG' is probably good here). In the future you can then just select this preset if needed (i.e. you play ARMA 3 otherwise and load different mods).

To play with the mods, just select play with mods in the bottom left or use the pulldown there and select play with preset and use the preset name you saved the mods as above.

I will post here if anything gets added so everyone knows to go through the process to add the content.
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