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ArmA 3: Apex (Expansion)

Posted: 14 Jul 2016, 00:46
by Softball
Arma 3: Apex, the Expansion for Arma 3 is out. Graphics and 3-D modeling has been revamped and looks superb! Some of the game interface has changed, doesn't seem as clunky as before. Weapon sounds could use some work IMO. Gonna work through the campaign, not too bad so far. Will report back after I have some time in the game.

Re: ArmA 3: Apex (Expansion)

Posted: 23 Dec 2016, 19:14
by Softball
Started playing Arma 3 again, and man I must be out of practice because the AI is handing my ass to me. Try to play through the Apex Expansion campaign, pretty good so far.

The Apex Expansion is on sale BTW, $17.49 on Steam. (-50% off)

Re: ArmA 3: Apex (Expansion)

Posted: 23 Dec 2016, 21:39
by Hammer
remember AI has lasers that penetrate everything.