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Re: Patch Impressions

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We will be bringing the TRIBBLE server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

New Features

* You can now play Dabo in Quark’s Bar or the new Dabo room on Drozana Station!
* Pick your stakes and place a bet on up to three locations on the wheel.
* Get paid based on what combinations of symbols show up in each of those locations!
* Click the Info button for a full pay schedule.
* See where on the wheel other players are betting, and who the biggest winner is.
* Get that wheel spinnin’ and save your Gold-Pressed Latinum for the awesome Dabo store items!

Scanning Game

* Check out the new Scanning Minigame, which gives you a chance to improve the results of your harvesting!
* When you interact with a harvestable item, on ground or in space, you'll see a new window.
* This will show you two waveforms, one blue (the target) and one red (the current).
* Use the on-screen buttons or the keyboard arrow keys to change the frequency and amplitude of the red waveform to match the blue one.
* Be quick! You need to do this before the ambient noise becomes too great!
* If you match the two waveforms, you will get more (and sometimes better!) items.
* If you don't succeed in time, or if you decide not to play the minigame (press "Quit" or the "F" key) then you will get the normal harvesting results.

Fleet Emblems

* You can now designate Fleet Emblems for your fleet to display on their ships!
* Join or start a Fleet if you are not already a member of one.
* Create or customize your emblem by opening your Fleet window (The arrow on the bottom right of the mini-map). Go to the Uniform tab, then click the button on the bottom right to edit the Fleet Emblem.
* Once you create your emblem, or join a fleet with an emblem already created, you can visit the Costume or Ship customization tailors to apply or remove the Emblem to your Uniform or Ship.
* Fleet leaders can choose to allow Fleet members to edit the Fleet Emblem on their character/ship, or force them to use the Fleet leader’s specified look.
* In the Fleet Emblem Tailor you can customize your Emblem with the following controls:
* There are 2 layers for the Emblem, Front and Back.
* Each layer can be tinted with 2 user chosen colors, for a total of 4 colors that are customizeable.
* The back layer can be rotated about its center.
* The front layer can be rotated, moved, and scaled.
* You also get a chance to choose an emblem "Background." This is what the Emblem sits upon when applied to a Uniform (for example, you can choose a circular patch). On ships, your emblem is placed directly on the surface of the ship.

Diplomacy Corps

* The Federation Diplomacy Corps is a new system that rewards players for their efforts to promote the United Federation of Planets peacefully.
* New metric: Diplomacy Experience. This tracks non-combat activities.
* As players perform actions that are in line with the goals of the Federation Diplomacy Corps, they are rewarded with Diplomacy Experience.
* Diplomacy Experience allows players to rise in the ranks of the FDC.
* Players can rise all the way up to the rank of Federation Ambassador.
* Each rank can grant new titles, abilities, and costume options, as well as opening up new Diplomatic missions.

First Contact Missions

* One of the new mission types available to captains rising in the ranks of the Federation Diplomacy Corps are First Contact missions.
* Ambassador Jiro Sugihara will occasionally contact a captain with opportunities to meet with representatives of a race not previously officially greeted by the Federation Diplomacy Corps.
* Players will meet with representatives of these races aboard their ships and learn about their culture, as well as discuss certain topics with the Alien ambassador.
* Your knowledge of Federation history will aid you greatly in your conversation, as will paying attention to the Diplomatic Entourage’s description of their history and culture.
* Do well in your First Contact and you will be rewarded with faster progress through the ranks of the FDC!
* Note: This early version being sent out to Tribble has First Contact missions occurring at a much higher rate than one will naturally encounter them. Test away!
* Note: Players are able to get First Contact missions at level 2 for testing purposes. At release, the First Contact missions will be made available at Diplomatic Corps level 2, which most players will get around level 10.


* Player collision capsules have been reduced in size.
* Borg ambient chatter has been added (Whirrs and clicks).
* Several improvements have been made to the camera.
* Fixed an issue where Klingon engineering Bridge Officers wouldn't get icons in the away team picker.
* Fixed the floors in Defiant variants 1-4 so they make carpet footfall sounds instead of metal ones.
* Players may now trade Bridge Officers directly between players!
* Several fixes have been made to jumping and leaping.
* A new option in Video Settings has been added for Lens Flare Quality
* Mark XI and XII items have been added. Stay tuned for item stores!
* The Credits have been updated.
* Added congratulatory call-outs for specific Klingon ranks.
* Adjusted the sound of certain ship engines.
* Ambient sounds have been added to the Vulcan ground map.
* Removed several duplicate music files.
* Some ambient sounds have been adjusted to prevent flanging.
* Players should no longer be rarely assigned to an incorrect faction in PvP.
* Players should no longer unexpectedly be removed from PvP maps.
* Players should now be able to join a PvP match once the match has started (if the PvP prompt is still up).
* Civilians should now properly collide with each other without getting stuck.
* Renaming previous ships should now properly free up the name for future ships.
* Turn rates and inertia for large player ships have been slightly re-tuned in order to minimize drifting in system space.
* Turn speed in Sector Space is now based on your current speed. The faster you move, the more slowly you turn.
* The draw distance of the sector space border signage has been extended, so it appears from further away for those who have slower machines.


* Updated Hirogen ship powers.
* Fixed Jem’Hadar rifle spray.
* Added the retrofit cruiser, escort, and science vessel captain skills to the Federation skill list.
* Added the Kar'Fi Carrier captain skill to the Klingon skill list.
* Energy return for cannons was using the beam delay. It has now been fixed to use the proper firing cycle of the specific cannon.
* Changed the Engineering Proficiency ability from an ongoing passive to a player click usage with duration. Updated versions for new unlocked ranks. Added small shield HoT over duration.
* Fixed an issue causing certain Beam weapons to ignore shields.
* Fixed Tier 5 Hegh'tal Bird of Prey base turn rate. It was set too low.
* Fixed which skills all mines and the Tricobalt device utilize. All mines were using the Photon projectile skill and the Tricobalt device was using Plasma. All mines and the Tricobalt device now use the correct skill.
* Fleet Support: Changed ability from a passive chance to a player click usage. Updated versions for new unlocked ranks.
* Three new fleet abilities (one for each captain career) are granted at level 48. They are click team buffs that last for a 30 second duration. Depending on the captain, the buffs provide the following:
* Tactical Fleet provides a damage and attack vector skill buff to your entire team over the duration. Tactical Fleet bonuses do not stack with other active Tactical Fleets.
* Science Fleet provides a shield damage resistance and science skill buff to your entire team over the duration. Science Fleet bonuses do not stack with other active Science Fleets.
* Engineering Fleet provides a damage resistance and engineering skill buff to your entire team over the duration. Engineering Fleet bonuses do not stack with other active Engineering Fleets.
* Improved the way mines spread when NPCs use them.
* It's now possible to use regular non-Xbox joysticks and gamepads.
* Scatter Volley: Versions II and III were using the wrong multiplier, causing more damage than the equivalent version of Rapid Fire. - Cannon Rapid Fire improves base damage by approx. 30%, 40%, 50% for versions I, II, III - Scatter Volley improves base damage by approx. 15%, 20%, 25% (but is AoE) for versions I, II, III.
* Changed the Scientific Aptitude ability from an ongoing passive to a player click usage with duration. Updated versions for new unlocked ranks. Added small HoT over duration.
* Slipstream Drive has been added! This allows you to travel similarly to Full Impulse in Sector Space. It is gained at the new maximum skill cap.
* Changed the Strike Team ability from an ongoing passive to a player click usage with duration. Updated versions for new unlocked ranks.
* The Borg Tractor Beam power should now be resistible with Polarize Hull.


* Several new Klingon-only missions are available!
o These missions are given out by J’mpok on Qo’noS.
o These missions are available at level 20
* Two new Undine episodes are available!
o These missions are given out by Captain Nicholas Martin for Federation characters.
o These missions are given out by Captain K’rav for Klingon characters.
o Both of these contacts can be hailed remotely.
o These missions are available at level 45.
* Five new non-combat episodes are available!
o These are found in the world if you head to these locations.
o You can find two starting at Memory Alpha.
o You can find one on Vulcan.
o You can find one on Starbase 39.
o You can find one in the Bajor Social System.
* Fixed a bug in the mission Suspect where Drake was being reported as falling through the floor.
* Added tracking for new Accolades.
* Fixed typos in several Star Cluster missions.
* Updated the “Fluidic Space Slayer” and “Tripod Terrorist” Accolades to show counts.
* The accolade icon for the Azura has been updated.
* Various fixes have been made to several missions.


* A "Bulletins" list item has been added to the minimap dropdown menu.
* An error message should now be displayed when you attempt to commission a ship after you already have the maximum number.
* Players can now submit bug tickets in the Tailor and ship customization screens.
* The C-Store border texture has been improved.
* Default ship powers that affect shield facing now default to Tray #6.
* Fixed a condition that would sometimes cause dialog boxes to reappear after progressing through them.
* Fixed issues with certain Fleet permissions overlapping the scroll bar.
* Fixed a minor bug with checkbox positioning in the Character Creator.
* Improved the way Fleets are found in a search.
* Powers and items with limited lifetimes now have an indicator in the tooltip.
* Text in contact dialogs must now take at least 40% of the dialog box.
* The Badges tab in the Inventory has been renamed the Assets tab. You can now find your Starfleet Merits / Klingon Honor and Energy Credits there.
* The ESC key now leaves the Away Team Picker.
* The Queue system is now more reluctant to launch PvP maps without the proper number of characters on each team.
* Updated art for Klingon rank pips.
* When transitioning into certain new locations, the name of the location should now fade in, then out.
* Added a "Match level?" radio button to the Join Team window.
* Exploit icons should no longer flash in your tray when you are targeting a friend.
* Periodic buffs should no longer appear to flicker.


* Added improvements to death conditions during various states (crouch, stun, groundstun, knockback, and vaporize).


* The Galaxy Cruiser now has a new, more accurately modeled saucer section.
* A complete overhaul and polish session has been performed for the Nomad Star Cruiser.
* Added a "None" option for the Secondary Dish on Tier 5 Science ships.
* Adjusted the collision on certain ships.
* Minor improvements have been made to the Dreadnaught Cruiser, Intrepid / Voyager, and Defiant ships.
* The camera distance for certain ships in the Ship Editor has been adjusted.
* There have been several cosmetic improvements to both new and existing ships!


* Female Orion characters can now wear badges on certain uniform pieces. Tiaras can also be worn.
* Fixes have been made to Klingon arm badges.
* Improved customization options for Deferi, Nausicaan, Orion, and Klingon characters.
* Minor fixes have been made to Ferengi character models.
* New rank pips have been added.
* Various fixes have been made to Nausicaan and Klingon uniforms.

Known Issues

* Player bridges have been temporarily disabled in preparation for ship interiors.
* The Maintain auto-attack option has been added – However, it does not perform as indicated by the tooltip.
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