Lifetime Sub Pre-order Lib Borg

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Lifetime Sub Pre-order Lib Borg

Post by Buffalo Six » 28 May 2010, 12:45

as some of you know if you pre-ordered a LT sub, one of the perks you got/get was a liberated borg thats playable. Basically, you can be a borg.

That offer ended at mid-night Feb 1st. I bought the game and my LT sub on the 2nd or 3rd of Feb, so I missed the Borg offer.

I saw a thread on the STO forums about a guy saying he recently purchased a LT sub, and wanted the Borg so he asked for it and......they gave him one.
This was confirmed by one of the GMs over there GM_IndigoFyre.

I PM'd Indigo and asked if this was true, and who to ask about getting one, this is what she replied with:
The liberated borg and lifetime subscription for $250 was advertised to end on 2/1/10. STO launched on 2/2/10. The day STO launched we changed the liftetime subscription to be $300 and have no perks. It has been that way every since.

Officially you have everything that was advertised when you bought it. You could submit a ticket to billing asking if there is anyway that you can get the liberated borg, but there is no obligation on our end to give it to you.

Of course we can't say yes unless you ask ;)
so I sent in a ticket to billing, explaining how I bought the game (Collectors Edition) and a lifetime sub on the same day and added a Digital Deluxe Edition plus I have just about everything from the C-store, adn that I too would like a playable Borg.

I got this as a reply:
Greetings, From reviewing your account details it appears that you purchased the standard version of the lifetime subscription. The pre-order Lifetime subscription, with the liberated borg and character slots, was only available until 11:59pm on the 1st of February. Since then that offer has ended and is no longer available. If you have any other issues with your account then please contact us again. Regards, Cryptic Studios Support
Ok, that seemed like a boiler plate I asked them to escalate it to the next level, I behaved myself, even said thank you and stuff =)
They said they were escalating to Tier 2 support and would review my account thoroughly, which scared me a little because I had to take that little 10 day vacation a few weeks ago for forum antics........

Got this reply..........
Greetings! Coordinates have been set to your account and when you re-log back into the game, the Borg should be available at the character creation team. If you re-log back in and you still do not have them, please edit/update this ticket and we will be happy to investigate this further. Thank you for playing!
So.....I now have a Liberated Borg to play......yay me!

Tach Deneva
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Post by Tach Deneva » 28 May 2010, 13:49

Yay you!

Now. On that congratulatory note...

I want a playable HORTA!

I don't care if it looks like a feral pizza! I want a playable HORTA!

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