Datacron Balloon ride (Tatooine)

Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Datacron Balloon ride (Tatooine)

Post by Softball » 31 Dec 2011, 02:58

I found these videos on the SWTOR forums, this is the balloon ride on Tatooine for the datacrons. These guys were cracking me up. Watch if you have time, so funny.

Watch to the end of the 2nd clip for a "big" surprise. I'm totally going to look for this spot. I don't know what server or what guild these guys were in, but they had me LOLing while watching the videos. Sounds like a fun group to hang with.

EDIT: Found another entertaining clip on the video creator's site: Nice strategy.



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Tach Deneva
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Re: Datacron Balloon ride (Tatooine)

Post by Tach Deneva » 31 Dec 2011, 06:05

Poor George!
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Re: Datacron Balloon ride (Tatooine)

Post by Ghost » 03 Jan 2012, 19:17

I know how George feels; I missed it too. PDT_Armataz_01_19

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