anniversary sale

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anniversary sale

Post by BlackHawk*K » 22 Nov 2014, 14:51

not sure how many may be interested.

there are some limited release ships for sale for a short time.

each one of the anniversary ships will have 2 year insurance.

some interesting ships to note:

for those who like to race ( me at this point? lol)
the Origin 350r and the M50

the military version of the Freelancer

the Super hornet. that can crew 2.

the Cutlass Blue police variant. ( debating this one. almost got it before, i can upgrade my black to the blue and get the 2yr insurance? the blue also has larger shields and power plant and comes with missile racks..)

plus a bunch of concept ships.

if anyone is interested, they can check it out here. ... rsary-Sale

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Re: anniversary sale

Post by Softball » 22 Nov 2014, 17:51

"the Cutlass Blue police variant."

Hellz yea!!


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Re: anniversary sale

Post by Hammer » 22 Nov 2014, 20:49

FYI - if you do not have an aurora yet, this might be very interesting.

"200 Javelins means we can make 5,000 $20 Aurora game packages available for sale at the same time!"

they did not say how this will work, but I think this is going to be a starter package including the game. if you are even just thinking about the game, certainly it is worth $20? especially when you can get a Mustang for free. and if you decide later you do NOT want it, you can always gift (or sell on ebay) this package to someone else or even give your account to someone else (generic email address on gmail or some such).

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