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2.6 now Live

Posted: 23 Dec 2016, 17:29
by Bronurstomp
Hey guys!
New patch for SC... Yuge download. As usual. It did down load nice at 20MB/s on a Friday night so that's encouraging.
Working so far, looks a little different.
Actually I haven't done anything but look at the keyboard under keybinding... that's why I am here, because before I even go any further, I'm looking at nearly 200 key combinations. VERY intimidating.
However I'll see how well I can get an interface set up out of what's available, and if I can configure the keys the way I want, it could still be ok. I imagine I wont need most of them except during certain tasks, but I have to be able to fly well, so I get where I want, and hit what I shoot at if I have to, and I can go from there if I want to do other things.
Patch notes are extensive, I like that... Be back after I read some more and look around.



Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 25 Dec 2016, 21:21
by BlackHawk*K
hey Bron.

yea there are a ton of changes going on this patch.

the more i play the more im not a big fan of the new flight changes. this patch is geared more towards mouse / keyboard users then HOTAS guys... the flight rotation of the ships are greatly diminished. so gimbles are really OP now. and joystick players dont use Gimbles. besides that my throttle control went to crap.. its great on space combat mode speeds... but since all the SCM speeds are halved compared to 2.5 the range that is controllable is very limited. if you use after burner to gain more speed. its more either on, or off. no proportional control. ( or not much and defiantly not linear. ) also to turn and strafe like you used to do in 2.5, it requires boost fuel. otherwise your ship is very slow moving using normal controls. for me, these aspect have ruined racing this patch.

( for input, as a tester, YES, i did add my input....)

ship combat in its self is not terrible. its doable and i think some find it still enjoyable. its a hell of a lot slower. takes more time to engage, and the former "boom and zoom" tactics are pretty much gone for the most part. because of the slowness of the ship i found that they tend to run into you as you are a lot closer in the 'circle fighting' that you usually engage in. but all in all its not too bad.

the FPS aspect can be fun, and has some really cool features and looks pretty good for the most part. but, the game is still quite a bit laggy, but thats being said realizing that the network optimization aspect wont be included until 3.0. the Grenades seem to be super lagged out from when you hit the key and your character actually throws them. and i still seem to get this thing where if you are running at someone, they will go threw you and end up behind you.. ( for me thats the worse part about it, because for what ever reason they seem to be able to turn and kill me before i can turn around.) but, its a good step forward. and i would have to say, its the best, first iteration of any module CIG has put out yet.

im kind of critical about this build. but i think it will balance out. there is a lot of negative feed back in the community, enough they they will have to address it one way or another.

at this rate, i would rather they did away with the whole after burn thing all together. and just implemented a larger SCM speed. with a linear loss of maneuverability the faster you go. at least then, the transition would be smooth and i would regain my ability to use throttle control.

i may be a tester and have a say, but unfortunately im only one voice. but thats how things like this work. we will see how things end up with the next patch. either way. there are some HUGE things coming in star citizen pretty soon. 2017 should be a pretty wild ride ;)

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 18 Aug 2017, 19:36
by Bronurstomp
Any word on the progress here? Haven't spent any time in SC lately, has anyone else? How buggy is this version?
Will the next patch be worth the time to get into it again?

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 18 Aug 2017, 19:46
by BlackHawk*K
hey Bron!

2.6.3 is not much different then the builds before it. its actually been stuck on that build for quite some time now... we are currently waiting on 3.0. the reason for such a long wait, is 3.0 is going to be a HUGE game changer as far as game play goes.

3.0 will bring planetary landings, ground vehicles and ground bases. they will be expanding the map area a bit. and a whole host of new features including trading etc.

a lot of people in the SC community have kind of started playing other games because of the wait, but all of them are excited about whats eventually coming. hopefully it will happen soon.

BTW. you know electronics right? i have like 11 stepper motor controller chips, i need to figure out how to wire them up. its a STK672-533 IC chip...i would like to design a circuit board so i can use them to drive my stepper motors. i can kind of understand what im looking at but i have been spending most my time learning G-code and fusion 360...

oh yea, i built a CNC machine :D hehe its been interesting so far :)

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 25 Aug 2017, 09:10
by Bronurstomp

Kind of what I was thinking. When do we expect to see 3.0?

Yeah I could figure out your IC chips, by looking at the data sheet. ... -533-E.pdf

You will need to generate the proper inputs... clock, direction, power ground etc. Good luck, this is by no means a simple task! Very precise timing is required (page 11)

Good luck!


Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 25 Aug 2017, 15:47
by BlackHawk*K
thanks Bron,

yea i was more interested in exactly what components i need for the sample application circuit.

im not that great reading circuit diagrams yet. but its kind of interesting from what i see i THINK this driver has the 24 volts going directly to the center taps of the stepper motor windings, and the IC chip basically switches grounds on and off to create the full circuit?

the current drivers and the aurduino is already setup to provide enable, pulse clock and direction. i may have to get into the C language and change some settings.

uhg between this, the C language stuff, G code and messing with Fusion 360.... my brain hurts LOL

OH!!! BTW, i got MVP this monday on Citizen of the Stars! ...

move the timeline to 11:30 towards the end :P

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 25 Aug 2017, 21:20
by Hammer

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 19:35
by BlackHawk*K
thanks Hammer :D

working on redesigning my Z axis. i just used something that was in the machine i took apart. its WAY too wide. i hope if i narrow it up and use some thicker stock, i can make the spindle a bit more rigid. ive been trying to work on some aluminum. man that needs a RIGID machine lol. once that is done im hoping to make some more refined and detailed stuff. but at a bit faster speeds. 10 hours is a bit lengthy for a project. even with the manual tool changes and re-zeroing the machine.

as far as 3.0 they had some Gamescon demo. its all over youtube. some great looking stuff. its going to be a fairly involved game by the looks of it. they also are working on a in built face tracking system. that will do face movements AND head tracking using your web cam. along with in game VOIP. some of these features are not in 3.0 but it was fun kind of seeing what they are looking at doing.

right now. there are too many 'blocker' bugs they have to fix before they send this out to the PTU for the general public. they are putting out weekly report videos of where they are at with that. Evocati wont get a hold of 3.0 till they get almost all the bugs fixed. then they will give it to evocati and we will break it again.. once they get done with that, they will send it out to the general public PTU, and if all goes well then live.

i have only followed whats going to come out on a moderate level at this point, but its going to be a totally new game when 3.0 comes out from what i can tell.

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 21:38
by Hammer
seems like the right time to get into it then.

Re: 2.6 now Live

Posted: 29 Aug 2017, 05:44
by Bronurstomp
Pretty neat Chris! I'm watching for 3D printer technology to mature a little more, then I might buy one. Too many choices right now.
This 2.6 build seems to be a little more stable, but I haven't spent much time looking around and playing with it. I have seen where there are a lot of bug, especially with the 1st person shooter part. I'm also having a lot of issues getting into my ship.

In the meantime, I'll keep making firecrackers... I tried uploading to photobucket, but it didn't seem to work. So, here is my first Utube movie. (Turn the sound way up)