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3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 21:09
by BlackHawk*K
3.0 PTU was opened up to everyone today. they have included planetary ( moon) landings and ground vehicles etc.) they restructured missions and quantum travel. you now have to access it threw your mobiglass device ( F1 key) there are a few new landing zones etc.

my opinion:
there are some great improvements on many levels. the graphics look even better but some of the base line things seem really off. keeping in mind that this is PTU and they are still dealing with bugs before it goes 'live' for me it the game play aspect it seems seems to be heading in a direction that seems less fun. while i realize this is going to be a space 'sim' its getting almost too sim like. time to travel takes longer. when in battle time to kill takes WAY too long. the new thought process on how to interact with things seems clunky, and takes longer then it should IMO. since 2.6 and moving onto 3.0 it seems the choices they have made it less fun and more time sink.

with that being said, sometimes these things go threw what i call a pendulum effect. meaning, the game play will swing one way, then the other till they find a better balance. in star marine the first person shooter aspect was way too run and gun. but in 3.0 it feels very clunky and your character feels heavy and thats when your not running across a bug.

on a side note. CIG showed a 1 hour vertical slice. so basically just almost 1 mission worth. now that was great.. and to be honest with you guys, im really looking forward to S42 at this point. that is a total reverse to where i was before.

this is sort of a jaded review i think. part of it is perhaps burnout being involved in this for so long before they come out. but i do try to put that aside when looking at over all game play stuff. it could be im just in a bad place IRL.. some of you may know im going threw workmans comp over a shoulder issue... it has turned out to be the most horrendous disaster ever. if you live in Oregon... just dont get hurt. there are NO laws that actually protect you... the doctors just drag things along and the insurance just screws you over anyways... i went threw something like this 20 years ago.. and nothing has changed... so full disclosure. it could be just negative attitude? at least in 2.6 i was able to play racing or Star marine for a bit to escape. with 3.0 its not fun enough to do that..

if you decided to try to DL 3.0 you will have to DL a new launcher from the website. they have the delta patcher now and its great. but, if you want to keep the old build, when it says it detects it and asks to install over it, say NO. it will warn you about detecting an old game. say NO to that too. if you have an old install. it would probably be best to delete that and install fresh... remember you have to copy your account to PTU, get the email and use the password provided until it goes live.

thought i would come in and drop my 2 cents... remember this thing isnt a game yet.. just some aspects of one.. there are some interesting things and kind of shows you the direction they are headed. so while im a fan of the content and the visuals. the gameplay changes im not so much... it would still be playable at this point as a competed game, but all the extra steps to do functions tend to bore me, rather then make things interesting.

anyways, im still floating out here in the void.. if you guys need to contact me best way to do so would be threw email. the one on this forums is still correct.


Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 24 Dec 2017, 17:14
by BlackHawk*K

3.0 is now live.

this is a whole new install with the new Delta patcher. this should be a good thing. like most installers it will from this point on just DL the needed files to update the game. you can find the new patcher and installer here

your old star citizen folder should be deleted and then install the new one using the new patcher. there seems to be some issues some people have come across installing over the old SC installation.

the key bindings and user controls have been extensively added to and moved around. so there will be a bit of a learning curve again. also joystick controls will probably need to be setup again.

now that this is live i will give it some game play and see what i think of it now. they continue to do minor changes and balance passes. but we probably wont see much till the beginning of next year.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 25 Dec 2017, 20:40
by Hammer
i am installing now. not sure when i will have time though.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 08 Feb 2018, 14:44
by Bronurstomp
Hey Blackhawk I'm not seeing you on the Star Citizen leaderboards any more. Whatcha up to?

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 08 Feb 2018, 15:22
by BlackHawk*K
yea i havnt been doing much lately online gaming wise.

i hurt my shoulder last year. and because of borked calculations for the time loss payments things got pretty rough. and to end it all in a fabulous note. my former employer decided he is going into full retirement. so now im desperately searching for a job.

its a good thing i decided to try saving some. otherwise i would of been screwed. just got a call for an interview at Jerry's home improvement.. i may end up being the only person a Jerry's who knows what they are talking about ;)

wish me luck!

will get back into gaming once things stabilize.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 09 Feb 2018, 21:37
by Hammer
I did log in and play a bit. gotta say i am disappointed in a few things.

1. the first two missions i selected in the ptu are bugged. it was find the lost person from a freelancer and find the black box from the feelancer (or something like that). you cannot get to them, unless of course you spend hours in regular flight. the location is not selectable as a quantum travel destination.

2. the ship weapon sounds are completely hum drum. they sound like they came from original wing commander.

3. went to land at the station and it assigned me to a pad that had a ship on it. no way to land. i asked for clearance again, and it said that was already done. no way to land.

most everything does look good. fps play is not bad, zero grav movement is pretty intuitive. but it does seem some part of star marine is messed up, no realy good way to change loadout, etc.

Back to War Thunder. but I might play some star marine occasionally.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 09 Feb 2018, 22:09
by BlackHawk*K
yea the 3.0 build is super buggy.

they are mainly working on things under the hood and not concerned at all about game balances or game play really at this point. to be honest, i enjoyed 2.6 much more then 3.0.

in 3.0 in my opinion the time to kill ( other space ships ) and the time to travel seems way too long to me, even though i under stand this is a space simulation more then a game like battlefield or something. at least those things can be balanced later fairly easy.

after all this time my main worry is the network coding. its supposed to be coming in at 3.1 i believe its going to be the make it or break it part of the game. a lot of the FPS issues you see in the public universe is due to networking and not so much GPU or CPU hardware.. a lot of the "lag" you feel is the same issue.

they are going to continue shoving more features and breaking the game as they do so.

on a side note what ive seen of squadron 42 seems pretty cool so far. i hope they can get that one out at the end of this year.

as i said above. i havnt been in much of a mood to game lately. once i get a job again and get stabilized im hoping to get back into it.. i was playing some MWO for awhile. its a bit more confusing but seemed to play a bit better then i remembered. so many new mechs though that i dont know their weak spots lol. im still running around with the 8 med ER laser Blackjack... still seems to be kicking some butt :) made it to tier 2 during the holidays.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 12 Feb 2018, 14:16
by Bronurstomp
Still not playing SC much more than occasionally looking around. They borked all of my ships, so I am still waiting for a more playable version. Really feeling like I got ripped off a few hundred bucks for a non-existent game.
As to MWO, I still play that a lot. I'll go post over on the MWO board.

Bronurstomp PDT_Armataz_01_42

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 13 Feb 2018, 20:46
by Hammer
yeah - 3 years or so they have been working on it. :(

i generally play war thunder realistic mode, tanks.

it is a time thing, not a lot available at one time, so war thunder is easy as a match lasts 5-15 minutes.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 05 Mar 2018, 14:16
by Bronurstomp
It looks like they are trying to create an entire universe. Well, I got news for them, there already is one. It's called reality!
It's like they are trying to make this thing so real, as to replace our universe with this simulation. I barely have enough time for this universe!
Who the hell wants reality in a space sim game anyway? Geez, I mean just make it interesting, and fun to do, and stop trying to recreate the whole universe at once...
Seems to me, the effort that will be needed to "compete" in this game seems to be growing more and more. I guess if someone has no life, and no hope for one, this could be entertaining and fun, assuming they ever get done "developing" it. Shrug, I duuno, I just like to blow shit up on my computer screen, not create an entire life in a simulated universe. For all we know, that's what we're already doing here in reality!


Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 06 Aug 2018, 10:01
by Bronurstomp
So the latest 3.2.1 patch release is out to the public servers. Anyone playing this have any opinions?
While I was waiting for this game, I broke down and paid the $30 for the No Man's Sky NEXT patch/ update. Guess what, it's fun. It reminds me a lot of Freelancer. Other than the ship handling, which I expect will improve when I get a better ship, I find the game entertaining, and though it's not like MWO, it's still fun and satisfying enough to play for an hour or so, and then go back to whatever else I was doing.

Re: 3.0 PTU for everyone.

Posted: 06 Aug 2018, 13:09
by BlackHawk*K
well because of the new job and the hours i work now i havnt been able to keep up with the current state of the game personally. but i have been trying to at least keep and ear to the ground and get info from others who are playing.

i havnt heard a lot about NMS beside i guess there was a major update recently. i do know a lot of people seem to like it and the build aspect. but then others say its too grindy. i have also heard great things about elite dangerous now that they have been able to add a few updates etc. but they seem to be doing the thing where they charge for each update they do sort of lie how a lot of games done in the past ( battlefield 3, guildwars 2, etc)

back to Star Citizen, there are quite a few updates and game aspects coming out. but for me my main concern will be the networking aspect. its been a concern of mine from the get go joining in on this project. ( coming from another cryengine based game MWO that had some bad networking at the start..) and the disturbing part for me, is that it keeps getting pushed back.

i still think SC will end up being successful. but in the end im not sure it will be the game i thought it would be. i agree with a lot of your statements on your previous post. i am very concerned when i come across a game that has a time sink built in.. that demands you spend a large amount of time doing something. if you remember i had that complaint with MWO between matches back in the day, all the menus and the all the clicks to get to the next match. for some reason every time i run across this it makes me feel like they are hiding something. poor planning, lack of content, in MWO's case i thought maybe lack of player base. from what ive seen it looks like MWO overcame a lot of these issues recently and its good to see. but i agree that SC is getting too " life like" if i was really interested in RL, i probably woundnt be playing an online game ;) most importantly if the future funding of SC. if they get too complicated it will kill a lot of the casual player base. the hard core total life sim type of players have already backed the game for the most part, i dont really see them spending much more $$ in the game. even some of the mega backers who have spent thousands in the game no longer add new funds to it, except maybe the subscription to support it that way, but looking at it long term. i dont see how they are going to keep this game afloat without forcing a subscription based system like WOW. unless they drop the complexity enough to draw in the more casual game players and keep them there and make it fun enough and exciting enough that they will spread the word.

just like any game you get a very vocal group of super fan boys who seem able to drown out criticisms of the game. unfortunately CIG has seen these guys in the past and believe this is what the community wants from them. from what i can see right now some of that may be changing. as new patches come out, less and less people are streaming star citizen and there is less and less hype about the new functions being added. there is already word that they may be changing flight dynamics a bit and 'dumb it down'. that may be a good thing, even though i do enjoy some of the complexity of flight as it is now. dumbing it down will change the focus from flying to actually doing stuff.

it will be interesting to see where SC ends up. it may very well end up being a game i wasnt hoping for. all i really know, even with the updates and improvements i really havnt seen anything yet that makes me want to jump on here and shout it out LOL. and taking a break from it like i have ( and internet gaming in general...) its a bit easier to see some of the flaws in their lofty goals with a fresher set of eyes. hopefully they have a good team who can see long term and recognize some of these issues.

as to other games. right now its kind of out of the questions. the new job hit me with substantial pay cut. so now im left with flaky internet and no extra $$ to buy other games lol. besides my new hours.. i get up at 3 am and head to bed about 8 pm. throws online play off as well.

if i see something new and interesting i will post about it. till then <s>

AKA BlackHawkK