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P3 Orion in Action!

Posted: 31 Mar 2006, 13:24
by PanzerMeyer
Here are two videos I made today.

Using the external recon camera:

My dropped torpedo nailing a Kilo!

Posted: 02 Apr 2006, 02:37
Over 2MB of file for just 10 secs of video is a lot of memory, eh? Nice vid mate. I run DW up the other day, and realised just how much I'd forgotten. Got nailed inside 3 mins! :shock: TWICE! :? :roll:

Posted: 03 Apr 2006, 11:26
by Jedi Master
"Well, here I am in this shiny new *BOOM* WTF?!?!?"

Posted: 03 Apr 2006, 11:32
Yeah, pretty much something like that! :lol:

Posted: 03 Apr 2006, 12:23
by PanzerMeyer
KODIAK wrote:Yeah, pretty much something like that! :lol:
Hey Kodiak, isn't the Nimrod the UK equivalent to the P3 Orion?

Posted: 03 Apr 2006, 14:20
Yep! Wrought with problems, especially in the earlier years, but a fantastic facility. Considered by some to be the best in the World. It's based on the Comet airframe believe it or not.
Google for "Nimrod RAF maritime aviation"
MR2 is the current variant, am sure we had a variant with a large bulbous nose. I remember that distinctly from my memories as a youngster watching the news as they reported about it going way over budget, over deadline etc.,

Posted: 04 Apr 2006, 12:01
by Jedi Master
MR2 is the old variant, the MRA4 is the new one. THAT has had tons of problems.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 02:12
Jedi, please note MRA4 is the new Nimrod variant - not yet in service AFAIK, MR2 is still current. I'll do some digging, but am sure we haven't commisioned it into service yet.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 02:40
Jedi, check here - I knew I'd seen something about it - new in-service date revised to 2010. You are right that they are having some problems with it though.
And the version I rememebr seeing on the news as a kid was the AEW version.