Dangerous Waters 1.04 patch is out

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Dangerous Waters 1.04 patch is out

Post by PanzerMeyer » 25 Jan 2007, 06:35

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Post by Softball » 25 Jan 2007, 11:12

Does the patch teach you how to play? Lol! I really wanted to play this sim, but I just can't find the time to read the manual and learn it.


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Post by VEGETA » 25 Jan 2007, 11:24

I have no freaking clue what this sim even is lol

BUT I did think up a fun idea. You know things like C&C and TA have naval units. I always loved playing the naval units as the guns you can bring to bear. I remember tricks in Red Alert about making a formation of battle crusers and a hover craft. the Ships all of a sudden moved at the speed of the hover craft, which was always fun to exploit on people as those ships relay kicked but. but I don't think I have never seen a game like C$C but compleatelay based on water. Say base the game on a planet of 90% water. It could be a interesting twist to see navel conflict over these small little islands rich or resources required to make ships and facilities.

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Post by Jedi Master » 25 Jan 2007, 17:41

I've got it DL'd and installed.

This is the F4 of naval sims. From the gram displays for the sonobouys to the sonar waterfall displays to the granddaddy of difficulty, the TMA, this thing is DEEP. Get it?? You can command subs? Deep? Get it? GET IT!?!?!?!
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