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Silent Hunter 4

Posted: 15 Dec 2008, 14:02
by PanzerMeyer
Does anyone here have it besides me? I'd like to try some multiplayer Coop!

Posted: 15 Dec 2008, 14:12
you sunk my battleship

sorry wrong game PDT_Armataz_01_12

Seen my brother play 2 or 3 but thats it. When you are on the surface using the deck gun its a good idea to get them inside before you dive as um they are dumb and drown lol, brother did it by mistake lol

Posted: 15 Dec 2008, 19:08
by Gator
I have it - haven't played it in a while. Was pretty bugged when it shipped (no pun intended). Understand it's well patched at this point.

I have it installed and patched ...

Posted: 15 Dec 2008, 20:40
by Softball
I have it as well, haven't played it since it was release tho. :(

Posted: 21 Dec 2008, 07:59
by PanzerMeyer
Why dont we try and do a Coop mission tonight? I'll be on ventrilo around 7:00 EDT.

Posted: 21 Dec 2008, 15:07
by Softball
I have to find my CDs and re-install it. Not sure I'll have time to get that done today. I would have to re-learn the game as well, like I said it's been a while since I played it.

Besides, I have been trying to read the Black Shark manual and practice flying, that's getting most of my time right now.