Dangerous Waters official WOF Poll

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How many of you are definitely getting or thinking about getting DW

Poll ended at 15 Feb 2005, 19:15

I am definitley getting DW and have already ordered a new pair of sound absorbing swimming trunks!
I am seriously thinking about getting DW but im not going in the water if it's cold!
No i'm not getting Dangerous Waters! The nearest you will get me to dangerous Waters is watching the Village peoples "In the Navy Video!"
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Total votes: 7

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Dangerous Waters official WOF Poll

Post by Nemisis » 10 Feb 2005, 19:15

Ok i know there are a few of us very interested in this one guys, some already have it on Pre-order and others waiting till it's release date, so i am just trying to see exactly how many of us are DEFINITELY getting it and how many are thinking about it.

Just chose your option.
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Post by Hammer » 10 Feb 2005, 21:12

i will not get it until the demo is out and i try it.

it looks very promising, but so have a lot of other games... FWIW, it looks like a serious extension of Jane's Fleet Command (which I still play with user mods), which is a great game!

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Post by KODIAK » 11 Feb 2005, 16:04

It's being repped as the Holy Grail of naval sims to date by many, and it'll be my first real approach to one. But it is already on back-order for me, and it only seems to be costing £35,- though, so I would say gentlemen, that is a friggin bargain!! 8)

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Post by Nemisis » 13 Feb 2005, 08:37

Looking good so far 7 votes 5 definites and 2 possibles, so already we have 5 people to go OL with DW and more to come possibly.

Looks like we will have some fun in the water soon.
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Post by daofcmacg » 14 Feb 2005, 16:35

Same here Steele. I just refuse to throw away good money on a bad game(if its bad).

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Post by Hammer_other » 22 Feb 2005, 08:15

I'd say I'm a possible.
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