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Hilarious SH3 Preview

Posted: 25 Feb 2005, 16:15
by Jedi Master

Ok, it's not so much a preview, but it IS funny.
Minutes passed as I climbed topside again to watch as the submarine crept its way out of Kiel. "Those shoals are awfully close," I commented warily. "Who's driving this thing? Does the navigator know about those?" I clicked on him.

"Wir können 1256 Kilometer mit unserer gegenwärtigen Geschwindigkeit reisen," he explained, patiently.

"That's good, that's good. You keep it that way," I said, nodding authoritatively and shushing him off. Waves slipped by in the darkness. I idly looked through the binoculars and saw blurry things. So far the simulation was startling, so realistic was its portrayal of life aboard a submarine. That is to say, I was cold, wet, and bored. I descended back into the bridge, ducking under hanging slabs of meat and cheese.

Posted: 25 Feb 2005, 17:52
Yes mate, some people's grasp of the English language is limited, as is the ability of a computer to translate - and that is what it looks like to me; a cross between a manual and computerised translation. :lol: