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Dangerous Waters Mission Editor

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 15:27
by Gator
I was reading the mission editor manual and it says you can import missions from 688i hunter/killer, fleet command, and sub command. If anyone has these sims and knows of missions that would be interesting from them ... even if modified slightly, let me know and we can play around with them.

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 15:48
by Hammer
import that mission we played in fleet command last night...

see if it works. problem is you probably will not have any playables as Canadian/British.

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 16:14
by Gator
you would have to replace any platforms that are not in DW's database. To get a playable platform for UK/CA, you would just have to put a FFG in there ...

Posted: 28 Feb 2005, 17:57
by Hammer
can you just not have a coop instead of adverserial? i.e. if all the can/brit platforms are in the dbase, just go with that and do a coop against the computer???

that would lead to a slaughter i am sure, as it did last night...