Harpoon 3 MP - News

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Harpoon 3 MP - News

Post by Gator » 01 Jun 2005, 11:53

A couple things I learned ... looks like they got a new publisher -- matrix games. This is good news to me, since I know Matrix is fairly well respected in the "strategy" arena.

Also, they're beginning the 2nd public beta of the MP version 3.7. This beta is for current owners of the game only. News here:

http://mediawiki.advancedgaming.biz/ind ... C:BetaMain
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Post by Hammer » 01 Jun 2005, 13:13

yeah - they had it out for a while and i would have participated, but i don't own any previous version...so that sucks.

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Post by Jedi Master » 01 Jun 2005, 14:44

I still have an old copy of Harpoon 2 somewhere I think... :)

I know with H4 cancelled this is all there is, and I've thought about getting it, but now that I have DW...
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Post by KODIAK » 04 Jun 2005, 04:55

Really can't get into this side of the naval thing too - have enough problems controlling a sub in one game and getting the damn thing to work in another!! :lol: :?

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