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NWN2 pushed back to October 06

Posted: 04 Aug 2006, 14:58
by Softball

This is starting to piss me off, this was SUPPOSED to be released in July 06, then it was pushed back to Sept 06, and another month to Oct 06.


Posted: 04 Aug 2006, 18:39
by Gator
What's your hurry? Don't you have enough games? You want them to rush it to shelves so we can all complain about how bad it sucks?


Posted: 04 Aug 2006, 19:19
by Hammer
well, i am anxious, but at the same time i have plenty to do right now...

netmech 4 beta testing
chivalry beta testing
steel beasts
etc, etc

Posted: 07 Aug 2006, 16:57
by Softball!!!

I have the NWN bug and would like to play, but NWN2 is close to being released so I am holding off on playing NWN.

Posted: 07 Aug 2006, 18:55
by Gator
today i signed up for the NWN2 mp beta. It looks like it is just starting.