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Posted: 04 Dec 2006, 15:34
by Hammer
anyone interested in a coop nwn2 night???

Posted: 04 Dec 2006, 16:14
by Softball
I would love to play, but I dont get home until after 10pm on school nights. Maybe we can get a game going over the weekend? I have Dec 18th to Jan 2nd off from school, so that would be a great time for me to get something started in NWN2 COOP. I am not very far in the SP campaign (I just got to Neverwinter and have joined the City Watch, and completed a couple of missions).

Posted: 04 Dec 2006, 21:34
by Hammer
you still seem to be farther than Gator or myself...

BH, how far along are you?

Posted: 06 Dec 2006, 07:51
by Hammer
K - how about posting a preferred night for this, as wellas type of character you want to play. i do suggest new characters so we can balance out the group... i am also working on the dedicated server, trying to get it up and running at the data center.

for me the night really does not matter, i will try to make some time (been real busy lately) and if it is regular that might make it easier. i will play any character the group seems to be missing.

Posted: 06 Dec 2006, 08:20
by BlackHawk*K
im good for tue-fridays anywhere from 6pm to 10 pacific time. also good on weekends except for when the wife drags me away by the ear :p

Posted: 06 Dec 2006, 13:12
by Gator
not sure about the characters ... what level is everyone? 1st level chars are not as much fun. If we all had a 2-4 level char, it might be better.

Posted: 06 Dec 2006, 14:19
by Softball
My Paladin is level 7 or 8 I believe.

Posted: 06 Dec 2006, 20:31
by Hammer
NOT what i asked... PDT_Armataz_01_05

it does not take very long at all to go from 1st to 2nd level... i think you can start at higher level though - if everyone wanted we could start at a particular level - but from my day of D&D that is cheating... :) and not as fun as starting a character from 1st level.

Posted: 07 Dec 2006, 06:37
by Gator
it was just a suggestion. I'd like to play a straight magic-user.

We gonna try this tonight?

Posted: 07 Dec 2006, 14:59
by Hammer
no, tonight is IL2...

how late is everyone around?

also, i have the dedicated server running - but the campaign is a bunch of seperate modules and i am not sure how that would work. i do think we can start at higher than 1st level, but am not sure how to set/allow that. there is no documentation on the dedicated server yet that i can find.

i am not sure what time i will get home - it would be easier for me to play NWN2 rather than IL2 - but i have to get my controllers et up some time.

Posted: 07 Dec 2006, 16:13
by Gator
i was talking about late. I am available late.

Posted: 07 Dec 2006, 20:10
by Hammer
k - i just got home... will get on in a bit.

Posted: 13 Dec 2006, 18:09
by Silk
I'd be interested in playing. Any day or night is good for me right now.