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Post by Hammer » 14 Sep 2007, 16:24

all you have to do is left click on your target, and you will attack with your currently equipped weapon. if it is a melee weapon, you will move to the target and attack. if it is a missile weapon, you will shoot/throw from where you are. you only need to click once until the target is down, then need to click to select a new target.

tell us in the other thread about the type of RP'ing you expected vs what we did...

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Post by Grifter » 14 Sep 2007, 17:52

No, we've talked about RP'ing enough I think. At this point, as we become more adept in the game, there will be time and opportunity for that sort of RP'ing to occur. Clearly, SB, myself, Dusty are the same wavelength and that's cool with me. :-) I'm wicked happy, you have no idea how long it's been since I've found good people to RP with! LOL.
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