authorization server down

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authorization server down

Post by Hammer » 06 Jul 2011, 22:51

looks like it might be for good.

found this tidbit on bgtscc1 forums about avoiding the wait for the timeout:

Connecting to master server isn't required to play NWN2 online. If you don't want to wait 2 minutes for timeout to occur, you can simply add these lines to your "hosts" file:

if you do not know where the hosts file is, it should be in your windows/system32/drivers/etc folder. just tested it and while you still get the dialog box, it pops up immediately. makes things faster.

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Re: authorization server down

Post by Softball » 06 Jul 2011, 23:14

Good to know, thanks. I'll be sure to add that to my hosts file. Very annoying.


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Re: authorization server down

Post by Ghost » 09 Jul 2011, 08:33

Thanks Hammer for posting this. PDT_Armataz_01_12

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