YES!! A NWN Section!! WOO HOO!!

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YES!! A NWN Section!! WOO HOO!!

Post by Softball » 18 Jul 2003, 16:34


I'm SURE we can get some interest in here on this. I know Madrus has it, who else has NWN and/or NWN:SoU Expansion?

Debi and I play this regularly. Anyone else that has NWN is welcome to join us when we play. The NWN:SoU expansion is required though, until they come out with a patch that will allow you to play NWN(stock) and NWN:SoU side by side.


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Post by Hades » 19 Jul 2003, 14:30

going back to play SOU campain so i can join up for some mp later:)
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