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Sword Coast Legends (D&D)

Posted: 20 Sep 2015, 11:31
by Softball
Just wanted to throw this out there. A few of us (Ghost, Hammer, and myself) are planning on playing Sword Coast legends. It supports 4 players and a DM for multiplayer game play, will have an extensive Campaign (SP/MP), and has a pretty decent random dungeon generator for a sort of hack n slash style of game play. This weekend is an early access weekend for those that pre-ordered. Leveling seems to be a good pace, and you feel like you've earned your level/XP. SCL is on sale right now, $34.99 on Steam.

Re: Sword Coast Legends (D&D)

Posted: 20 Sep 2015, 21:32
by Hammer
played a little bit tonight and reviewed some forum posts on their forum and posted a couple things in the suggestion thread. I wish it would zoom out more, it would be more realistic for ranged combat. I really prefer these game designers stick to the rules, but it seems they have not for some reason, although if you do not know 5th edition D&D it probably does not matter (but the pen and paper rules are balanced). and I really hope they release the ability for more than 4 players at a time. the graphics are awesome, the effects might be a little overdone - but it is a video game.

Re: Sword Coast Legends (D&D)

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 21:30
by Hammer
well this released.

here is a review: ... sters.html

i am waiting to dl the released game, i bet they did nothing to the zoom level capability and the DM tools seem pretty limited, and only 4 players is really starting to tick me off in all these new games. i think it could still be fun though if a group of us all get it.