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Blast From The Past

Posted: 25 Jul 2007, 21:15
by PanzerMeyer
Anyone remember this classic flight sim? Aces of the Pacific? ... creenshots

Posted: 25 Jul 2007, 21:29
by Hammer
yes, i actually still have it - but am not sure the floppies would still be good.

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 07:17
by Buffalo Six
Best game manual EVER!

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 07:30
na best manual ever was for this game

The manual in this was a freaking book, and even all the stats on all the tanks, aircraft and whatever (there was a lot) russian and American was exact to real life info to the point other books had a error I found out that this did not lol.

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 10:17
by Softball
As far as manuals go, Falcon 4, Janes Longbow 2, Janes F-15, and Dangerous Waters were pretty good. Don't forget the $45 leather bound Lock On manual as well.

Best manual ever (Out of the box)? Falcon 4 hands down.

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 10:25
by PanzerMeyer
Softball wrote: Best manual ever (Out of the box)? Falcon 4 hands down.

Absolutely. The ring-bound hardcover Falcon 4 manual should go down as the greatest PC game manual ever.

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 10:29
Leather bound = bling bling
I think content makes a manual

So still think the one I posted is the best. Anyone ever play that m1 platoon tank game ??. Came with 2 copies, one on 5 1.2 " flopys and 3 1/4 " flopys lol.

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 10:55
by Buffalo Six
I still have my AotP manual and the artwork and everything in it was astounding....nothing since has compared....hell even Aces of Europe sucked compared to it. Now gamplay and graphics wise.....ugh, like atari-like (old school) but it was a hoot back in the day. Remember the LSO waving you in?

Man I wish somone would redo Mig Alley for todays hardware.....I loved that game

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 12:03
wonder if we could get Korea aircraft in il2, so we get the mig 15 and sabers on the go PDT_Armataz_01_12 as well as a lot of the other aircraft used including lots of the WW2 ones.

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 13:52
by Hammer
i have looked at a jets only campaign in IL2 and could create that. it might compare to Korea...but the jets would not be that well known. it would be a german vs russian jets game, with the premise that the Allies (P80 being the only other Allied jet in IL2) minus Russia captured and took over the German jets and were now fighting the Russians in a continuation war (if you will...).

have you checked this thread? ... 765&page=1

old maybe, but i think some folks are still doing work on MiG Alley...

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 13:58
by Jedi Master
Before F4, what would the best be? The problem is so many were great.
Falcon 3, F-19, SWOTL, Red Baron (and 2/3D), the Aces titles, Tornado, the Jane's games...

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 15:10
by PanzerMeyer
Not only did Tornado have a great manual but it also had a great keyboard template. That template was vital in my opinion since almost every key on the keyboard was mapped to some sort of command.