Falcon 4 campaign issues/question.

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Falcon 4 campaign issues/question.

Post by Grifter » 02 Jul 2008, 13:08

I'm playing the Korea campaign and when I select a mission from the frag order, and speed up the time so I don't have to fly the whole way to target. Unfortunately, I've found that the campaign sends AI aircraft ahead of me to destroy my assigned target. I've actually watched the recon view in the mission planning screen, the campaign computer sends wave after wave to destroy my target before I can even get there. What's worst, is that even though I destroy other targets of opportunity in the area, I still "fail" the mission because it was destroyed by prior flights. What should I do? This seems to happen again and again regardless of the mission I choose.
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Post by Softball » 02 Jul 2008, 14:20

Maybe change the campaign priorities to Air Superiority so that the AI will hit those instead? Then you can have all the ground targets to yourself.

I'm not sure why there would be AI flights scheduled to hit your same exact target, seems like a bug?


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