Flyable All for Falcon 4: Allied Forces

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Flyable All for Falcon 4: Allied Forces

Post by daofcmacg » 13 Aug 2009, 14:24

Below you will find instructions that I found on Combat ACE in their download section for flyable all within F4AF. Also there is an update for F-22 due to its retractable bomb bay doors.

"Please find the theatre folder in the game that you are currently playing.
<example> If you are playing "Korea" campaign
find the validAC.bin file in the path below:
C:\Program Files\Lead Pursuit\Battlefield Operations\Campaign\Korea
delete or rename the file will make it possible to choose the squad with other type of aircraft in the campaign."

For the F-22 on Strike Missions with the JDAM

"remove file that being noticed before


the f22 ... on strike mission ///(weapon = jdam)

require the maintain level to release it

so wait few second

and >> bombs away

enjoy fly"

Also posted:

"Just take this note pad instructions

Fly all aircraft

but identify the bugs here:

all aircraft flyable on campaign but with f-16 cockpit

but it for satisfying the mission though and complete total air war

imagine when fly with F-22 on cyborg callsign

and fly over the hornet"

Links to the two respective files:

Combat Ace F4AF Flyable All

Combat ACE Flyable all Continued

At some point I will install the game again and start the learning process all over again since now I can somewhat walk thru a lovely world of gameplay with different aircraft but same cockpit (you can't win them all).

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