Rise of Flight $19.90 @ GoGamer this weekend only!

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Rise of Flight $19.90 @ GoGamer this weekend only!

Post by Softball » 25 Nov 2009, 15:56

I saw this at SIMHQ, so I thought I would pass it on here. GoGamer.com is having a Black Friday sale for this game starting Friday.

Here is a link to the game: http://www.gogamer.com/Rise-of-Flight-- ... ewprod.htm

and here is the link from SIMHQ about the sale:
http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/t ... ost2908119


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Post by Hammer » 25 Nov 2009, 19:30

and read the reviews before you buy it. not sure if they have patched it or anything, but apparently it was a turkey. that is pretty bad for a flight sim. ;) :)

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Post by PanzerMeyer » 27 Nov 2009, 16:12

The game intentionally had bare-bones content at release so that they could sell you individual planes later on at extra cost.

No thanks.

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