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Post by Hammer » 19 Jun 2004, 15:47

continuing from the available pilots thread...

it seems the F15C has A2G radar:

The APG-70 is a multimode radar with air-to-air and air-to-surface capabilities. As an upgrade of the APG-63, the APG-70 was designed for greater reliability and easier maintenance. Gate array technology enables the APG-70 to incorporate modes not available in earlier radars while providing greatly enhanced operational capabilities in other modes.

The APG-70 is employed on late model F-15C, D, and E aircraft and on the F-15I and the F15S.

also it has a fair A2G capability as it can carry mk82's and cluster bombs, and the Israeli's have loaded more on it.

so how about that A2G radar mode that is missing from the game?

does anyone know if the f15c's in the game are all represented as original f15c's (with apg-68 radar package) or as having gone through the msip upgrade program (with the agp-70 radar)?

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Post by Jedi Master » 19 Jun 2004, 18:56

Actually, this exact conversation happened on SimHQ's LOMAC forum, and so I'm sure it happened on Ubi's as well...
Here's one thread:

I believe the official word is the planes in LOMAC are modeled as they were roughly around the time of Desert Storm...roughly.
Anyway, it seems the F-15A might have had a CCIP pipper for dumb bombs, this mode was removed for the F-15C. The C is NOW however getting some upgrades to let it carry some GPS bombs like the F/A-22 (which is why I called it the F/A-15C in one thread on SimHQ somewhere), yet that is not the way the planes were in the time frame of LOMAC.

Anyway, Carl Norman stated the USAF has never used the F-15C for A2G operationally (to date) so it was left out. They had enough issues with A2A radar in the C model to have to worry about A2G radar. The planeset they chose had the good fortune of no planes with A2G radar (it was put in Flanker 1/2 although the real planes didn't have them, and it was modeled WAY too simply) so if it comes it will be in the notional F/A-18C Hornet addon.

Carl mentioned the F-16C was considered instead of the A-10 for Western A2G work, but they picked the A-10 because they knew people wanted it, the F-16 had already been done several times, most recently in F4 and with a lot of fidelity, plus it would require an A2G radar mode that would take even MORE time.
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Post by Hammer » 21 Jun 2004, 14:17

well, maybe they can do it right with an add on... hopefully they add something on the eastern bloc side to oppose the hornet...and hopefully the hornet is done right - carriers and all.

it is sad that the f16, such an important part of the overall battle plan, is missing...

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Post by Nemisis » 21 Jun 2004, 19:37

They aleady have the F-18 equivelant in Lomac the SU-33!

The reason there is so many hints and rumours going round that the next flyable add-on for lomac will be the F/A-18 is that the Devs said the would like to make a western equivelant of the SU-33 available in Lomac,(although this was mentioned before Lomac was released and they have kept very quiet about there plans ever since) also the model for the F-18 in Lomac is very highly detailed already compared to other planes in the sim which means they would not have to worry about updating the Model if that is what they went for.

Adding a flyable Ground attack aircraft into Lomac with the F-18's capabilities would enhance the game greatly IMHO as it would add the possibility of doing Sead Strikes, something that can only be done by the AI at the moment and the don't do it properly as far as i can see.

One great change to Lomac that i think is very much needed is to enhance the behaviour of the AI, since at the moment the AI have the all seeing eye capability and will fly at full AB for over a hundred miles to go after a plane that has not even taken off yet or has just landed rather than wait till a threat is within say 60 miles or so.

It is dissapointing that the AI will also not stay on there chosen task, since an AI on escort duties will happilly leave the package it is escorting to go for a threat that is way to far away and end up landing at a runway due to lack of fuel (because they go after threats at full AB) well before there escort package has completed it's task.

AI upgrade is high on my list of priorities for Lomac and would gladly see this taken care of before adding more flyable aircraft.

Just MHO
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Post by KODIAK » 25 Jun 2004, 08:15

I haven't really got much to say about this, except I'd really like to see the level of fidelity in LO-MAC (at least in the SU-27 / SU-33) as can be found in Falcon 4 SP4.1 with the F-16. :(

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Post by Hudson » 06 Mar 2014, 08:44

Just felt like necro'ing a thread PDT_Armataz_01_12

I had no idea this was coming, but apparently the FC3 F-15C will be getting a competitor: http://www.belsimtek.com/news/1459/

Basically a DCS level F-15C done by Belsimtek.

Very excited given the quality of the Huey and Hip. I can only imagine/hope we'll get some ground attack capability out of it as well. Would be nice if we could do JDAM's, dumb bombs, and CBU's (unclear if those are usable by the F-15C or not), and whatever else is possible.

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Post by Hammer » 07 Mar 2014, 21:37

well, there is already an f15c, right? what is the difference in the FC versions and the DCS versions?

I would rather they did a us attack chopper, ah1z or ah64.

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