Tues, 22 Nov

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Tues, 22 Nov

Post by Hammer » 22 Nov 2004, 10:53

O.K. - as stated I will make sure I get out of work early if folks say they will show - start around 6-6:30 PM pacific. That should give east coasters enough flight time. Hopefully the UK folks can make some of these as well.

If you want to start tomorrow, we are running SP4.2. Base Falcon install, save tacrdata.zip, 1.08 patch, copy back tacrdata.zip, install sp4, install sp4.2, run sp4 config editor, expand into f4patch, then use f4patch for changes. I have not changed anything yet - just tweak your hardware settings if necessary.

Phone book settings are internet, i.p. address (will have to check mine prior to game), 33.6 speed. Also ensure you have the -ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx switch after your executable (in properties for the shortcut) if you are running a firewall other than on your pc.

If you have requests for a missions, post them by 6PM Pacific today so I can make the mission.

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Post by Gator » 22 Nov 2004, 11:00

Tuesday will actually be the 23rd of November.

I will try to make it, but I will probably be rather late. probably midnight eastern. If you're still on, i'll try to join up.
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Post by Madrus » 22 Nov 2004, 20:09

i'm in . but i work until 6PM pacific on tuesdays. so the earliest i can make it will be about 7 pm pacific.

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