24x7 campaign

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24x7 campaign

Post by Hammer » 20 Jan 2005, 11:19

Well, since the dedicated server is up and running, what would we like to do for a campaign?

I suggest that for starters we stay with the default Korea 2005 campaign to get our feet wet. While we are fighting this one, we can look around for other SP 4.2 compatible campaigns.

We will be able to join the campaign as small groups at convenient times, and we can even set it up so that certain groups ONLY join as certain squadrons...and see how that goes. This would be policy based, so we can make exceptions if we like.

What types of squadrons would everyone like to fly and see included?

Should we invite other units to join in?

I am going to see about waking up the 414th, and see if they will fly on the North side...

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Post by KODIAK » 20 Jan 2005, 13:28

continued on from the 'other' thread:
. . . . . . these are just ideas I have thought of, don't mean to be pre-empting anything, mate. Hope you don't mind.
The Nevada trg area idea was just something different, that we could perhaps use for sqn trg evenings where everyone wants to do some learning of weapons employment or dogfighting. And I considered it might be a kinda nice atmospheric aid to immersion. I know there was an intent to produce a Nevada trg theatre, no idea if it ever got finished, I'll go take a look.
Like I said, not intent on stepping on anyone's toes here just providing ideas to be chucked about and discussed.

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Post by KODIAK » 20 Jan 2005, 13:47

I would be interested in flying in a Typhoon if we intend to modify the default campaign - a very flexible aircraft IMHO.
If currently we will play only un-modified default Korea 2005, I'm thinking probably F-15E-229 for me, unless someone has any other idea that I might prefer.
There will be times I can fly as normal with the rest of the team, and it will allow me the flex to fly during normal UK times as well and continue to contribute to the campaign. I will probably even be able to fly more than one aircraft type.
Northrop B-2s & F-117s maybe? U-2s, SR-71s? Just an idea. :lol:

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Post by Hammer_other » 20 Jan 2005, 13:58

I'm willing to fly anything!! B-52s, SR-71s, AH-64s, EA-6s, KC-135s, whatever is needed!

However, I think providing a 24/7 tanking service is a bit much! :)

I'm interested in the Nevada campaign, if we can get other squadrons involved, maybe we could host some Red Flag exercises?
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Post by KODIAK » 20 Jan 2005, 15:36

Well, if we were to get into that theatre at all Hammer, that would be a wonderful environment / scenario to place infront of everyone, especially visitors to the WOF arena. It could be sufficient to impress them to come back that sort of thing, who knows. :wink:
Just heading over to the PFW website now, back in a bit.

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Post by Hammer » 20 Jan 2005, 15:49

none of these plane type squadrons are in the default theatres, so I would have to modify it. not a prob though...as long as SP4.2 has them included.

Northrop B-2s & F-117s maybe? U-2s, SR-71s, Typhoons

of course for those planes you will for the most part be using the F-16 cockpit...there might be some out there though.

i think using Korea is actually just fine for training... :) More realistic... ;)

if you guys can find other SP4.2 theatres we should eval them though...

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Post by KODIAK » 20 Jan 2005, 17:08

Just some ideas mate, maybe people will simply want it kept default, that would be fine by me too. Maybe we just need to get off the ground before any fancy ideas, eh?
Anyway, as far as theatres is concerned, well I couldn't find an up-to-date link, even at PMC TFW. I will place a thread at Frugal's to see if anyone can help me out on that.

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Post by Grifter » 20 Jan 2005, 17:49

so this campaign is 24X7? Sweet? I'll play some tommorow afternoon then. Get some stick time and contribute!
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Post by Madrus » 21 Jan 2005, 00:33

B-1's, F/A-18's, F-15e's, f-14's for me please.
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