Balkans Powderkeg Theatre

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Balkans Powderkeg Theatre

Post by KODIAK » 03 Feb 2005, 21:09

Please find below, a quote from a thread to assist installing the Balkans theatre. It is aimed at BMS installs, but some of the steps are still important for us SP types.
I am going to attempt an install tomorrow, and will let you all know what the result is, here on this thread:

Orig posted @ Frugal's by Penz:
OK then, here is my manual installation procedure for Balkans, adapted from Baldeagle's instructions (but this one gives the correct Balkans voices):

0. Install the balkans theater and the BOP update.
1. Copy \terrdata\Korea\Weather folder to the \terrdata\Balkans folder.
2. In the \terrdata\theaterdefinition folder, open balkans.tdf in Notepad and place a "#" (pound sign) in front of "objectdir", "misctexdir" and "3ddatadir" and Save.
3. Copy all the \Sounds subfolders to the \soundsBalkans folder.
4. Copy all the .WAW files in the \Sounds folder newer than October, 2003 to the \soundsBalkans folder.
5. Copy the "f4sndtbl.txt" in the \Sounds folder to the \soundsBalkans folder.
6. Copy \art\main\, icktxtrc.irc and sync.scf (seen as "sync" in Window Explorer) to the artBalkans\art\main folder.
7. Copy \campaign\Save\*.b to \campaign\Balkans folder.
8. Copy \campaign\Save\mpwcells.bin to \campaign\Balkans folder.
9. Copy \campaign\Save\*.db to \campaign\Balkans folder.
10. Copy \campaign\Save\validac.act and falcon4.aii files to \campaign\Balkans folder.
11. Copy \campaign\Save\teplanes.lst and teunits.lst to \campaign\Balkans folder.
12. Install Twaelti's "ol' krap" HiTiles in Balkans using the Guitigor1c installer.
13. Select the Balkans theater, go to Setup\Graphics\Advanced screen and click on the "Compress Textures" button. F4-BMS will compress the Balkans terrain tile textures. This process will take from 15 minutes to an hour. Maybe even more. Wait till the little window closes by itself. Otherwise you will be messing things up.
14. You can delete the \terrdata\objectsBalkans and \terrdata\misctexBalkans directories to conserve disk space if you want to. Your Balkans theater will be using the same 3D-objects as the Korea theater because of step 2.

BREAKING NEWS - HOT TIP (thank you Qaz!): You can get the powderkeg campaign to run if you edit the save2.tri file in campaign/balkans folder and remove the last #ENDIF from events 2, 3 and 11. Of course its not finished but it will run and be flyable.

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Post by KODIAK » 03 Feb 2005, 23:43

Okay, I have installed the Balkans theatre - however, only the main theatre - not the BOP update as yet.
I have tried all three camapigns and the only one which CTDs is the Powderkeg camapign. I am going to install the BOP update next and go through it all again, will post results here on this thread. 8)

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Post by Gator » 04 Feb 2005, 04:44

I'll just chime in here and hazard a guess that there's not 3 people in WOF who'll go through that procedure. :) That looks even worse than the basic falcon install :lol:
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Post by Hammer_other » 04 Feb 2005, 06:52

I won't do that unless I ABSOLUTELY have to!
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Post by KODIAK » 04 Feb 2005, 08:55

I won't vomit . . . . . . . erm, I uhh mean comment on the above posts for fear of making girlie woosie gay boys look like men. Get a grip of yourselves here!! This is Falcon 4 not LU-MUX!! LOL! :lol:
Anyway, report number two:
Having also now installed the BOP update (, I followed this up by re-testing the BOP campaign. No problems have been found to date. However, the remaining question is: Do I attempt to simply install the Hi-Tiles without the above procedure or should I now follow the above procedure in preparing for the install of the Hi-Tiles? I would say the latter myself, as there seems to be some shifting of various folders and pointing @ going on in the above procedure. I'll think about it awhile before committing, but if anyone would care to put their impressions or suggestions across I will gladly take them.
Suffice to say, that having attempted several missions by now in these campaigns, I would like to see a squadron or two inserted in various places or moved to other locations to assist with CAP - I have only reached one objective to date, and I am sure it was pure luck! :lol: Especially in the "Under Siege" campaign. I would also like to point out that just because you are using TFR doesn't mean you can nip to the loo quickly without pausing the sim - unless the pilot stares at the oncoming scenery constantly the TFR seems to sense this and proceed to plan B which is crashing into the mountainside at the first opportunity! :lol:

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Post by Hammer » 04 Feb 2005, 09:35

none of us are likely to run BMS either...except maybe Kodiak and Nemesis. It is not good for MP.

I won't do that stuff, I don't have the time to be messing around that much. I have limited game time as it is.

If you have SP4.2 as your base, with those hitiles, I would usggest leaving it alone of everything works and you do not have to mess with the above...

If you are running sans BMS, let us know what the install is and maybe it is easy enough to duplicate for another theatre.

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Post by KODIAK » 04 Feb 2005, 17:37

As stated above:

1. Vanilla SPv4.2 install.
2. Balkans Powderkeg theatre install.
3. BOP patch for the Balance of Power campaign in Balkans theatre - all that is required here is a manual replacement of the file in the Balkans theatre campaignfolder (very simple).

As yet I have not installed the Hi-Tiles or the v2 Hi-Tiles, because I believe to make them work will require the install process mentioned / quoted in the first post. having already done that install process and found that I CTD every time going into the campaign, I am reluctant to do it again myself right now. Currently what I have seems to work with no real problems. Maybe I'll have a go at doing the Hi-Tiles v2, without all the mess above and see what we get. Let you know if I get a result.
And finally, dare I mention the suggestion of trying out the BaZT elevation mods? With Balkans theatre, this might very well be breath-taking scenery to fly in - if it manages to help emulate the real deal. Having been there on occasion :wink: I am well aware of the landscape, and how much fun it would be to fly in for us. Just a thought. But we definitely won't be doing a BMS install, neither myself or Nemisis - unless the team decides we want to go down that route at some time. The reference to BMS is only that the procedure is designed specifically for BMS installs, but does state that it may help other theatre installs that won't work, such as in a vanilla SPv4.2 install.

Okay, I have decided to take the following action:

1. Install the Hi-Tiles v2 on top of the current install as given above, and test.
2. Successful install test? Okay, begin running through each step in the quoted process by Penz. Test after each step. Stop at any negative results, and reverse the step. Retest, then move beyond to next step. And continue until at end of list, and report on which steps appear to cause CTD or other failures.

If you would like me to stop at this point cos you want to run with the current install (as it works) let me know. Tomorrow will be the next time I undertake any experimental work , so there will be a chance for me to save a spare folder of that install to use, as is.

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Post by KODIAK » 05 Feb 2005, 12:18


Balkans campaign + BOP update ( installed over vanilla SPv4.2 install - OK! 8)
Hi-Tiles v2 & balkans Hi-Tiles Update installed over above set-up - currently testing 1900; 05Feb05)

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