Buff's Hunting Adventure

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Buff's Hunting Adventure

Post by Falker » 29 Mar 2009, 22:56

THIS is what Buff needs next time he ventures out onto the hunt.

He rushes across the grassy terrain giving a side glance to his partner several yards away who is also heading towards the same open hunting field , about half a football length away. As Buff gets close he happens to find a thick bush to squat behind and then takes a breath ,..... the prey is close…. He then sees his partner several yards away and begins using hand gestures.

He then slips one in the chamber and cocks it back real slow…. Then looks at his dog laying beside him making eye contact , and then gives the animal hunter another hand gesture with a slight whisper. He then searches through his hunting vest and slips this out one of these to see what the scenery looks like on the other side. Silent wind captivates the scene for a few seconds... Another hand gesture to his partner , and , in 3…2…1….

Oh yeah I’ve looked around… You wont find a better price on them Binoculars / Monoculars I cant appraise them on the quality but if your hunting, it might not make that much difference. Your rifle scope is what counts.
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Post by Buffalo Six » 30 Mar 2009, 08:53

heh, good story.....too bad I havent had the deer gun out since I was just out of college. Deer hunting here in Kansas, is pretty much ambush tactics. Last time I went, I staked out at the end of a shelter belt (i.e. treeline) that was between 2 wheat fields and the line pointed into 2 others, so I could cover all 4. Camo'd up and scented down under a Guile net as I sat with my back to a tree. Overcast and windy (as it is in Kansas) with the temp in the mid 30's. I was in blind about an hour before sunrise. It took about an hour and a half to slowly stalk in the mile or so from the road so as to not spook any "deers" in the fields. They like to sleep in the cut stalks and little hallows in the fields. "Deers" like good LOS too.

Got the 'nocs out and scanning around. Eastern sky is getting light behind me. I see a few doe and 2 fawns start moving around in the field to the north, about 600 yards out. Move...stop....move stop...move...eat...
I keep watching, I dont have a doe tag so I'm looking for a buck, and today is the only day I will get to hunt that season, So I'm being picky. Besides, I cant legally break a shot before sunrise, so I continue to scan with the 'nocs.

Sunrise and I had several groups of dear moving about, mostly doe and one pair of young bucks, little 4 pointers. About 20 mins later the doe start acting up, and the young bucks take off. The doe are all looking at a treeline north and east of me (also where the wind is out of) so....I put down the 'nocs, get my shooting sticks out, 2 broom handles cut down and drilled for a pivot point to form a bi-pod rest that I can use while sitting on my buttocks, and get the up and on the scope. For Kansas deer, I hunt with a Rem 700 in 30-06, as my old hunting rifle a Winch. 243 is just not stout enough for these big ass deer, plus ranges are usually 200 to 400 yards, so I need distant hitting power.

Anyway, here comes daddy buck to check his harem, because the doe are all calm, not giving warning signs or whatnot, he comes strutting out of the treeline. I track him....waiting for hime to get to a spot so I can punch his chest perpendicular to me....waiting...waiting.....boom!

He did a half somersault, and tried to get up and run, but couldnt. I had broken both shoulders, and shot right thru his lungs and also took out the heart. He struggled for about 15 secs to run then crashed down face 1st in the milo stubble.

So 2 1/2 hours for a good sized 10 point. Kept me in deer steaks and ground venison for a while. havent really had the time or the contacts for a good lease, and getting a buck tag in kansas is a PIA.

on my hunting gun I have a Leupold 3x9, dont remember the model, it was a hand me down from my dad. On my target gun, I started with a Barska 12x32, but have since scored a Weaver T3 36x with extra fine crosshairs from one of my dads shooting buddies. I think I paid $450 for it, but it had modded elevation and windage turrets on it so it was well worth it.

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