blast from the past... the tallman stories on kali...

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blast from the past... the tallman stories on kali...

Post by BlackHawk*K » 17 Oct 2013, 17:42

<TheShortMan> lol
<TheMediumMan> hehe
<TheMediumMan> lets goto chat
<TheShortMan> now we need to wait for tall man
<TheMediumMan> no CH
<TheMediumMan> ok
<TheShortMan> yah
<(HL)Zinlu> Hails
<(HL)Zinlu> heehee
<TheMediumMan> whozat?
<TheShortMan> Zin
<TheShortMan> come back as tall man
<TheLongMan> Awww Man!
<TheMediumMan> hehehe
<(HL)Zinlu> LOL
<TheShortMan> then we will go to CH room
<TheMediumMan> really
<(HL)Zinlu> heehee
<TheLongMan> giggles
<TheMediumMan> come back Tallman
* TheMediumMan chuckles
<TheLongMan> "The" tallman
<TheMediumMan> Righto
<TheMediumMan> TheLongMan
<TheMediumMan> no
<TheMediumMan> tall
<TheMediumMan> hehe
<TheShortMan> hehe
<(HL)Zinlu> i brb
<TheShortMan> k
<TheMediumMan> sides are hurting
<TheLongMan> We'll seek out manly men to join our tribe
<TheMediumMan> and my cheeks ache
<TheShortMan> hehe
<TheLongMan> Feels good don't it
<TheMediumMan> I so freakin tired
<TheMediumMan> hehehe
<TheMediumMan> yeah, a;ways
<TheMediumMan> er always
<TheShortMan> hehe
<TheMediumMan> Zin
<TheShortMan> hurry up Tall Man
<TheLongMan> Wal*Mart?
<TheMediumMan> Eh?
<(HL)Zinlu> i hurryin
<TheLongMan> Hurry up Man!
<(HL)Zinlu> LOL
<TheLongMan> LMAO
<TheShortMan> brb in 2 sec
<TheMediumMan> tick
<(HL)Zinlu> brb
<TheMediumMan> tock
<TheLongMan> Brrrrrrring
<TheMediumMan> YOUUR LATE!!!!!!
<TheShortMan> hehe
<TheShortMan> sorry=)
<TheLongMan> 1 more
* TheMediumMan BONKS him on the head CLANK!
<TheTallMan> hmmm
<TheMediumMan> YOUUR LATE!!!!!!
<TheTallMan> lotta men in here
<TheShortMan> ow
<TheShortMan> hehe
<TheLongMan> Wall to wall men
<TheMediumMan> To CH!
<TheMediumMan> ready?
<TheShortMan> to CH!
<TheLongMan> Aff
<TheMediumMan> go
<TheTallMan> someone told me dere be WOMEN here!
Joining chat channel ##|CH|##
<|CH|~THoR> :P
<^LadyDeath~> heh
<TheTallMan> Hello Warriors
<|CH|~THoR> hiyas tall
<|CH|~Northstar> why does GB have such a stigma
<^LadyDeath~> 'ello
<TheMediumMan> Quaitum reim requiem~!
<|CH|~THoR> oh lord
<^LadyDeath~> uh
<TheMediumMan> whatever the hell that means
<^LadyDeath~> ok
<|CH|~Northstar> sup bron
<|CH|~THoR> elh in disguise
<TheLongMan> Be there any men among you?
* |CH|~THoR runs
<^LadyDeath~> where's the small dude?
<TheShortMan> here
<TheMediumMan> thought smalldude was here
<^LadyDeath~> LOL
<TheLongMan> he's alittle short on time
<TheTallMan> <^LadyDeath~> its so SMALL
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> (Salutes)
<^LadyDeath~> LOL
<|CH|~THoR> hiyas sniper
<TheMediumMan> <|CH|~Raizen> lemme get it up again
<|CH|~Brimstone> is thinkin I should just got MAZE
<|CH|~THoR> <S>
<|CH|~Brimstone> : )
<TheLongMan> <TheTallMan> <^LadyDeath~> its so SMALL<TheTallMan> <^LadyDeath~> its so SMALL<TheTallMan> <^LadyDeath~> its so SMALL
<TheTallMan> <SALUTE>
<^LadyDeath~> ok ok ok FEATHER
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> ??? tall, short long medium man's
<|CH|~THoR> dont ask sniper
<^LadyDeath~> :)
<TheLongMan> Send them out so that we may ....never mind
<|CH|~Brimstone> Hiyas Sniper
<|CH|~Brimstone> <Salute!>
<|CH|~THoR> im afraid too
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> i wont
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> ??
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> yea
<TheMediumMan> What ho young warrior
<TheLongMan> who you calling a Ho?
<^LadyDeath~> hahaha
<|CH|~THoR> oh no
<TheShortMan> heh
<TheTallMan> LOl
<TheMediumMan> methinks they missed the boat.
<|CH|~THoR> u said ho
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
<|CH|~THoR> please say its not so
<|CH|~ZOG> hoal
<TheLongMan> Say HO!
<|CH|~ZOG> hola
<|CH|~THoR> hiyas zog
<TheTallMan> Hoooooo
<|CH|~Raizen> Man Thor...
<TheShortMan> hi ho
<|CH|~THoR> wb raiz
<TheTallMan> Hidey Ho
<|CH|~Brimstone> Hiya ZOG, Raiz
<|CH|~Raizen> He can go like 4-ever w/o heating
<|CH|~Brimstone> <Salute!>
<|CH|~Raizen> Thanks
<^LadyDeath~> spaghetios
* |CH|~Raizen salutes!
<|CH|~THoR> not good
<|CH|~Raizen> Hiyas Brim
<TheTallMan> LOL LD
<|CH|~Raizen> lol
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> I am sorry CH
<TheTallMan> Hiyas Raiz
<|CH|~THoR> what u want to do about it?
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> I need to get it fixed
<|CH|~Raizen> Hiyas Tall&Short of it
<|CH|~Raizen> Well.
<TheMediumMan> Hails Raizen
<TheTallMan> <|CH|~Raizen> lemme get it up again
<|CH|~Raizen> doh!
<^LadyDeath~> lol
<|CH|~Raizen> Forgot one... hehe
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
<|CH|~ZOG> question
<TheLongMan> Hails
<TheTallMan> HEHEHE
<TheShortMan> hehe
<TheMediumMan> dont fergit it
<|CH|~ZOG> GDL how long you been playhing
<|CH|~THoR> my god
<|CH|~THoR> to many ppl!!
<|CH|~Raizen> Well, first Phantom
* |CH|~THoR hides his eyes
<|CH|~Raizen> I would recommend reinstalling the game
<TheLongMan> Oh God I can't syop laughing
<|CH|~Raizen> And see if that helps.
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> ok
<TheMediumMan> Some one go get GOd for that man!
<|CH|~THoR> aff phantom
<|CH|~ZOG> you nkow heat is apart of this game
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> yes
<TheLongMan> Shhhhh
<|CH|~ZOG> and the fact that you were using a bug to help you win
<TheMediumMan> only if you overheat 3 times in one game
<|CH|~ZOG> is condsidered cheating
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> But i cant stop it from happening
<|CH|~ZOG> but you kept going on with it
<|CH|~Raizen> I nkow someone else that gets the same bug.
<|CH|~Raizen> err know
<TheSuperLongMan> hiyaz
<^LadyDeath~> rut roh
<|CH|~ZOG> and probly still be using ti
<^LadyDeath~> LOL
<|CH|~THoR> oh no
<TheTallMan> Hiyas SuperLong
<TheTallMan> where you been, u late
<TheMediumMan> hehe
<TheSuperLongMan> so tell me
<TheShortMan> ;p;
<TheTallMan> hehe
<TheShortMan> lol*
<TheLongMan> LMAO
<TheMediumMan> YOUUR LATE!!!!!!
<TheSuperLongMan> whats w/ all the longs short and yadada?
* TheMediumMan BONKS him on the head CLANK!
<TheSuperLongMan> sorry med
<TheLongMan> Nggggg
<TheShortMan> welcome to the Tribe Super long man=)
<TheSuperLongMan> lol
<^LadyDeath~> hmmm
<|CH|~Northstar> that's what yuou asked your girlfriend medium
<TheLongMan> Acckkkk
<TheLongMan> Mommy
<|CH|~Northstar> <TheMediumMan> YOUUR LATE!!!!!!
<TheMediumMan> Hey SuperLongMan you sposed to say YadaYadaYadaYada
<TheSuperLongMan> khan super lomg man...cause im the biggest
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe
<TheLongMan> Biggest what?
<TheMediumMan> Cause you superlong
<suprduprlongman> hiyas
<TheShortMan> uh oh
<TheSuperLongMan> the longest
<suprduprlongman> hey guys
<TheShortMan> a longer man is here=)
* TheTallMan sends Sphere after SuperLong for sayin it wrong.
<suprduprlongman> i brb
<suprduprlongman> then we do the maze
<TheSuperLongMan> yadada
<TheMediumMan> dupr!
<TheTallMan> ROFLMAO
<TheMediumMan> BOUT TIME!
<|CH|~Brimstone> kewl
<^LadyDeath~> <TheSuperLongMan> khan super lomg man...cause im the biggest
<TheMediumMan> YOUUR LATE!!!!!!
* TheMediumMan BONKS him on the head CLANK!
<TheShortMan> heh
<TheLongMan> That does it I reporting everybody
<TheTallMan> LOL
<TheLongMan> Cut & paste big time
<TheMediumMan> ratfink
<^LadyDeath~> hmmm
<InfiniteLongMan> mwahahaha
<TheMediumMan> always someone around
<|CH|~Brimstone> LOL!
<TheMediumMan> spoilsport
<TheShortMan> lol
<TheTallMan> hahahgahaha
<TheTallMan> i am gonna bust a gut ROFLMAO
* TheMediumMan is leaving
<InfiniteLongMan> to get bigger perhaps
<Mrs_Bobbit> I'm here to chop you all off
<|CH|~Brimstone> whats wrong medium?
<InfiniteLongMan> nnnooooooo
<^LadyDeath~> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<InfiniteLongMan> run for lives
<|CH|~Brimstone> feelin a little SHORT?
<TheMediumMan> hes gonna tell
<TheTallMan> ROFLMAO
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> Annyone want to play me for fun in my hammer
<Mrs_Bobbit> your gonna feel a little shorter here in a minute
<{GDL}PhAnToM~$> j/k
* ^LadyDeath~ falls outta her chair *
<InfiniteLongMan> i guess short was the 1st of bobbit's victim
<TheShortMan> no i feel short
<TheTallMan> LOL
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe
<TheMediumMan> lol
<TheMediumMan> infinte!
<TheMediumMan> where you been?
<InfiniteLongMan> whoa!!!
<TheMediumMan> took you like infinity to get here!
<InfiniteLongMan> it's the sakhan......suprduprlongman
<TheLongMan> I'm saving this for posterior
<InfiniteLongMan> hehehe
<TheMediumMan> he said ass snicker
<TheTallMan> ROFl
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
<TheLongMan> hehehehehehhehe snort hehehehehehehhe
<InfiniteLongMan> lol
<TheTallMan> Hey Mrs Bobbit,, would u by chance be interested in one of my Spheres?
<One_Eyed_Pirate> ahh yeah
<TheMediumMan> OH NO!
<One_Eyed_Pirate> its on now
<TheTallMan> 8-D
* TheMediumMan runs away
<One_Eyed_Pirate> whipped out the one eye on ya
<|CH|~Brimstone> LOL!
<TheShortMan> lol
<InfiniteLongMan> would any 1 like a cigar?
<|CH|~Brimstone> ROFL!
<TheTallMan> ACK
* TheTallMan gets a Sphere.
<One_Eyed_Pirate> hasnt been used ina while
<^LadyDeath~> uhm
<TheMediumMan> he said peepee snicker
<|CH|~Brimstone> ROFL!!!
<TheTallMan> LOL
<TheShortMan> lol
<InfiniteLongMan> hey longs...meds...shorts....any o u guys seen monica??? i want her to have another cigar
<One_Eyed_Pirate> thought it might be a good idea to bring him up
<TheTallMan> ROFLMAO
<|CH|~Brimstone> oh shit
<|CH|~Brimstone> ROLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<|CH|~ZOG> goodnite all
<TheTallMan> niterz Zog
* TheMediumMan Salutes!
<InfiniteLongMan> (Salutes)
<|CH|~Brimstone> g'nite ZOG
<|CH|~ZOG> out<<<
<|CH|~Brimstone> <Salute!>
<TheTallMan> <SALUTE>
<^LadyDeath~> gnite
<TheLongMan> sounds like we just conjugated a tobacco shop
<TheTallMan> mwuhahahaha
<One_Eyed_Pirate> and DEFINETLY be careful not to get my excited damnit,... cuz I'll spit on ya's
<TheLongMan> Adios Zog
<TheTallMan> ROFL
<TheMediumMan> but it wasnt tobacco
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> so wheres infinite?
<TheMediumMan> he's a peepee snicker
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> o well
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> :)
<|CH|~Brimstone> oh my
<TheTallMan> ACK
<TheShortMan> he went back to being a Sniper_Wolf i think
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> doh
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe
<One_Eyed_Pirate> bah
<TheLongMan> Well, Man.
<TheShortMan> Men
<|CH|~Brimstone> look out hes gonna blow!!!!!!!!!
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> wangs
* One_Eyed_Pirate stands at attention and gives the one eye salute
<TheLongMan> Good God, Man!
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> ewww....
<|CH|~Brimstone> * One_Eyed_Pirate stands at attention and gives the one eye salute
* |CH|~Raizen is away (brb).
<|CH|~Brimstone> <|CH|~Brimstone> look out hes gonna blow!!!!!!!!!
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> <|CH|~Brimstone> * One_Eyed_Pirate stands at attention and gives the one eye salute
<TheTallMan> <|CH|~Brimstone> look out hes gonna blow!!!!!!!!!
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe
<TheTallMan> Macro nite LOL
<|CH|~Brimstone> LOL!
* ^LadyDeath~ covers her eyez *
<TheLongMan> G'night, Y'all
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> TheBigThug stands at attention and gives the one eye salute
<One_Eyed_Pirate> <One_Eyed_Pirate> whipped out the one eye on ya
<TheTallMan> U still up for dat wing, Brim?
<TheLongMan> I cain't stands no mo
<|CH|~Brimstone> mind if I goto maze first?
<TheTallMan> my stomach hurts LOL
<TheTallMan> maze? open game?
<TheLongMan> know the feeling
<|CH|~Brimstone> gonna be
<NC>Sniper_Wolf> not long enough long? that why?
<TheLongMan> Hmmmmmm
<TheLongMan> Sleep IS overrated after all
<One_Eyed_Pirate> i gotta make a maze mech
<TheTallMan> ooo coolio
<One_Eyed_Pirate> <|CH|~Metaliman> hell i need sleep but i'll be damned if i waste my days off on sleep
<|CH|~Chromium> you are my hero now MM
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe
<TheMediumMan> I wanna maze
<TheLongMan> hehe
<TaMicroShortMan> heh
<TheLongMan> I am a mazed
<|CH|~Brimstone> I love the MAZE
<^LadyDeath~> MAZE
<TheMediumMan> I own the maze
<TheTallMan> Maze Craze
<TheMediumMan> maze
<TheMediumMan> unlimited no heat crows
<|CH|~Brimstone> hehe, we'll see medium
<TheLongMan> you stole it from indians
<^LadyDeath~> are you guys high on something?
<TaMicroShortMan> im to short to drive a mech
<TheTallMan> ar arr arr arr
<TheTallMan> High on life LD heeheee
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
* TheTallMan grabs a phone book for Shorty to sit on
<TheLongMan> spooge fest?
<TheMediumMan> life
<TaMicroShortMan> im still to short
<TaMicroShortMan> lol
<TheTallMan> LOL
<TheLongMan> lol
<TheMediumMan> hehe
<TheTallMan> somebody get the booster seat LOL
<TheMediumMan> I'm just right
<|CH|~Brimstone> lol
<TheMediumMan> not too much
<TheMediumMan> too too little
<TheLongMan> & my porridge is too hot
<TheMediumMan> medium
<TaMicroShortMan> my arms are to short to reach for the controls
<|CH|~Raizen> Don't want don't want no short short man
* |CH|~Brimstone is away (havin a smoke before he wakes up his wife laughin).
* |CH|~Raizen is back.
<TaMicroShortMan> life sucks
<TheTallMan> ROFL
<TheMediumMan> hehehe
<TheMediumMan> Raizen
<TheLongMan> hehe
<TheTallMan> you need a pair of tweezers to put that thing away?
<^LadyDeath~> wb Raizen
|CH|~Raizen> Don't want don't want no short short man
<|CH|~Raizen> TY LD
<TheLongMan> Brrr waters cold
<TheTallMan> ROFLMAO
<|CH|~Raizen> hehe
<TheMediumMan> OOOHHHMY!!!
<|CH|~Raizen> lol
<TheMediumMan> <|CH|~Raizen> lemme get it up again
<|CH|~Raizen> But the pipe's are clean... hehe
<^LadyDeath~> [~SW-976-PAIN~] you have to show me yours next time
<TheLongMan> hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha
<TheTallMan> <^LadyDeath~> its so SMALL
<TheLongMan> HA!
<^LadyDeath~> lol
<^LadyDeath~> <"SV"Alphastrike> My stick went soft on me
<|CH|~Raizen> hehe
<TheLongMan> OMG lady
<TheMediumMan> ROF
<TaMicroShortMan> stop making fun of short people
<|CH|~Raizen> <~SW-976-PAIN~> If I could get my hand on it, I would enjoy it very much
<^LadyDeath~> lol
* TheTallMan looks away from the monitor so he can catch his breath.
<TheMediumMan> ok who wanta fight
<|CH|~Raizen> <|CH|~Metaliman> hell i need sleep but i'll be damned if i waste my days off on sleep <|CH|~Chromium> you are my hero now MM
<TheLongMan> drink 1st then fight
<TheMediumMan> HEHEHE
* TaMicroShortMan kicks Medium
<TaMicroShortMan> ow!
<TheMediumMan> ok drink is good
<|CH|~Raizen> <~SW-976-PAIN~> you CH do Tae Bo together...I can tell hehe
<TheMediumMan> more wine GARSO!!!
<^LadyDeath~> hehe
* TaMicroShortMan hops around holding his foot
<TheMediumMan> ah cwap.. gotta get it meself
<TaMicroShortMan> dang it
<One_Eyed_Pirate> oh gawd
<One_Eyed_Pirate> OH
<TheLongMan> Burn the Maitre' D
<One_Eyed_Pirate> OOOOH!
<|CH|~Raizen> Do year a patch on the only eye Pir8?
<One_Eyed_Pirate> AAHHH!
<TheLongMan> Off with his head
<|CH|~Raizen> err do you wear
<|CH|~Raizen> hehe
<^LadyDeath~> uh
<One_Eyed_Pirate> oh my !
<TaMicroShortMan> i feel so unoticed=)
<^LadyDeath~> ok

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Re: blast from the past... the tallman stories on kali...

Post by Metaliman » 21 Oct 2013, 12:01

I seem to have been absent on this occasion.. How sad lol

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