The Prodigal's Return (I hope)

Belly up to the bar, grab your favorite drink and listen to stories about the universe we play in. Be ready for some trash talkin' too, because we know what alcohol can do... This is the ROLE PLAY forum, tell your war stories, brag about your kills and victories, and lament about your defeats. Everyone is welcome but you must register first to post.

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Post by Firemane » 09 Aug 2003, 06:39

<S> LordK, nice to see you found us again.

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Post by Crickett » 10 Aug 2003, 07:37

Wecome Back LK :D yes we are still here "go figure" :lol: please read forums on comms we use it heavily :-? On monday night 10:00 PM EDT whatevery time that is to you we have a recon against OA if you want & can make it I'll get you in :D see ya soon.

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On any planet on any terrain in any climate,ELH will meet and defeat any enemy!!!

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Post by Featherhorse » 11 Aug 2003, 06:31

We missed you Bud.


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Post by VEGETA » 11 Aug 2003, 12:12

Don't know you
but hey welcome back


also got my RE-Iniation Mech Sized Whooping paddle ready for ya :lol:

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