minnesota tribe

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minnesota tribe

Post by VEGETA » 15 Aug 2003, 15:02

Yes buff I bet this realy got your attention as well as others
Well I posted on www.classicbattletech.com about minnesota tribe and someone posted this web site. Its a mechwarrior unit best i can tell, but thye have info about them. so anyone interested, ehre it is.


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Post by VEGETA » 18 Aug 2003, 05:42

Below was posted, but it gives page numbers and such where the info was found

Part 1
For all of you who are interested, here the books and page references for the Minnesota Tribe/Wolverine Clan. I am also including some interesting mysteries that may or may not be attributable to the above but are intriguing if they can be.

Wolf Clan Source Book, page 21
-"leaving the warriors of Clan Wolf facing the majority of Clan Wolverine at very poor odds." Majority, hmmmmm.
-Rumors among the Clans say that some Clan Wolverine warriors escaped and fled the Clan worlds. It is probably no coincidence that the "Minnesota Tribe" that attacked the perimeter of the Combine struck in 2825, a year after the annihilation of Clan Wolverine."

Star League Source Book, page 98;
-"In 2825 ... a regiment of unidentified 'Mechs appeared in the Draconis Combine. From a convoy of transports and DropShips, the regiment struck at the garrison on Svelvik, seizing supplies and then leaving ... the 'Mechs were in excellent condition and painted according to Regular Army standards....fought using Regular Army tactics. There was a small symbol on each 'Mech that was later identified as a map of Minnesota....The Minnesota Tribe attacked three more worlds...then left the Draconis Combine and was never seen again."

House Kurita Source Book, page 62;
"...took whatever they needed, and then left Svelvik without further bloodshed."
"...the regiment was apparently escorting a fleet of cargo, commercial, and liner JumpShips. This fleet, with their elite escorts, apparently had some definite destination and was using uninhabited star systems to reach it at a steady pace."
At Jarrett their 3rd attack; "...a large group of their Aerospace Fighters intercepted and kept two battalions of Kurita 'Mechs out of the battle."
Last attack-Richmond; "Though it was inconceivable that the Tribe could have known about the large prison and slave camps on the planet, their 'Mechs went straight for them."

Comstar Source Book, page 22, 23;
"[Comstar] was able to follow the trail of the mysterious attackers into the deep Periphery toward the Federated Suns, but then all trace seemed to disappear near Valentina." They followed a path similar to Task Force Serpent. Interesting.
"The pilot was using a Lancelot BattleMech of exceptionally high quality." page 23
"The coolant suit was an enhanced version of an SLDF prototype that had yet to reach production when Kerensky's Exodus jumped from the Inner Sphere."
"...two interesting patches...One was the outline of the North American state of Minnesota, with the numbers '331' faintly stitched on it....similar to those used by the SLDF's 331st Royal BattleMech Division (The North American Division)...resemblance was strong....not identical...was new rather than an old one reworked." "The second patch was also revealing. It depicted a Terran wolverine, white in color, with bloodied fangs." Hmmm, can you say "the Wolverine Clan", I think you can!!!!

Warden Clans Field Manual, pages 17, 21, 78-79, 119;
Page 17 just talks about the aspect of a Trial of Annihilation.
Page 21 mentions that the "Not-Named Clan" declared themselves above the "Way of the Clans and were punished with destruction."
Pages 78-79 are more interesting because of what the Ghost Bears didn't do.
"...a Ghost Bear patrol spotted a small band of Not-Named renegades taking supplies from a hidden stockpile. The patrol raised no alarm, and the renegades left Clan space unscathed."
Page 119 is interesting as well, it outlines the battle between Clan Snow Raven and the Not-Named Clan including a scorched earth policy of Snow Raven territory and a detonation of a nuclear device on said territory by the Not-Named Clan.

I will continue this in another post with the mysteries that may or may not be part of the Minnesota Tribe/Wolverine Clan/Not-Named Clan story.
I hope this was interesting. If anyone has more on this let me know what book, what page, etc.

Part 2
Okay, here is another part of the story. This may not be attributable to the Wolverines/Minnesota Tribe but it would make it interesting if they were.

Star League Source Book, page 98.
"Another curious incident was the departure of Clinton Cutthroats during the Third Succession War. A reputable mercenary unit, the Cutthroats had been working for the Federated Suns when a courier vessel landed in the midst of a battle.....For three days, they engaged in private talks with the unit's commander. Then DropShips, unmarked but obviously in excellent condition, landed and whisked the Cutthroats off planet and out of the Inner Sphere." That last phrase makes this really interesting but could be figurative. They could have joined Comstar and have disappeared onto Terra or even joined the Wolf Dragoons. Comstar Source Book and Field Manual makes not mention of the Cutthroats joining them. A problem crops up with the Cutthroat story though read on...

House Davion Source Book, page 78.
"In 2869, Field Marshal Hasek hired the Clinton Cutthroats..." Hmmm, 2869 is, according to the Comstar Source Book (1655), in the Second Succession War but the Davion and the Star League Books say it is the Third Succession War. Ouch, I'm confused but I tend to believe the earlier books. Anyway, read on.
"In March 2870, a Jump Ship appeared in the Verlo system, and sent a small courier vessel down to the planet. Believing it to be a ComStar courier, the Davion ships parked at the planet's zenith point let the little vessel pass unchallenged...[the vessel] landed near the headquarters of the Davion forces...A man and woman dressed in unmarked overalls...asking to see the commander of Clinton's Cutthroats rather than the Davion commanding officer."
"For the next three days, the mysterious strangers met privately with Colonel Clinton....On the fifth day, three more JumpShips arrived ....carrying seven DropShips, unmarked and all in pristine condition. Two weeks later, the DropShips had landed...with the apparent intention of transporting the Cutthroats off world...The Cutthroats left Verlo, and have never been seen or heard from since." Okay, nothing too amazing here. A lot of things could explain the disappearance. Well, read on!
"...the DropShips that came to collect [the Cutthroats] were of a design not seen in the Inner Sphere since the exodus of General Kerensky. This has led to theories that the Cutthroats were 'scouts' of the 'Kerensky exiles'...Others have sworn that members of the Cutthroats have shown up among the mercenary Wolf's Dragoons." Hmmmm, intriguing!

Star League Source Book; page 98.
"The disappearing Battleship of Merope is yet another story about a Black Lion battleship that was seen and filmed orbiting Merope, but then vanished when ships from the Inner Sphere came to investigate."

I have only included the above as a side note to the Wolverine Clan/Minnesota Tribe mystery. I do not suggest or imply that they are responsible for any or all of the above. What I hope and wish is irrelevant to this forum. It is, however, interesting to note the path the Minnesota Tribe took out of the Draconis Combine and looping, possibly, back in toward the Federated Suns. Did they cross the Fed. Suns to get as far away from the Clans as possible? Were they seen at New Vandenburg? Was it them at Verlo? Was the Black Lion at Merope theirs? To answer the last question, there is no mention of any WarShips leaving with the Wolverines but that doesn't mean there wasn't because of the bad "accounting" of Wolverine assets by the Wolf Clan. All I can say is all of this is interesting and fuel for many future stories and scenarios.

Merope was not the Comstar-destroyed Black Lion. That was the one at New Vandenburg. Comstar destroyed the 'Tripitz' in an empty star system near New Vandenburg in the Taurian Concordat. Merope is in the Federated Suns a little over 100 light years from New Vandenburg. There are 2 Black Lions. Merope's Black Lion was filmed and jumped out of the system, so it was mobile. The New Vandenburg Black Lion was a derelict left behind by the SLDF Navy. I have done my homework on this one.
Read page 46 of the ComStar Source Book (1655). It makes no mention that Merope and New Vandenburg Black Lions are one and the same. In fact, it says; "In a routine survey of an empty star system near New Vandenburg, forces of the Taurian had discovered a long-abandoned Black Lion Class battle cruiser, the Tripitz, orbiting one of the planets. The ship was more than likely a relic left behind generations ago during the Amaris crisis..." I think that makes it clear that the 2 Black Lions are not the same one. It does to me!

I hope you found this interesting. If you have any other information about mysterious happenings please send them to me I am attempting to compile a Source Book about them.

Part 3
An update on information about the Wolverine Clan and their survival; check out The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky Source Book 1709 pages 12-13, here Phelan admits that there were survivors and that the Ghost Bears let them go. Page 99 says "...a later investigation strongly suggested that some individuals-predominantly civilians and second-line troops-had been able to flee. Officially put down as bad bookkeeping, the whereabouts and disposition of any survivors remains unknown."
There are a couple of other references to the Wolverine Clan on other pages; page 30 discusses the annihilation of the Clan; page 38 talks about what happened to the Bloodnames and genetic material of Clan Wolverine; and page 31 is a timeline.
Thanks to Warner for his posting. He brought this Source Book to my attention after I had forgotten about it. Credit goes to where it is due. Thanks Warner!!!

Part 4
Periphery FM, page 139-40
"In 2830...an invasion force arrived in the Granada system and assaulted the planet. Carried by a single JumpShip, the invaders used war machines alien to the Castilians-BattleMechs." 2830 peaked my interest here because the Wolverine Clan/Minnesota Tribe appeared in the Draconis Combine in late 2825.

"...the Umayyads themselves have little knowledge of their existence before arriving in Nueva Castile, and may have deliberately purged their data cores..." What were they trying to hide?
"They know they fled a war in their home worlds, possibly the Succession Wars or even the Exodus Civil War, but this is little more than rumor..."
"Their sciences and arts are highly developed and, for all their warlike trappings, their culture is much more sophisticated than that of the Castilians." Science and art highly developed, remind you of anyone, hmmm?
"...membership of the military is restricted to those who can trace a lineage back to the original invaders."

Page 156;
"...First Corps are the elite of a warrior society."

Page 159;
"...close-knit community's martial traditions... the only reason the Caliphate has held out so long."
"...Umayyad martial culture discriminates against cowards..."

Other interesting notes are the game materials;
Languages: Arabic (Primary), English and Russian (Secondary)
Bonus skills: Academics and Art have pluses.

Again I am not saying or implying that I know the Umayyad are Wolverine Clan but it is interesting and highly coincidental that they arrived in the area a few years after the Minnesota Tribe attacked the Draconis Combine worlds. The Umayyad may very well be someone else from Clan society, Bandit class, or a splinter group of freebirth warriors trying to get away from the feuding in Clan space. I will say that if they are indeed from Clan Wolverine they are dangerously close to the invasion route and it may be only a matter of time before one of the Clans comes to investigate. If the investigators have Clan Wolverine genetic 'blueprints' on file and they match the Umayyad are goners.
Interesting information and thank you to the person who suggested the Umayyad (sorry I forgot your name).

The Annihilation
The Wolverines were among the most vocal critics of Nicholas Kerensky's authoritarian rules over the Clans. Official Clan histories state that they were annihilated for espousing anti-Clan sentiments, such as democracy and independence, but the reality is somewhat different. Many Clans were suffering internal strife at the time of the Clan Wolverine incident, and Nicholas saw that the Clans as a whole were on the brink of rebelling against his authority. The Wolverines served as both object lesson and common enemy against whom the other nineteen Clans could unite.
Clan Wolf carried out the Grand Council's sentence against Khan Sarah McEvedy and her Clan, but a later investigation strongly suggested that some individuals – predominantly civilians and second-line troops – had been able to flee. Officially put down to bad bookkeeping, the whereabouts and disposition of any survivors remains unknown. This is the full story of this event and what lead up to the Annihilation of Clan Wolverine.

Wolverine Treachery
The first rumblings of discontent came from a surprising source: Clan Jade Falcon. Many in their ranks were upset that Nicholas had chosen to join the Wolf Clan rather than the Falcons at the end of Operation Klondike. Disappointment made them question Nicholas' ideals (though not his methods), and for a time they walked a fine line between criticism and treason. Eventually the Falcon Khans cut out what they termed the "cancer" at their core. In July 2823, they purged dissident elements, in effect cutting off part of themselves so that the whole Clan would survive. The Falcons that emerged from what they called "The Culling" though weaker militarily, were totally committed to Kerensky's vision and were thenceforth counted among the most traditional minded Clans. However, the Falcons were not alone in their treasonous mutterings.
Most of what follows is recreated from Nicholas' journals. Unlike official Clan records, they were never purged of their references to the Not-Named Clan.
Nicholas feared (probably correctly) that his grip on the Clans was slipping, and flexed his muscles as ilKhan against the main opposition to his authority: Clan Wolverine. At Nicholas' urging, on 28 August, 2823, the Grand Council declared that the Brian cache on Circe, which the Wolverines had used to supply their Touman, was no longer Wolverine property. The Council ordered them to share it with their neighbors, Clan Snow Raven. Violating the Clans' socialist principles, the Wolverines objected strenuously. The ensuing political battle raged for weeks. On 30 September, while the Council called for a vote (Wolverine saKhan cast his vote via HPG). The Wolverines' protest was rejected, whereupon they demanded a Trial of Refusal as was their right under Clan law. The Trial was fought on 7 October; the Wolverines lost.
The situation deteriorated further in the Grand Council chamber, as frayed tempers led to increasingly acrimonious exchanges. Wolverine Khan Sarah McEvedy hoped to win over other Clans to her cause. She knew that Nicholas' dictatorial actions worried several of her fellow Khans. However, Nicholas was a canny politician and knew McEvedy's weaknesses. As her particularly blunt exchange, she insulted him directly and by extension, the Clans themselves. With a few ill chosen words, McEvedy destroyed her power base and any hope of liberalizing the Clans. To make matter worse, when Nicholas called for a Trail of Grievance, McEvedy committed the ultimate sin: she declared the Wolverines independent of the Clans. In doing so, she gave Nicholas exactly what he wanted, an excuse to destroy his opposition.

Crossing The Line
-Excerpt from Grand Council security tape; 8 October 2823

Kerensky [ilKhan]: My honorable friend the Khan from Clan [CENSORED] continues to ignore the decisions of this body as verified by the recent Trial. I do not care that the cache is of the 331st Royal Division, her father's command. This body is agreed that the caches are a resource belonging to the Clans as a whole. In the old order, her paternal loyalty would be commended, but this not the old order. We are the Clans. We stand on our own merits, not those of our ancestors.
Sarah McEvedy [Wolverine]: Except you.
Kerensky [ilKhan]: I beg your pardon?
McEvedy: I said, except you. You seem perfectly happy to bask in your father's achievements. He was a visionary who sought justice and peace for all. You seek control.
Mitchell Loris [Mongoose]: Khan [CENSORED], you go too far.
McEvedy: Do I? I know many of you in this chamber found our ilKhan's actions to secure control of the Pentagon population offensive. The Star League did not believe in torture and brutality. Those are the tools of power hungry madmen. Is that what you have become Nicholas Kerensky? A power hungry madman?
Kerensky: SILENCE! [CENSORED], Khan of Clan [CENSORED], I, Nicholas Kerensky, ilKhan of the Clans, do call for a Trial of Grievance. By our law, you may.....
McEvedy: Hang your laws. Does the truth hurt so much, Nicholas?
Kerensky: Fellow Khans, our colleague is clearly overwrought. I call for a vote of censure. Loremaster Ward, please....
McEvedy: Don't bother, Nicholas. I'll leave. In fact, we'll all leave. Clan [CENSORED] no longer recognizes the authority of the ilKhan or the Grand Council. From this point forward, we are an independent power. We decide our own fate, fairly and according to the morals and standards of the Star League.
Kerensky: You cannot do this.
McEvedy: I can and I have.
Kerensky: Arrest her!
McEvedy: If you want to face us, fine. But we will not hold back. Prepare to reap the whirlwind.
Kerensky: My Khans we face a serious decision....

Khan McEvedy escaped Strana Mechty and returned to Circe, where saKhan Franklin Hallis had already placed the Wolverine Touman on full alert. When Snow Raven forces acting on their own initiative probed the Wolverine border on 10 October, the Wolverines counter attacked. They showed no mercy, and after a short battle sacked the Raven capital of Dehra Dun. They retreated in the face of Clan Mongoose and Nova Cat forces massing, but not before making an object lesson of the city. After driving all civilians from the area, they used a low yield nuclear weapon to destroy the Raven genetic repository. The message was simple and brutal: You have backed us into a corner, and we will do anything and everything to stop you. Cowed by this "barbaric" action, the Mongoose, Nova Cat and Snow Raven forces withdrew, pending the Grand Council's final deliberations.
With the destruction of the repository, the question of how to punish the Wolverines took a new twist. The Grand Council had voted on 8 October to censure McEvedy and the Wolverines, but had ultimately intended to bring them back into the Clan fold. Now they enacted the ultimate punishment. On 11 October, the Khans voted for the Annihilation of the entire Wolverine Clan. As sentence was passed, Nicholas delivered what became his most famous quote: "Those who break faith with the Unity shall go down into darkness." Over the next few days, the remaining nineteen Clans battled for the honor of destroying the rebels; eventually the contest came down to Clans Widowmaker and Wolf. However, in order to win the bidding, the Wolves were forced to go below the accepted cut down.
Khan McEvedy arrived back on Circe on 13 October and took charge of preparations for the impending assault. The Wolverine Khans suspected what Nicholas planned, and saKhan Hallis deliberately absented himself from the Council for the fateful vote. Following McEvedy's orders, he was preparing for a third Exodus. McEvedy and Hallis both knew that the Wolverines would never be safe in Clan space. To ensure their Clan's survival, they scattered small units throughout the Pentagon worlds and the Kerensky Cluster, collecting material from supply cashes and preparing to flee. The Ghost Bears spotted one such unit, but kept the information secret for decades.
Wolf Clan forces began their assault on 25 October, beating off a Wolverine counter attack on their landing zone. The fought the rebels on land, in the air and in space. The battle raged for two days, and though outnumbered, the Wolves prevailed. A running battle ensued as the Wolverines attempted to flee Clan space. Many vessels on both sides were destroyed, but after nineteen days, the Wolves were victorious. Almost eighty percent of the Wolf force died; there were no Wolverine survivors. Nicholas Kerensky killed Hallis in a brutal, three-hour duel on Circe. No trace was ever found of McEvedy. For the next two months, the Wolf force systematically destroyed the Wolverines' holdings, demolishing buildings and forcibly sterilizing their civilian castes. All sibkos containing Wolverine genes were terminated.
Despite these measures, on 22 January of 2824, the Wolf Loremaster presented a troubling report to the Grand Council. A census of Wolverines' population and equipment showed numerous discrepancies. While most of the Wolverine front-line troops had been accounted for on Circe, many of the second-line warriors appeared to be missing, along with most of the 331st Division's equipment from the disputed Brian cache. Similarly, there were fewer civilians than expected. Officially, the discrepancies were put down to bad book keeping. In reality, however, the Grand Council suspected that a sizable portion of the Wolverines had escaped, probably to the Inner Sphere.

Ghost Bear's Disgrace
The Not-Named Clan
It pains me to relate this chapter of our history, but it is as important as it is unfortunate. Every schoolchild knows of the Annihilation of the Not-Named Clan, so I will not repeat the account of that Clan's heresy. Many do not know, however, that a small portion of the Not-Named escaped the Annihilation, and my Clan was to blame.
The Ghost Bears desperately wanted the honor of destroying the Not-Named Clan. Khan Tseng was especially outraged at their rejection of the Grand Council's edicts; the Ghost Bears place the ilKhan as the father of the great Clan family, and to disobey the father so blatantly is unforgivable. When the honor of destroying the Not-Named went to Clans Wolf and Widowmaker, the Ghost Bears were shocked and angered beyond reason. Our founders agreed to abide by the Grand Council's decision, but not every Ghost Bear soldier followed their example.
In a cowardly effort to escape Annihilation, the forces of the Not-Named Clan split up into many small detachments and scattered to the far corners of Clan Space, each searching for enough supplies to allow them to survive away from civilization. On a small moon in the Arcadia system, a Ghost Bear patrol spotted a small band of Not-Named renegades taking supplies from a hidden stockpile. The patrol raised no alarm, and the renegades left Clan space unscathed. The patrol's commander, Star Captain Amon, revealed the incident years later on his deathbed, saying that it was not his place to raise the alarm. He stated flatly, "Hunting the Not-Named Clan was an honor denied us. Had the Wolves been truly determined to stop them, they would have. That they failed in their task was no concern of mine or my men's."

Content with this reasoning, Amon apparently felt no guilt. For the rest of our Clan, however, this episode is a shameful blot in an otherwise shining era. The wolves were outraged at the revelation, and launched raids against our holdings in retaliation. Bu the time our Khans calmed the situation in Council, the damage had been done. Clans wolf and Ghost Bear would forever bear a grudge against one another. Ever since then, despite official atonement, the shame cast on our Clan by Star Captain Amon is a stain on every Ghost Bear's personal honor. In addition to the ilKhan's condemnation of surviving Not-Named and their progeny, every Ghost Bear warrior, upon adoption into the warrior ranks, takes a solemn oath to hunt down any descendants of the Not-Named Clan that may ever surface, neglecting all other concerns until the task is finished.

-Statement made by Ghost Bear's Loremaster, Laurie Tseng.

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Post by Featherhorse » 18 Aug 2003, 07:59

Where did this come from?

Yes, They are an actual BT unit under a few different references.


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Post by VEGETA » 18 Aug 2003, 08:40

I made a post in www.classicbattletech.com
And any info that is revealed I have been posting ehre. Most of what is said is nothing important, but hey what I did post is of interest. I just want to find out any extra little bits of info abut this one. And I knoew for a fact other members like this mistery as well :D

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