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Post by Falker » 14 Aug 2004, 21:31

I thought I would relieve Firemane from his post over here. “ Well done soldier. “ Salutes

This tune is from an old WWII Movie.


Ob's stuermt oder schneit, ob die Sonne uns lacht,
der Tag glühendheiß oder eiskalt die Nacht,
|: Bestaubt sind die Gesichter, doch froh ist unser Sinn,
es braust unser Panzer im Sturmwind dahin. :|
Mit donnerndem Motor, so schnell wie der Blitz,
dem Feinde entgegen im Panzer geschützt,
|: Voraus den Kameraden im Kampfe ganz allein,
So stoßen wir tief in die feindlichen Reihen. :|
Mit Sperren und Tanks hält der Gegener uns auf,
wir lachen darüber und fahren nicht drauf,
|: Und schüttelt er grimmig und wütend die Hand,
wir suchen uns Wege, die sonst keiner fand. :|
Und läßt uns im Stich einst das treulose Glück,
und kehren wir nicht mehr zur Heimat zurück.
|: Trifft uns die Todelkugel, ruft uns das Schicksal ab,
dann ist uns der Panzer ein ehrenes Grab. :|


Whether it storms or snows, whether the sun smiles on us,
the day blazing hot or icy-cold the night,
|: Dusted are our faces, but cheerful is our mind,
our Panzer roars in the stormy wind. :|
With thundering engine, as fast as the lightning,
toward the enemy protected in the Panzer,
|: Ahead of the comrades in combat all alone,
So we thrust deeply into the enemy lines. :|
With roadblocks and tanks the enemy slows us down,
We laugh at the roadblocks and drive around them,
|: And if he shakes his hand furiously, enraged,
we search for paths that nobody found before. :|
And if faithless luck abandoned us one day,
and we don't return to the homeland
|: The deadly bullet hit us, we meet the fate,
then the Panzer is our honorable grave.

You’ll need Quick Time to view to above link .

U- guys below were on the money. : ) I'll post another L8r <S>
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Post by Mooseman » 15 Aug 2004, 08:35

when playing PS and driving round in a Prowler (the TR med tank), Lancer starts humming this.......worrying. isn't it?

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Post by Slamhammer » 15 Aug 2004, 20:14

That song is from the battle of the bulge. ....Robert Shaw played the SS panzer commander...that is the lead attacking unit.

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Post by ELH~Lancer » 20 Aug 2004, 11:00

The "Panzerlied" was the marching song of the German panzer crews of WWII. Nice to see Hollywood got it right in "Battle of the Bulge".

Moose what's worrying about me humming it? :o

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Post by Mooseman » 24 Aug 2004, 17:11

you say that, but there's been a couple of times i've had to pepper spray people off it.....of course i couldn't tell who it was because of the full face helmet, but there was one occasision where the person was wearing a grass skirt, and another they had some 151 issue pants on their head.....weirdo's whoever they were.

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